12 Wonderful Books With Months in the Title

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If you’re looking for new novels that will take you on a mind blowing journey then have a look at this selection of 12 books with months in the title.

If you’re looking for a reading challenge that’s pretty simple, you can add these fantastic novels to your TBR and read them in the month that’s corresponding to it’s title.

books with months in the title

For example, you can read November 9 by Colleen Hoover in November. This can help motivate you to read more books in a year! 


12 Books with Months in the Title 

Book with January in the Title: The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow 

books with months in the title

This debut novel by Alix E. Harrow is a Los Angeles Times Bestseller! If you’re a fan of  The Hazel Wood by Melissa Allbert and Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis, you’ll love this magical tale too.

January Scaller is a young girl in Vermont who spends her days in a remarkable mansion as Mr Locke’s ward. Her father, Mr Scaller, spends his days away in search of her missing mother.

At age seven, she discovers an extraordinary door but telling Mr Locke about it results in her being locked away in her room because he thinks she is hallucinating.

Ten years later, she stumbles upon a unique book in the mansion. This time she is careful to keep it hidden away from Mr Locke. Soon she finds that there is not just one magical door, but thousands of them. Behind one of them, she will find her mother.

With her newfound knowledge, she is set on a journey to find a mother she never knew of, while steering clear of the people who want to harm her and take the book away.

This middle school novel involves a well developed magical world and readers love the beautiful prose Alix E. Harrow uses. 

Book With February in the Title: February by Lisa Moore

books with months in the title

This book is inspired by a real-life event – the tragic sinking of Ocean Ranger on the coast of Newfoundland in 1982. The story follows a widow’s tragic life as she recalls her memories.

Helen O’Mara is widowed by the tragic event when she receives news that Cal, her husband, has drowned in the disaster.

Now she has to survive with her three kids with the fourth one on the way. 

The story is told through timelines. Helen reminisces about the times when she first met Cal.

At present, we see Helen go over the accident’s notes as she tries to understand how it occurred.  

Helen tries to move on in life and even takes up yoga classes to pull herself out of her torturous thoughts.

Readers are put in Helen’s shoes as she attempts to find closure for herself and her kids and manage her grief over the years. 

Book With March in the Title: Middlemarch by George Eliot

books with months in the title

This classic novel was praised by the famous author Virginia Woolf! She claimed that it is “one of the few English novels written for grown-up people”.

Although this story is fictitious, the issues raised in it are very much real that have existed for thousands of years. This book focuses on class differences, mainly between the lower and upper classes. 

The novel is told from multiple points of view but the main one is Dorothea’s. The story takes place in Middlemarch, Circa 1830. Strong-willed Dorothea decides to marry Casaubon, an older man known to be a great scholar at the church.

Dorothea thinks Casaubon is smart and intelligent, every quality a woman can hope for in a husband. Soon she discovers he is very controlling. She is stuck in a dangerous marriage. 

Casaubon’s insecurity also leads him to believe that Dorothea might cheat on him soon with his charming young relative, Will Ladislaw. We follow their broken marriage while seeing the good and bad sides.

George Eliot wanted to show readers the reality of societies in her time as she wove politics, romance, and multiple interesting characters in Middlemarch.

Book With April in the Title: The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Armin 

books with months in the title

The Enchanted April was made into a movie nominated for three Academy Awards in 1992!

This uplifting classic novel takes place after the events of World War 1. We follow the lives of four women, Lottie Wilkins, Rose Arbuthnot, Mrs. Fisher and Lady Caroline Dester, who live in London.

The four women find an advertisement published in The Times newspaper that offers a medieval castle up for rent in Italy. This catches the eye of Lottie and her 3 friends and they embark on a joint vacation in April. 

Escaping London’s harsh cold weather and their unhappy marriages, they can’t wait to spend a month away in Italy and experience warm summer. 

The book is witty and humorous and sets an uplifting tone as the four women rediscover love and friendship in Italy. 

Book With May in the Title: Forever in Cape May by Jennifer Probst

books with months in the title

New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst is back with a best friends to lovers trope.

This novel is part of a book series, The Sunshine Sisters, but can be read as a standalone. 

In this small town of Cape May, Taylor Sunshine and Pierce Powers have been best friends since high school. Their attraction towards each other is undeniable, but they can’t risk ruining their friendship. 

Taylor wants to follow her dreams of being an artist and attend art exhibitions in Paris, while Pierce is a wedding photographer for Sunshine Bridal. 

They know soon they won’t be able to see each other because Taylor wants to travel. One night they get drunk and do something they both regret in the morning. 

After that Taylor and Pierce know they can’t stay platonic friends, so they become friends with benefits, hoping to get each other out of their system.

We follow their story as they chase their dreams and figure out their relationship while trying to avoid heartbreaks and not lose each other in the process.

If you’re a fan of small-town romances, definitely give this book a go!

Book With June in the Title: A Million Junes by Emily Henry 

New York Times Bestselling author, Emily Henry has also written these Booktok famous novels Beach Read and People We Meet On Vacation.  

This story is inspired by Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet. 

Jack “June” O’Donnell is an eighteen-year-old girl living in Five Fingers, Michigan. Her father has always warned her about the rivalry between the O’Donnells and the Angerts, and that she must stay away from the Angert family.

One day while exploring a carnival, she bumps into a charming boy who turns out to be Saul Angert. Twenty-year-old Saul has returned to the town after disappearing for three long years, and June is very curious now.

