10 Heart-Breaking Books Like Reminders of Him

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10 Heart-Breaking Books Like Reminders of Him

After finishing Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover, readers wanted more. Sadly this is just a standalone but don’t worry!

If you’re looking for more books like Reminders of Him, I’ve got you covered.

These heartwarming books are sure to make you cry after you finish them.

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About Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover

books like reminders of him

Reminders of Him follows Kenna Rowan and her journey as a single mother seeking redemption. 

Finally, She is out of prison after five years because she was found guilty for the death of her boyfriend, Scotty, which also happens to be the father of her child.

Since she is out of prison, Kenna wants to be reunited with Diem, her four-year-old daughter. It’s not that simple though. Scotty’s parents shut Kenna out of their lives, keeping her away from Diem.

Her last hope is Ledger Ward. He is a local bar owner who has ties to her past and might be her key to winning custody of Diem. Spending so much time together, they start falling for each, till she finds out Ledger is Scotty’s bestfriend.

This romantic, heart-breaking novel by Colleen Hoover has become one of her most famous works that stands right alongside It Ends With Us and Ugly Love.

Does Reminders of Him Have Spice?

Yes! The novel has about four to five spicy scenes. This book is suitable for ages 16 and up.

Is Reminders of Him A Series?

No, Reminders of Him is a standalone contemporary romance novel.

10 Books Like Reminders of Him

1. It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover

This booktok sensation lead many readers to discover Colleen Hoover and her world of tragic romance story-telling.

Lily Bloom moves to Boston, looking for a fresh start after her father’s death. On a rooftop, she crosses paths with Ryle Kincaid, a neurosurgeon, and little does she know her life is about to change forever. 

We get to see Ryle pursue Lily in hopes she’ll have a one-night stand with him. Ryles’ charm seems to be working because soon Lily has become an exception to his ‘no dating rule’.

Everything is smooth sailing and seems too good to be true, and that lasts until Atlas Corrigan shows up in Lily’s life again. Atlas was Lily’s childhood love; he’s a famous chef in Boston with a restaurant with big dreams.

This standalone focuses on many heavy topics, such as domestic abuse and mentions of suicide and depression. 

You’ll find this book just as heartbreaking as Reminders of Him. They explore themes of redemption and traumatic pasts that ultimately lead to a novel you can not forget about.  

2. Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan 

books like reminders of him

Bree Prescott needs to get away from the city and away from the horrible memories that haunt her. She arrives at a small town called Pelion, in Maine, with her little dog accompanying her. 

Renting a small cottage house, Bree finds the town genuinely peaceful.

Her curiosity peeks even more when she bumps into Archer Hale. A complete mystery to her. Archer is mute due to a tragic past event that Bree is very intrigued about. 

Soon they start spending time together, helping each other heal. We follow them on their journeys to find peace. 

This book has a few similarities with Reminders Of Him where the characters have gone through life-changing tragic events, lose a loved one and is also set in a small town.

Readers completely love the small-town vibes, even though the characters go through devastating events in their life.

3. Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

books like reminders of him

When considering books to read if you liked reading Reminders of Him, Everything I Never Told You So is a devastating story set in the 70s about a Chinese American family who just lost their favorite child, Lydia Lee. 

Living in Ohio, Marilyn and James Lee, the parents, are shaken to the bone when Lydias’ dead body is found at the local lake. 

This story closely looks into family dynamics, showing us parents who wanted to live their life through their obedient daughter. 

We also get to see them facing all kinds of challenges when it comes to racism and readers can see how it shapes their personalities. 

This book and Reminders of Him both explore themes of “losing a loved one” so this is perfect if you’re looking for something similar in that area. 


4. Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

Just like other books similar to Reminders of Him, Love and Other Words is a deeply emotional read. 

Macy Sorensen is ready to start her life as a pediatrics resident. She is also set on the idea of finding a financially stable man to marry.

What’s not on her list is running into Elliot Petropoulos, her childhood best friend. It has been a decade since she last saw him but he’s not the same person anymore. Now he’s all grown up and ready to make things right.

The story is told in two timelines, the recent and the past. It is interesting to see things unfold this way as readers get their answers during the flashbacks.

Reminders of Him and Love & Other Words are based around redemption and second chance romances.

5. All Rhodes Lead Here by Mariana Zapata

This novel is perfect if you’re looking for books like Reminders of Him but something on the lighter side!

Right after breaking up with her boyfriend, Aurora De La Torre is looking for a new beginning and she’s hoping to find it in her hometown.

She finds a reasonable garage apartment to rent and decides it’s time for her to settle down. Tobias Rhodes, a single dad,  is her landlord with a secret past of his own.

We follow Aurora’s journey of healing after the death of her mother, and how she builds her friendship with Tobias.  

