12 Books Like The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren 

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12 Books Like The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren 

You’ve just finished one of BookTok’s hottest raves and you’re wondering, are there any more books like The Unhoneymooners? 


Being witty romance novel, this book tells the story of enemies-turned-lovers, Olive and Ethan. 

When they have no choice but to go on a non-refundable and all-expenses-paid honeymoon in Hawaii posed as newlyweds (much to their initial dismay), a whirlwind of a summer romance unexpectedly begins.

If you liked The Unhoneymooners and are unsure what to binge on next, we’ve got you covered. 

If you like your reads romantic (and maybe a little saucy), heartwarming and humorous with a sprinkle of drama, here are some of our top 12 recommendations of books like The Unhoneymooners.

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12 Books Like The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren 

1. The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood 

What Are Readers Saying? 

With nearly a perfect rating on Goodreads, The Love Hypothesis does nothing short of delivering an amazing romance that’s adorable, steamy, and quirky with a side of angst. 

So much so that Amazon crowned it best romance book of the year in 2021. 

The Love Hypothesis combines two very well-loved tropes –  “fake dating” and “grumpy/sunshine”. 

Despite that, this book is far from your average romance novels.

From a unique storyline to authentic characters, what sets this book apart is that it takes its readers deeper into the more realistic side of love and the complexity of interpersonal relationships inside and  outside of love. 

What made this book refreshing was that while The Love Hypothesis was a great romantic read, it does not solely revolve around love. Yes, third-year Ph.D. candidate Olive Smith and professor Adam Carlsen share a budding romance.

But, this book also features our STEM heroine’s journey navigating through her work and it’s meaning to her, along with Adam’s life and hardships as a professor and academia in the scientific industry. 

Readers have described this as “a literary breakthrough” and a page-turner that had them blushing and swooning from cover to cover. 

Romance aside, readers also really seemed to appreciate the representation of women in STEM (the only other romance representation I’ve known was The Kiss Quotient), along with the addressing of real-lfe issues of academia. 

Of course, though a very small percentage, there were some readers who felt like this book was overhyped, and that the character’s lacked depth and chemistry other than their professions. 

2. The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas 

Genre: Contemporary romance 

Amazon Rating: 4.4

Goodreads Rating: 4.04

What Are Readers Saying? 

If The Proposal (film) and The Hating Game (by Sally Thorne) had a lovechild, it would be The Spanish Love Deception. 

Packed with heart and heat, readers have described the romance between Catalina (Lina, for short) and Aaron as slow-burn. Yummy.

Both MCs had their differences highlighted. Their contrast in personalities were a good counterbalance to one another, bringing the humor in the book to life. 

Not to mention, the integration of the Spanish language in dialogues definitely added a little spice

Other themes such as family were also explored. Readers found it hilarious to witness the fake couple navigating their deception amongst the charming Martin family. Definitely your classic romantic comedy. 

Some reviews have attributed this story to The Hating Game. If you read the former, The Spanish Love Deception might lose some of its novelty. 

Some readers have also felt that the “fake wedding date” trope in romance novels is slightly overused, making this book predictable. But then again – don’t we all love romance with a guaranteed happy ending? 

All in all, Elena Armas did a fantastic job with The Spanish Love Deception as her debut novel, making it a solid recommendation for books like The Unhoneymooners. 

3. The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

Genre: Contemporary romance 

Amazon Rating: 4.5

Goodreads Rating: 4.02

What Are Readers Saying? 

A true enemies-to-lovers masterpiece.

Ever hated someone so much with a passion… that it turned into real passion? 

The kind of passion that has your face burning, mind racing with thoughts better left unsaid, and the kind of passion that has you intoxicated. 

That’s The Hating Game for you. 

“Enemies to Lovers books, done right.”, are what the readers are saying. Some have repeatedly read it more than they would like to admit. Best part? They feel the same swoon, if not more, with the initial read. 

Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman play cat-and-mouse in this steamy, slow-burn of an office romance. Anything one does, the other must do better. And that includes competing for the new company promotion. 

Sally Thorne really gave birth to what it means to turn hatred into love in this fan-favourite trope. The one-up games cunningly crafted between the two coworkers were something that had readers waiting for the (love) ball to drop with every page. Magnificent. 

Frankly, the reviews for this swoonworthy read were on both ends of the spectrum. Those who loved it absolutely devoured it. Those who didn’t… well, they really didn’t. 

Some felt that The Hating Game had some problematic language that would not fly in our current society today. 

Nevertheless, fiction is fiction and  there’s something out there for everyone.

If Christina Lauren books are your cup of tea, The Hating Game might be your new favourite flavour.

4. Beach Read by Emily Henry 

Genre: Contemporary romance 

Amazon Rating: 4.4

Goodreads Rating: 4.06

What Are Readers Saying? 