June can’t seem to stay away from Saul. She knows their family feud runs deep but doesn’t know why it started in the first place.

June decides to stick together with Saul and they both form a silent alliance as they try to uncover the truth about their families’ past.

This is an urban fantasy novel with mythical creatures such as coywolves and ghosts.

Before Emily Henry started writing contemporary romance, she wrote a few YA fantasy novels. 

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Book With July in the Title: The July Girls by Phoebe Locke

books with months in the title

In this psychological thriller, a girl goes missing every year on the 7th of July without leaving any evidence behind. 

On the night of one kidnapping, terrorist bombs also go off in central London creating more chaos and mayhem.

On the other hand, ten-year-old Addison Knight witnesses her father come back home covered in blood. Addison thinks he’s hurt, but soon she realises it wasn’t his blood because her older sister, Jessie, finds a missing woman’s purse in his room.

Gears turning in their heads, Jessie convinces Addison to keep this a secret while figuring out what to do.

The story stretches over multiple years and we see Addison grow up as she shoulders dangerous secrets threatening to spill any moment. 

Book With August in the Title: The Last of August by Brittany Cavallaro 

books with months in the title

This novel is inspired by the classic Sherlock Holmes novels. The Charlotte Holmes series consists of four books and I’d recommend reading them in order. 

The first book in the series is A Study In Charlotte. This book follows detectives Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson, the descendants of Sherlock Holmes and his best friend Dr John Watson. 

After the first book’s events, Charlotte and Jamie are ready to enjoy their winter break in Sussex, but it turns out there is more chaos waiting for them.

Charlotte knows the game is on again when her beloved Uncle Leander goes missing from her Holmes estate.

Now Charlotte and Jamie travel across Europe searching for answers, whether inspecting art houses in Prague or being underground in Berlin. This complicated case would change everything they know about the Holmes and Moriarty families.  

Book With September in the Title: The Sweetest September by Liz Talley

books with months in the title

John Beauchamp, a widower, is living a quiet life on his Louisiana sugarcane farm when Shelby Mackey barges in, announcing she is pregnant with his child.

Recalling the night they shared, John wants to take responsibility, but Shelby doesn’t want to make John’s life difficult, so she lets him know she’ll raise the baby alone in Seattle as a single mother.  

Surprisingly, John would prefer if she stayed in Louisiana with him, so after much convincing, Shelby agrees to stay temporarily.

Now John will need to do his best to change her mind because he is already hopelessly in love with her. 

Readers loved this sweet love story where the characters genuinely care about each other and didn’t have twisted hidden motives. This contemporary romance has great romantic scenes too. 

Book With October In The Title: October, October by Katya Balen

books with months in the title

October, a ten-year-old girl, lives in the woods with her father. They know the woods like the back of their hands and love their wild lifestyle.

When October turns eleven, her father falls off the biggest tree and is badly injured. The doctors advise him to stay at the hospital until he gets better, so he can’t look after October. 

October’s day gets worse when her father sends her to London to live with a woman she barely knows.

The woman turns out to be her mother who abandoned October when she was four years old and they are seeing each other again after years.

Now she’s suddenly surrounded by thousands of different faces in the big city while being as clueless as a headless chicken. 

October’s simple wildlife is about to change forever. We see October adjust to her school life in the city and try to mend her relationship with her mother in this wholesome middle school novel.

Book With November in the Title: November 9 by Colleen Hoover

books with months in the title

The booktok famous and New York Times Bestselling author, Colleen Hoover, who brought us It Ends With Us gave us this insta-love story of two people who promise to meet on the same date, every year.

Fallon, an eighteen-year-old girl, is ready to move across the country when she meets Ben, an aspiring writer and college student. 

The two instantly connect, but Fallon is leaving for New York on that day itself.

Every year on the 9th of November they promise to meet up, no matter what happens in their personal lives. Fallon and Ben do this for several years, and slowly they begin to fall for each other.

However, one day, Fallon finds out about a secret that threatens to destroy their fragile friendship 

This book contains plot twists and is recommended for readers over 18 as there are some steamy romance scenes like most of Colleen Hoover’s books. 

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Book With December in the Title: One Day in December by Josie Silver

november 9 book club questions

Laurie, a new college graduate living in London, has always been sure that love at first sight does not exist, but one day during a cold December night, she meets the one who proves her wrong. 

Laurie gets on a bus and through her window, she spots a man outside and instantly knows he’s the one.

Just as they lock eyes and he’s about to get on the bus, it drives away. Laurie spends the next year trying to find the man near cafes and bus stops but her luck fails her. 

Her best friend and roommate, Sarah is throwing a party and when she introduces her boyfriend, Jack, to Laurie – it turns out it’s the same man she’s been searching for months.

Jack and Laurie are the perfect examples of “right person, wrong time”.

This slow-burn contemporary romance takes place over ten years as the characters go through many heartbreaks and life-changing moments. The character development is incredibly written.

Wrap Up: Books With A Month in the Title

These were 12 books with a month in the title! To make it a reading challenge, you can read one book a month with the specific month in the title.

I hope these books will make great additions to your TBR this year. 

This list included a variety of genres and novels for every age range, such as middle school novels, classics and contemporary romances. 

Some of these books are bestsellers such as November 9 by Colleen Hoover and others are underrated gems like The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow you’ll be glad you came across.

I hope you found something you absolutely love on this list!

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