Adventures In SEO Course Review (Mind-Blowing Results!)

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Adventures In SEO Course Review (Mind-Blowing Results!)

Adventures In SEO is one of the many courses I’ve taken to earn money from blogging and this course is definitely one of the top courses on my list.

If you landed on this post, it means you are considering purchasing this course but are still having reservations on the effectiveness of this course. 

Well don’t worry about that, I have screenshots from my own blogging journey throughout this post as proof that this course is super valuable for traffic and income growth!

I’ve never felt more confident blogging until I got enrolled into Adventures In SEO. I’m pretty shocked how fast I saw my traffic increase when taking this course. 

It has taught me a lot of Google and Pinterest strategies successful bloggers are doing that allow them to make a full-time income from their blog. 

Let’s dive into the review!

Disclaimer: This blog post consist of affiliate links. They are of NO EXTRA COST to you. Thank you fo supporting my blog and I hope this post is helpful!

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Update: Since taking this course and implementing its techniques, i’m excited to announce that i’ve qualified for Mediavine! If you’ve been blogging for sometime now, you’ve probably heard how premium that ad network is and that it is not easy to qualify for!

What Is Adventures In SEO Course About?

Adventures In SEO is a Google SEO course that helps increase organic traffic from Google to your blog or website without investing in expensive keyword research tools. 

This course also teaches you how to optimise your blog post for Pinterest.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is made for bloggers and website owners with little or no experience in SEO.

Even if you do have the experience and are quite established, this course will teach you things about Pinterest and Google that you never knew before.

Basically, anyone who owns a site and see no increase in traffic/a plateau in traffic.

This course is also very popular among bloggers who want to get into a premium ad network like Mediavine and make a full-time income just from ads.

Course Instructor: Who Is Lena Gott?

Lena Gott is the blogger behind whatmommydoes

With over 12 years of experience on Google SEO and 5 years of Pinterest experience, she is one of the best blogging course instructors online.

She is also the founder of Adventures in Blogging and has taught thousands of bloggers from various niches on how to drive traffic to their blogs and make money from them. 

Checkout these amazing testimonials by other bloggers!

Course Format

Most of this course is video trainings and texts that are very easy to understand. They are in detail and are explained in simple terms. 

There is also a bunch of PDFs, printables and cheat sheets that will help you follow the training videos

Why Is Adventures In SEO Different From Other SEO Courses?

You Do Not Need ANY Keyword Tool

With this course, I cancelled my keyword tool subscription, saved money and saw an increase in traffic!

You Get Traffic From Google and Pinterest

The most unique and valuable thing about this course is that it teaches you how to target Pinterest keywords and Google keywords to make them work together.

This means you get traffic for one blog post from both platforms – Google and Pinterest! 

This is extremely important in 2022 and the years to come because you always want to diversify your traffic incase of an algorithm update on any of these platforms that causes your blog traffic to drop.

You Get Insight From Lena’s Top Posts

She is not afraid to showcase her top performing posts and pins and show us her exact method to achieve results she did. 

Most bloggers blur out their keywords or pages but Lena actually links to them so we can see the proof of her methods!

Beginner and Advanced Friendly

A lot of the SEO courses out there focus on either beginner strategies or advanced.

But for Adventures in SEO, it’s great for advanced SEO bloggers and if you have not a clue about SEO, Lena’s course is very detailed and self-paced that you can definitely pick it up fast. 

If you’re not ready to invest in Adventures in SEO yet even after reading my review, here’s a free trial on Adventures In SEO!

Don’t forget to grab your FREE blog traffic e-book by Lena!

Adventures In SEO Review: Why I Recommend It.

What is included in Adventures In SEO? 

I break down every module and here’s my review on it plus proof of results!

adventures in seo course review
Image from Adventures in SEO

Module 1: Keyword Trees & The End Of Pinterest

You don’t need to take a full-on pinterest course. This section of the course is good enough for you to start seeing your pins rank on pinterest.

Besides in-depth keyword research, this course teaches you how to design attractive and clickable pins using Canva (which is free!)

adventures in seo review
Using this module learnings, I manage to rank many of my pins for this one Pinterest inquiry. Most of these pins are mine.

Of course you can take a more detailed Pinterest course like this one that I took, which also taught me a lot about how to make money on pinterest with a blog and without a blog.

This module works for bloggers in any niche.

Lena teaches you how to take your broad niche on Pinterest and find narrowed down topics for you to write on and create pins that will eventually rank on top! (just like mine did and one pin brings me hundreds of clicks)

Before taking this course, I had no idea what were keyword trees and the end of Pinterest. 

