40 Aesthetic Bookstagram Props (Plus Photo Taking Tips!)

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40 Aesthetic Bookstagram Props (Plus Photo Taking Tips!)

Bookstagram is one of the most creative platforms I know.

Most of the time, these beautiful pictures are filled with various bookstagram props that brings a book review (or any other type of bookstagram post) to live!

However, finding the right bookstagram theme and props to go with it is not always a smooth sailing journey. 

Just know that it takes time for you to research, find a style you like and then experiment with different bookstagram props to see what works best for you!

So if you’re looking for aesthetic bookstagram props, photography tips and book flatlay tips that’ll result in a picture perfect feed, keep on reading!

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What Do You Buy For A Bookstagram?

Before purchasing any props for your bookstagram, I suggest you look around the house or wherever you plan to take photos and see if you can make use of any of the items around you for your photos.

If you still feel you need more bookstagram props – you can purchase some of the most common props related to home and living, work/study space, stationery and fashion.

Bookstagram Props To Bring Your Bookstagram Photos To Life

Bookstagram Props Idea #1: Home & Living


This is a no brainer, as a bookstagram – you need to be taking photos of books! However, don’t be limited to book reviews. 

You can take pictures of your TBR, same coloured books, your bookshelf and more.

Checkout some of these bookstagram post ideas here to inspire your next post!

Bookish Candles

This is a big one on bookstagram.

Candles makes anyone feel warm, cozy and comfortable. If you make people feel good, they’re most likely going to want to listen or read to what you have to say.

Candles are ALWAYS a good idea!


This is a fairly easy bookstagram prop. Almost every reader owns a bookshelf. 

Although most bookstagrammers show off their aesthetically pleasing bookshelves with exclusive editions of books, fanarts and more – you don’t need all of those! 

Start with your bookshelf, the one you’re proud of, the one you cherish dearly.

Potted Plants

six crimson cranes review
Image by Brewing Writer

I’ve been featuring plants in my bookstagram photos recently. They’re not even mine! I take pictures at this super aesthetic plant cafe called Planter Chin. I love it there!

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Pretty mugs are always great for bookstagram photos, especially if you’re going with the cozy bookstagram theme/vibe.

If these mugs are bookish, that’s a bonus! This one on etsy is pretty funny too!


No brainer prop here, pair a coaster with your mug to add more props to your photo.

Fairy Lights

Another bookstagram favourite – fairy lights! You can either hang them on your bookshelf or lay them down for a book flatlay.

Flowers (Dried/Fresh)

bookstagram props
Image from Brewing Writer

I love flowers! I wish I could get more of them in my pictures.

Many bookstagrammers purchase dried flowers or preserved flowers that they can reuse in their photos. 

It’s a one-time investment, you don’t need to keep purchasing fresh flowers and then dispose of them when they die (it’s kinda sad too!)

Checkout some dried flower options here for your bookstagram photos.

Wooden Trays

I have personally used some wooden trays to lay down my other props! Such as candles, earrings, bracelets and more. They look super aesthetic and give off a cozy vibe.


If you have a thick, fuzzy blanket that you can lay down on your sofa, bed or reading chair, it’ll add to the aesthetic and cozy vibes of the whole photo!

Bathtub/Bubble Bath

Be careful with this one! You don’t wanna slip and hurt yourself. Plus, you don’t want to get your book wet.

If you have a book holder and/or wooden table to set a candle and a cup of coffee or wine, it’ll make the bookstagram photo extra pretty!

Bookstagram Props Idea #2: Study & Stationery

Reading Journals

Physical reading journals, diaries or notebooks will make your photo look aesthetically pleasing.

Especially if you open the journal and show off a page where you scribble your thoughts – that will definitely make you look like an expert bookstagrammer

Bare in mind that you don’t have to strive to look perfect, as long as you’re enjoying the content creation process – that’s good enough!

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Showing off stationary in your post is a great idea. Especially if they’re on your study desk. For inspiration – checkout #studyblr on Instagram.

Sticky Tabs

We love tabbing our books! It’s only fair to feature them in your photos. I like to make sure my tabs match my book for aesthetic purposes.

Grab these affordable booktabs for your bookstagram photos.


Do you have countless of bookmarks? 

I’m sure you do. We can only use one bookmark at a time (or at least one per book that we are currently reading). So be sure to use your other bookmarks as bookstagram props!

Study Desk Setup

You can also feature your study or work desk setup. This itself can be your bookstagram theme. I tried it for a bit, but it wasn’t for me.

But I have seen a few bookstagrammers that do really well with this theme! 

Reading Glasses

In almost any bookstagram picture, featuring your reading glasses makes a lot of sense!

Bookstagram Props Idea #3: Gadgets & Electronics


I tried this bookstagram prop for one of my photos and i’ve seen many bookstagrammers do this.


If you aren’t taking photos from your phone or have a spare, you can feature it!


bookstagram props
Image from Brewing Writer

This one is a no brainer.