We’re slightly veering off the enemies-to-lovers theme in this recommendation, but we’re introducing another element that’s also equally loved – polar opposites. 

When I say that the main characters in this novel couldn’t be anymore different, it’s true. January Andrews, bestselling romance author who believes in the best in people and life. 

Her college rival/crush Augustus (Gus) Everret, a nihilist and literary fiction author with a preference for fictional murder. 

When both writers are stuck in a creative rut, they challenge each other to write in the other’s literary POV. So the process of diving into each other minds begins. 

Both writers spend more time together, and give each other a glimpse of what its like to gain inspiration in the other’s genres. 

This is more than your stereotypical chick-lit. Emily Henry is brilliant for crafting January and Gus as both heroine and hero in Beach read, making them both lovable characters.

The best part? Both characters were portrayed with so much depth, layer and structure while exploring themes of heavy grief and trauma in their pasts. 

Yet, Emily Henry has managed to write such heavy topics in a way that warmed readers’ heart.

Readers’ verdict? Get it. 

5. People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry 

Genre: Fictional Romance 

Amazon Rating: 4.3

Goodreads Rating: 4

What Are Readers Saying? 

People We Meet on Vacation is an updated version of “When Harry Met Sally”. 

Poppy and Alex have been long-time friends since university, much like their predecessors.

In this rom-com literature, extroverted, glamorous Poppy and introverted, bookish Alex dance back and forth between saying ‘yes’ to love and feeling ‘no’ to a ruined friendship. 

Readers absolutely devoured this.

There’s just something so profoundly beautiful about two friends, who have nothing but care and respect for each other, figure out the confusing feelings of romantic longing that’s almost forbidden in a platonic friendship.

Henry does a fantastic job of bringing the readers on a stimulating journey that alternates between past and present of the MCs’ friendship. 

In exploring love within friendships, there’s always a deeper element than just romance. 

We’re offsetted with an interesting dimension of personal growth in both characters, uncertainty about the future, career dilemmas and most importantly, what is life’s purpose?

A reflective read, indeed. In typical Emily Henry fashion, People We Meet on Vacation is written with humor and has an easy-goingness that doesn’t demand too much of the reader. A must-read, for sure. 

6. The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

Genre: Contemporary romance 

Amazon Rating: 4.4

Goodreads Rating: 3.94

What Are Readers Saying? 

A modern-day “Pretty Woman” with the gender roles reversed. 

Readers described this an easy read and definitely one if you’re looking to wind-down after a busy day. A perfect blend of sweet and steamy, The Kiss Quotient will have you in a swoony mess by the end of it.

Stella, a neurodivergent woman in STEM, is considered rather successful. A good job that pays well, a nice comfortable home. All except for one thing: Love. Having Asperger’s doesn’t really help either.

So Stella hires escort Michael to learn the art of love when it comes to dating. They say don’t mix business with pleasure, but for Michael, business is definitely pleasure. Especially when it comes to Stella. 

So far, the reviews for this The Kiss Quotient has been mostly positive.

Most readers have nothing but good things to say about this book, and most of adjectives used to describe this romance were “charming, wholesome, lovable, spicy, sweet”. Those are good terms in our book.

Though the romance plot have been described as cliché and basic to some, the minority representation and diversity that Helen Hoang brings in her book is undeniable. 

Hoang breaks barriers and challenges the stereo(neuro)typical romance as we know it, and it is refreshing to see people on the spectrum deserving love just like everybody else. 

7. Sweet Addiction by J. Daniels

Genre: Romance 

Amazon Rating: 4.4

Goodreads Rating: 4.06

What Are Readers Saying? 

This is the first book of the Sweet Addiction series, and readers are more than glad it doesn’t just end with one book.

Raunchy with a side of giggles, Sweet Addiction is an addictive read (pun intended). Dylan is a baker who accepts the gig of making her ex’s wedding cake. 

Reese happens to be Dylan’s chosen stranger for said wedding hook-up. A recipe for disaster, perhaps?

An interesting spin to have Dylan portrayed as a strong independent young woman who knows she has the right to enjoy what she wants to enjoy. No double standards in this literary masterpiece! 

Is The Unhoneymooners spicy? Yes, and so is this book; if not, more. 

8. The Ex-Boyfriend’s Handbook by Matt Dunn 

Amazon Rating: 4.3

Goodreads Rating: 3.59

What Are Readers Saying? 

Have you ever read chick-lit from a man’s perspective? That’s The Ex-Boyfriends Handbook for you. Think Bridget Jones’ Diary, but make it male. 

This book is funny, moving, and romantic, but the biggest love the main character, Edward Middleton will experience is the one in relationship to himself. 

This book has heartwarming themes of self-discovery, self-improvement, and self-acceptance all interwoven together making it a guaranteed page-turner. 

Edward goes on a quest of self-improvement in hopes of winning his ex-girlfriend back. But life is always unexpected and things might, if not always, take a turn.

