12 Mysterious Books Like Truly Devious

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If you are thrilled to put your investigator hat on and are looking for the some murder and mystery vibe books like Truly Devious, this booklist will get you covered!

Don’t we all love the suspense that makes our foreheads sweat, making sense of fictional crime clues, surprise twists that drive your heart with excitement, and putting your high-skilled investigator self-claimed skills to play?

Reading about murder mysteries is a whole level of entertainment as you need to keep reading to answer all your questions.

These 12 thrilling books will keep you busy and the lights on!

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12 Mysterious Books Like Truly Devious

1. The Ivies by Alexa Donne

What do readers say?

This is a YA thriller story of a five-member popular girl clique at an elite prep school, Claflin Academy. They will do anything to get into Ivy League schools. 

The main characters are; Olivia a poor scholarship girl and Avery the typical queen bee, mean girl. Things get messy when Olivia is accepted into Harvard and Avery isn’t.

Soon a conflict arises as one of the girls, Emma is murdered. Olivia is determined to find the murderer.

Olivia’s investigation educates readers about the Ivies’ world and highlights their school routine that makes them a prestigious elite prep school.

This book is a page-turner that is filled with scandal, suspense, and drama.

Readers applaud the author Alexa Donne who is also a famous Youtuber, for successfully building suspense from the beginning of the story and taking readers inside the life of a fancy boarding school.

As the story unfolds, readers are intrigued to know how far a character will go to accomplish their goals.

Some readers demand more character growth from the group such as Sierra and Margot. Although some may claim the storyline is predictable it does not fail to entertain! I

If you are looking for one of the best YA thriller books, The Ivies could be the one.

2. A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro

What do readers say?

This book is about the investigation of Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson who are the descendants of the famous detectives; Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. 

Readers are well-fed with good schemes, plots, and surprise revelations. It is entertaining to be a part of young adults’ investigations with some old-fashioned detective work for a change.

Tension accelerates as the main characters are accused of murder and must find their way to prove that they are innocent. During their investigation, their goal is to find the culprit who has framed them and the reason behind it.

Every character in this book has a strong personality and history.

Be mindful of trigger warnings such as drug addiction, estranged/divorced parents, SA and more. Also present are LGBTQ+ characters and unexplained characters, leaving it open for reader interpretation and speculation.

Jamie and Charlotte are doing their very best to live up to their families’ legacy. The author includes Sherlock and Watson’s past adventures in the storyline that excite YA mystery books readers.

3. Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M. McManus

What do readers say?

Echo Ridge is a mysterious town with missing and murder cases. Prepare yourself to be surprised by unexpected twists. 

A sequence of frightful events and the setting help to create an atmosphere of suspense. Readers find the main characters Ellery and Malcolm likable. 

When their mother is in hospital rehabilitation, twin sisters; Ellery and Ezra Corcoran are sent to live with their grandmother in Echo Ridge – a place where a homecoming queen is killed and their aunt Sarah goes missing. 

As soon as they arrive in town, readers are presented with a fast-paced narrative with a sequence of cases of hit-and-run murder.

Some readers might feel overwhelmed with the multiple plots in the story but still, find the mystery pleasurable.

You’ll have fun guessing who the real suspect is in each case since there are so many possible potential characters. 

If you liked reading Truly Devious, this book could serve your urge for YA thrillers.

4. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

What do readers say?

A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder is about Pippa and Ravi Singh working together to solve an old murder case. 

Pippa determines to prove the accused murderer, Sal, who is Ravi’s brother, innocent – as part of her school project. 

It’s a constant dilemma between solving the case and respecting the boundaries of the people around her. Is exposing an old case buried for years worth the effort?

The story’s pacing is superb and many twists make it difficult for the readers to resist reading the book. Readers should take note of trigger warnings such as racism, emotional abuse, blackmail, catfishing, and more when picking this book up.  

Readers feeling satisfied played detective with Pippa and were left pleasantly surprised during the big revelation.

5. One of Us is Lying, by Karen M. McManus

What do readers say?

One of Us is Lying is a thrilling mystery novel about five Bayview High School students in detention together; Simon, Bronwyn, Cooper, Addy, and Nate. 

Four out of five of them walk out alive – leaving them as the prime suspects in Simon’s murder.

This book is not a cliche mystery story. It is presented without a narrator but rather through the perspectives of the four murder suspects. In this way, readers gain a deeper understanding of each of the characters.

An incredible level of attention to detail is evident in each component of the mystery, which deserves acknowledgment.

The TV series One of Us is Lying is on Netflix!

6. The Diviners by Libba Bray 

What do readers say?

Compared to books like truly devious, The Diviners has a standout element – solving murder cases with supernatural abilities. 

The paranormal aspect will not overshadow the suspense and horror in the story. The realistic portrayal of occultism is the story’s main attraction.

The story starts with seventeen-year-old Evangeline (Evie) O’Neill, who is sent to New York City in the 1920s to live with her uncle, Will. Will is a curator at The Museum of American Folklore, Superstition, and the Occult.