Many bookstagrammers read on a kindle.

Some bookstagram accounts are dedicated to reading on a Kindle and all of their post feature them.


You don’t need a fancy laptop to feature it, but it is cool to show off your macbook!


If you have a vintage camera, it’ll make your photos look more vintage. 


You can feature a polaroid camera and some polaroids of you and the book or some aesthetic polaroid pictures. You can aesthetic polaroid picture ideas here,

Bookstagram Props Idea #4: Fashion & Accessories


Flat Lay your sweater wide open or fold it to give off a cozy vibe.


You can either feature your socks in a flatlay or you can actually wear them and take a photo with your book. Bonus points if your socks are fandom based!


I see many readers feature their fandom scarves, but it does not have to be fandom related. Any scarf wil give off an aesthetic cozy vibe.

Bracelets / Necklaces

I’ve personally used bracelets in some of my bookstagram photos and it definitely adds a little something to it!

Rings / Earrings

I love featuring my rings, if you have any vintage rings – it’ll look perfect with other props no matter what! They’re dainty and sophisticated.


bookstagram props
Image from Brewing Writer

Backpacks are quite common too, but not as common as tote bags. Eitherway, flatlay the bag you use the most to carry your books with you.

Get some affordable and aesthetic tote bags for yourself here!

Makeup Items

Less common, but is definitely something you can feature. A blush, brush or lipstick are some good suggestions.

Bookstagram Props Idea #5: Others


Most common pets featured are furry friends such as cats and dogs!


Backdrops are important if you want to take a flatlay or photo against your wall.

You can use simple minimalist backdrops, intricate designed backdrops or fanbase backdrops.

Coffee (Latte Art)

My personal favourite! A hot latte with a pretty latte art. 

Most bookstagrammers edit a latte art on a mug and take the photo as home – you can also do this if you don’t have access to a cafe.


You can use any type of food but I mostly see desserts like cakes, cupcakes, brownies and cookies being featured.


Pretty common drink to feature is a glass of wine, you can pair it with other props like your bathtub, table and candle.


Along with bookshelves, you can also have fanarts or posters on your wall.

Scenic View

Not exactly a bookstagram prop, but it would be great to get a picture somewhere scenic that you don’t need any props!

Sunsets are an easy scenic view to capture.

Musical Instruments

Guitar or pianos are common.

Seasonal Props 

Seasonal props are usually fall and winter props like pumpkins, Christmas trees, etc.

Bookstagram Photography Tips and Tricks

How To Take Bookstagram Photos

1. Have A Bookstagram Theme In Mind

Before you start taking photos, have a rough idea on what your bookstagram theme is going to be.

You don’t need to have the best theme in mind, just pick one get started because if you don’t start clicking photos, you’ll never post them.

It’s okay if your first few photos do not look as great as you’d like it to be. Practice will make you better overtime.

2. Make Sure There’s Good Lighting 

This is an obvious tip, but a very important one. Make sure there’s good lighting so your photos are bright. 

If you live in a house or room where you cannot get natural light, I suggest you purchase a ring light or take photos outdoors. 

I lived in a rented room with no window and therefore no natural light and my photos looked dead, it was also very hard to edit.

3. Make Use Of Bookstagram Props Around You

Think about your unfair advantages – what are the things that you have around you that you can readily use as your bookstagram props or can help elevate your photos?

For example, maybe you already have candles and vintage jewellery that you can use for your book flatlay.

As for me, I had a pretty cafe with natural lighting in my university where not many people visited on weekdays so I could shoot my photos there.

How can you take advantage of what’s readily available to you?

4. Get A Decent Camera

Note how I used the word “decent”.

You do not need a super expensive camera

You can even use your phone camera as long as they’re not blurry, you can edit later with some apps to improve quality.

5. Adjust Photo Size When Taking Pictures

When I take photos for my bookstagram feed, I know the photos have to be sized at 1:1. 

I make sure to adjust my phone camera size settings so I can take pictures in this size. 

This is important so that the star of your photo (eg: the book you want to review) is centred.

6. Photo Editing Is Key

There are lots of photo editing apps and bookstagram presets to choose from.

However the most common way to edit your bookstagram photos would be to use Lightroom presets, you can find affordable ones on Etsy.

The editing app I use is VSCO – which is also popular among bookstagrammers.

Book Flatlay Photo Tips and Ideas

If you’re struggling with finding book flatlay photo ideas, I highly recommend searching for #bookflatlay and #bookflatlayideas you’ll find a bunch of photos.

However, since I take some flatlays myself – here are some tips from my experience taking book flatlays.

  • Make Sure The Featured Book Is In The Center
  • Do Not Leave Empty Spaces Or Your Photo Will Look Awkward
  • Use Bookstagram Props Of Different Sizes, Textures and Colours

40 Aesthetic Bookstagram Props (Plus Photo Taking Tips!)

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