Mariana Zapata did a wonderful job of incorporating the grumpy x sunshine trope along with the single dad trope in this novel. Tobias and Aurora’s romance was very slow burn just like most of Mariana’s books.   

In Reminders of Him, we had a single mother, in this novel we have Tobias as the single parent with his son Amos. Their experiences of letting another partner into their lives are quite similar.

6. You’ve Reached Sam by Dustin Thao 

You’ve Reached Sam is another booktok sensation that is similar to Reminders of Him.

Dustin Thao broke so many hearts but we love this book nevertheless so this is undoubtedly one of the books to read after reading Reminders of Him.

Life is set for Julie as she has all of her plans sorted. Attend college in the city and travel to japan, she plans to do it all with her boyfriend Sam.

Sam dies tragically, leaving Julie alone without a chance to say goodbye. Getting rid of all of his stuff in hopes of moving on, it’s useless because she still misses him. 

Out of desperation, she calls him one last time just to hear his voicemail. Sam picks up the call.

Julie is shocked but now she has a chance to say the things she never got to say. 

Reminders of Him is similar to this standalone novel as Kenna, just like Julie, is incredibly sad over the death of her boyfriend and tries to move on.   

This paranormal romance brought tears to many readers’ eyes. A painful story of a girl and a boy who didn’t have time on their side. 

7. Heartless by Marissa Meyer


You’ll want to add Heartless to your shelf of painful books like Reminders of Him after you’re done with this.

The author of The Lunar Chronicles is back with a heart-shattering standalone! Ever wondered why the Queen of Hearts is so ruthless? What made her this way? 

Among many mysteries in the lands of Wonderland, this one is finally answered. All Catherine wants is to open a bakery with her best friend, but is desired by the King of Hearts and she’s a potential Queen, her freedom is already being snatched away.

Then Jest walks into Cath’s life and sparks her interest. Jest is the King’s mysterious court joker.

Going behind the King’s back they enter a secret courtship, however, consequences quickly catch up to them. In Wonderland magic and madness thrive, sweeping Cath into all sorts of mayhem!

Just like Reminders of Him, this book also touches on losing a loved one. 

8. All The Things We Never Said by Yasmin Rahman

Mehreen Miah is tired of dealing with her anxiety and depression until she stumbles upon MementoMori.

MementoMori is a website where it matches people with partners and assigns them a date along with the method of death. An unbreakable pact.

Mehreen is paired with two strangers, Cara and Olivia. Suffering from their own issues they all understand each other well. As their death date gets closer they realise life might be worth living with the right people.

There is no way out of the pact. It’s too late. Mehreen, Cara and Olivia are determined to challenge the system.

This novel, just like Reminders of Him, gives powerful messages and makes readers believe in the healing powers of love.

Trigger warnings: grief, depression and mentions of suicide.

Readers like how diverse this book is with its POC characters and other less-represented groups. 

9. If He Had Been with Me by Laura Nowlin

books like reminders of him

If you liked reading Reminders of Him, you’d surely love this story. A heartbreaking story about Autumn, a girl who fell in love with her best friend, Finn. 

They’ve lived next door to each other their whole lives and their mothers are good friends too, so when Autumn and Finn drift apart from each other during high school, it leaves Autumn feeling lonelier than ever. 

August comes along and things take a turn for worse, changing their lives forever, and leaving Autumn with thousands of regrets.

The story focuses on mental health, missed opportunities, and what could’ve happened instead if Autumn and Finn never parted ways.

You’ll be impressed with how accurately Laura Nowlin voiced teenagers and how they feel when facing dreadful events in life.

Reminders of Him and If He Had Been With Me both include themes of losing a loved one and dealing with the regrets that follow.

10. Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score 

Knox, a barber, wants nothing to do with other people’s drama especially if it’s a stranded runaway bride. 

Naomi has her reasons for running away from her wedding but it’s all because of her evil twin sister. Reckless and wild, she stole Naomi’s car and cash. A cherry on top? A surprise niece her sister left for Naomi. 

As much as Knox wants to turn around and go back to his solitary life, he can’t as Naomi’s life fell apart right in front of him. 

As soon as Naomi stops getting in trouble, Knox plans to go his separate way, but life has other plans. 

Readers love the small-town vibes and the forced proximity our main characters are in along with the sunshine x grumpy character dynamics being well written. 

This book is similar to Reminders of Him as both Kenna and Naomi seek help from men they barely know.  

This book is part of the Knockemout series but can be read as a standalone.

Wrap Up: Books Like Reminders of Him

These were 10 tear-jerking books like Reminders of Him!

I’ve covered Tiktok’s famous books and some lesser-known novels so you can find the perfect novel. 

Just like Reminders of Him, some of these books contain tropes such as the losing a loved one and single parent trope and many others. 

These unputdownable novels are sure to keep you entertained with their heart-wrenching plots and compelling characters. 

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