Evie realizes her supernatural gift could help catch a serial killer when police discover a murdered girl, Ruta branded with a cryptic symbol. It is an emotional journey when Evie gets into Ruta’s head to get more information about her death.

The author has done thorough research in writing this book which readers could read through the 1920s slang, the political events, and the authentic feel during that era. 

Other characters such as Sam Lloyd, Theta, Henry, and Memphis are loved by readers as they are diverse, which educates readers on the social-historical period in the 1920s that sets the novel’s tone.

7. The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas

What do readers say?

The deaths of Sunnybrook High cheerleaders five years ago is the chilling beginning of this YA dark thriller.

The main plot of this book is not limited to solving the mystery but also shines on Monica who learns more about her older sister, who was one of the cheerleaders.

She finds her sister’s cellphone notes on her stepfather’s desk and an unnamed caller before his sister’s death. These chilling findings led Monica to seek justice and decide to investigate the tragedy. 

The supportive female friendship between Monica and Ginny and the absence of romance are highly appreciated by readers.

8. I Killed Zoe Spanos by Kit Frick

What do readers say?

I Killed Zoe Spanos is a YA mystery set in the Hamptons.

It starts with the main character, Anna Cicconi, portraying her lifestyle and her views about the world. She works as a nanny during the summer and discovers the mystery of the new town – the missing Zoe Spanos.

The story is told from the point of view of Martina Green, Zoe’s younger sister’s friend who runs the Missing Zoe podcast intending to solve the mystery. 

Martina discusses police reports, insider information, possible suspects, and even suspects Zoe’s boyfriend in her podcast episodes.

Anna has a striking resemblance to Zoe, reminding the town’s people of the mystery. She soon makes friends with Zoe’s boyfriend, sister, friends, and other people that know her. 

Throughout the novel, Anna, feeling both innocent and guilty sometimes leave readers wondering whether they can trust her or not.

9. You’ll Be the Death of Me by Karen M. McManus

What do readers say?

Ivy, Cal, and Mateo plan to skip school and go to Boston since they lost touch when they started their senior year. 

On the same day, they spot another student from their school; Brian ‘Boney’ Mahoney. They decide to follow Brian to find out his agenda. As they are about to catch up with him, he dies.

Out of panic, they decide to escape from the crime scene. Reporting to the police would make them prime suspects.

This plot keeps readers glued to the book to reveal how they come out of this mess, finding Brian’s killer and discovering each character’s secrets.

The narrative is from the perspective of the first person and each chapter is told from a different point of view, either Ivy, Cal, or Mateo’s – giving the opportunity for the readers to understand each character better.

Some critics desire more information about the three characters’ lives before the deadly incident. 

Despite some flaws, the book is filled with enjoyment, interesting twists, and shocking elements that excite the readers. Some even wished for a sequel!

10. Before You Die by Samantha Hayes

What do readers say?

This book begins with Detective Inspector Lorraine Fisher. Lorraine and her sister decide to spend their summer in their hometown, Radcote. 

Radcote has an eerie record of teenage suicides and when Lorraine’s nephew goes missing, she has to take action before it is too late.

Readers are thrilled that each chapter of the book is filled with suspense and surprising twists.

Throughout the book, the author creates a blend of complicated family relationships, grief, reckless decisions that unintentionally risk the lives of their loved ones, and conscious avoidance.

Hayes has written other books such as Blood Ties, Unspoken, Someone Else’s Son, Tell-Tale, and Until You’re Mine (which we will uncover next) that address domestic and emotional topics that trigger mothers’ worst fears.

11. Until You’re Mine by Samantha Hayes

The story revolves around two women; Claudia and Zoe. Claudia is pregnant, and has a career plus a perfect family. Her husband, James, will be away when the baby arrives. This is when Zoe comes into the picture.

Zoe was hired as the nanny that takes care of Claudia and the two stepsons. It is terrifying to read about Claudia’s thoughts on Zoe and Zoe’s thoughts on Claudia.

The presence of a serial killer character that makes pregnant women their target is gruesome according to readers. 

Detective Inspectors Lorraine Fisher and Adam Scott, a married couple, are responsible for investigating this gruesome crime. 

The author deserves a recognition for a well-written story and strong female characters. This book is highly recommended to fans of mystery and psychological thrillers.

12. The Pact by Jodi Picoult 

What do readers say?

In The Pact, love birds, Chris and Emily decide to take their lives. Chris is caught as the main suspect in Emily’s death when he was found with a gun in his hand.

In several chapters, the author highlights moments from Chris and Emily’s childhood until the night she died. This provides the readers with more information about them before becoming lovers. 

The book is written from multiple points of view which allows readers to build their judgments and feelings and empathize with the characters. It is filled with trauma and grief.

There is a movie based on this novel, but majority of readers agree that the book is 100% worth reading!

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this list of books like Truly Devious and are able to find your next mysterious read!

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