A quick, funny read with a wonderful twist from your regular chick-lit being from a man’s pov. There were mixed reviews, but most of them noted that this was an easy read. 

However, The Ex-Boyfriend’s Handbook is the first of a three part series so if you find yourself longing for more fluffy romances, this is something you can definitely binge on. 

9. Love And Other Words by Christina Lauren 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Amazon Rating: 4.6

Goodreads Rating: 4.35

What Are Readers Saying? 

Back with another book by Christina Lauren, and this duo-author team do not disappoint. 

In Love And Other Words, it explores slightly different tropes than in The Unhoneymooners, but it’s still laced with drama all the same with the storyline surrounding second chances in love. 

Take that, and add the difficulties of first loves and personal growth through formative years. 

This books narrates the evolution of Macy from child to woman as she experiences life, death, love, loss, friendship in relation to Elliot and those around her. 

Dynamic duo Christina Lauren had readers gripping pages on the edge of their seat (or bed) in anxious anticipation about the reveal of Macy’s 10-year silence.

Readers rate it an engrossing, all-consuming, and a devastatingly romantic read.

There was as much bittersweet as there was elation, and with every heartbreak comes with a heartwarming revelation. Christina Lauren did it yet again.

Definitely making it on the list of books like The Unhoneymooners.

10. Book Lovers by Emily Henry 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Amazon Rating: 4.5

Goodreads Rating: 4.39

What Are Readers Saying? 

Love has always been last priority in this love story between Nora and Charlie.

Book Lovers has met the high expectations of readers yet again.

Known for clear, woven language and vivid storytelling, Emily Henry tells the story of two New York devotees who find each other in the small town of Sunshine Falls, North Carolina.

Nora, a high-strung literary agent haven’t always gotten along broody book editor, Charlie (or better known as Mr Grumpy) due to the conflicting nature in their work. 

It doesn’t help that they keep running into each other too. One would think that a trip out of New York city for personal reasons would hinder the not-so meet-cutes, but alas, Sunshine Falls of North Carolina is where they meet again.

But this time, this fateful meeting might end in something other than annoyance and eyerolls.

Perhaps this time, the story of Nora and Charlie has the happy ending that either of them are not used to. Perhaps this time, Nora and Charlie will get their sparkling romance they secretly long for. 

If this book was water, readers drank every last drop of it.

Nothing but positive reviews as they felt that Nora and Charlie were written as nuanced protagonists with impeccable romantic chemistry. 

“Polar opposites” and “opposites attract” may be well-used in romance novels but when written well…boy, they sure do make for the most interesting stories. 

Hard recommend if you like books like The Unhoneymooners! 

11. The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston 

Genre: Contemporary Romance 

Amazon Rating: 4.7

Goodreads Rating: 4.33

What Are Readers Saying? 

Here’s a spooky spin to romance, but we promise you that there’s nothing scary about this love story at all. 

With a big case of writer’s block and the weight of her career on her shoulders, ghostwriter Florence returns to her hometwon upon receiving news of the tragic loss of her father. 

Death intervenes in more ways that one, and Florence finds herself face-to-face with the ghost of her editor, Benji Andor, who, days ago, held Florence’s career in his hands. 

After a heart-shattering breakup, Florence believes that romance is dead. And that statement never rang truer after meeting Ben’s ghost. 

In this whimsical paranormal romance, readers found this book hilarious, unique, and as heartbreaking as it was heartwarming. 

With elements of emotional romance and family drama, The Dead Romantics tugs your heartstrings in the best ways. 

12. The Missed Connection by Denise Williams

Genre: Novella Romance 

Amazon Rating: 4.5

Goodreads Rating: 3.52

What Are Readers Saying? 

In this novella, we’ve come bearing a juicy twist to two lovers who began as academic rivals. 

The second in a series of three interconnected novellas, readers managed to picked up the storyline in book two just fine. 

We have our classic grumpy Felix and sunshine Gia in this story who started out with a passionate kiss and parted ways, only to have a meet-cute a year later finding out that they were each other’s research critic in their line of work. 

They proceed to find out they are, indeed, as different as day and night. Especially when it comes to doing things in the workplace. But a battling of attraction unfolds as they are both sent across the country for work, only for both of them to give in. 

It’s the type of love story that’ll leave you wondering how will it all end as you’re flipping through the pages. 

Readers recommended this as an easy, sweet read if you’re in the mood for butterflies on a lazy Saturday morning.

The Missed Connection is a short story that’s very well written. Readers said 10/10, would recommend. Definitely one of the books to read if you liked The Unhoneymooners!

As promised, above are 12 books like The Unhoneymooners. I hope these recommendations continue to fuel the fire sparked by The Unhoneymooners.

As a guilty romance addict, be sure to binge on these recommendations.Enjoy the butterflies! 

12 Books Like The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren 

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