Now, it’s part of my blogging strategy. 

There’s also a video plus e-book explaining this module which I love because I can learn in two different formats.

This strategy results in you finding low competition keywords to write and rank for on Pinterest. 

Module 2: How To Combine Google & Pinterest Keyword Research

In this module, Adventures in SEO teaches us how to do keyword research for topics on Google WITHOUT a keyword tool. 

This is truly a valuable section of the course because it saves you money, you don’t have to spend on keyword tools once you purchase this course.

This section has many video training sessions to teach you how to find topics in your niche to write about that you will eventually rank for.

Lena also teaches you how to brainstorm for everyday phrases in your niche that no one else really thinks about, therefore you stand a really high chance to rank on Google.

Although to master this method takes time and practice, it is definitely do-able. I mastered it in a matter of a few weeks and saw immediate results! 

adventures in seo review

I wrote a post based on the techniques in this module and it ranks number 1 on google. It brings me almost 1000 pageviews every month. Just from this one post!

Module 3: How To Optimise Posts For Google & Pinterest

So now that you’ve done the keyword research for Pinterest and Google, how do we optimise our blog post for it? That’s what this Adventures In SEO module teaches us.

In this module, the course teaches us how to write a blog post by optimising it with keywords we found in module 2 and 3. 

What I really appreciate is that Lena teaches you where exactly to place the keywords for optimization (video training and pdf/printable).

This is the ultimate step for your blog post to rank on both platforms and Adventures In SEO has made is SO EASY to understand, you cannot simply go wrong.

Module 4: Keyword Gem Mining

So let’s say you run out of blog post ideas and don’t want to waste time creating new content that you’re unsure whether it will rank and bring you any traffic.

This keyword mining method is GEM. Literally, there couldn’t be a better name for this module!

After a few months of taking the course, I started seeing an increase in traffic so I revisited the course and realised that module 4 is perfect for me since I have some data (posts that are ranking on Google) to work with. 

Lena teaches us how to use Google Search Console (GSC) in this part of the course to mine keywords that you are definitely going to rank for. 

And I kid you not, I managed to find a keyword, wrote the blog post in a day and now, i’m receiving more than a thousand pageviews in a month from that single post. 

adventures in seo review
Results immediately after learning this module.

The post also ranked in 24 hours!

This module is a GEM indeed!!

If you’re not ready to invest in Adventures in SEO yet even after reading my review, here’s a free trial on Adventures In SEO!

Don’t forget to grab your FREE blog traffic e-book by Lena!

Module 5: Content Silos & Nested Niches

Another word for this content silos is topical authority. This part of the course teaches you how to outrank competitors by creating content silos and nested niches.

Lena’s nested niches concept is very popular. 

In this course she shows us how she has made money from multiple streams (ads, affiliate and selling her own products) using this content method.

Bonus 1: Ad Network (Mediavine) Challenge

I have heard from so many bloggers that this bonus plus the course has got them into Mediavine. I am very close to applying for Mediavine and am currently working on this challenge! 

Bonus 2: Hidden Niches Training

This is great for anyone who needs to expand their content silo or if you’ve just bought a domain and don’t know which niches to get started with.

Bonus 3: Niche Traffic & Income Challenge

With this bonus, we learn how to monetize our niche traffic and make money.

Facebook Support Group

adventures in seo review

I love this support group. Lena replies to me 90% of the time whenever I have questions. 

Whenever she doesn’t, many bloggers who are super experienced from the group that have had success and are in Mediavine will take their time to reply to my questions, with examples, etc. 

It is important to have a support group for your blogging growth when you enroll in ANY course so you don’t feel alone in your blogging journey.

This is something I truly appreciated.

Proof Of Results From Taking Adventures In SEO Course

Traffic Before and After

adventures in seo course review
Image from Google Search Console

I just wanted to show you that my traffic increased twice in the span of 6 months since purchasing this course.

I bought the course in November and you can see that in December, I immediately saw a spike in traffic after optimising some of my blog posts based on the course teachings.

Then, I took a break from writing and came back in January to write more posts and by March there’s another spike in traffic.

Final Thoughts: Is Adventures In SEO Worth The Price?

Yes, yes and yes! 

It’s worth the price because just in a matter of a couple of months after implementing everything this course teaches, I’ve made back my money through ads and affiliates. 

In other words, the course has paid for itself and MORE.

If you’re not ready to invest in Adventures in SEO yet even after reading my review, here’s a free trial on Adventures In SEO!

Don’t forget to grab your FREE blog traffic e-book by Lena!

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