Review: Crumbs (Graphic Novel) by Danie Stirling

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Review: Crumbs (Graphic Novel) by Danie Stirling

Crumbs by Danie Stirling is a Webtoon adapted into a graphic novel. 

I did read a few chapters on the Webtoon app a year ago. However, as soon as I saw a graphic novel was in the works of being adapted, I was pretty excited to get my hands on it.

I just want to take this opportunity to say how wonderful it is as a reader to see Webtoon creators being supported and getting the recognition they deserve. I hope there will be more graphic novels to come from the Webtoon app! 

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Crumbs Summary and Book Information

Title: Crumbs

Author: Danie Stirling

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy

Pages: 386

Publisher: Etch/HarperCollins

Age Rating: 12 and up

Amazon Rating: 4.6

We follow the story of Ray, a seer who can only see what ‘is’ and not what ‘maybe.’ In other words, she is only able to see what the present is.

With such accuracy of a skill, Ray soon joins the Council Academy as an intern, hoping to be promoted to a Grand Council one day. 

On the other hand, Ray frequently visits a bakery named Marigold, which serves magical baked goods and beverages to manifest a specific emotion or desire. 

Ray always has the same order – Romance. This gets her noticed by the bakery owner’s nephew, Laurie and a romance between the two starts brewing. 

Laurie has his fair share of issues to get through. He has to deal with multiple rejections as an aspiring musician. 

With that said, it is interesting to see how Ray and Laurie navigate life together.

Crumbs Book Review

crumbs book review
Image by Brewing Writer (note: the published version is fully coloured)

What I liked about this Graphic Novel

1. Diverse Characters

The first thing I noticed reading this book is the diverse characters (obviously!). Ray, the main character is brown, curvy and has curly hair. 

Laurie and other supporting characters are also of different races and sexuality.

This representation is great because as a YA novel, it is important for young adults to feel included.

2. Realistic and Relatable Romance

I love how the romance is paced in this novel. Not too fast or not too slow. 

I also like the fact that the two characters are so different from each other, not only personality-wise but they also physically look different from each other.

If you’re looking for a warm, cozy, feel-good romance – this book is for you. 

Not only the romance is adorable, but it’s a slow-burn that’ll leave you wanting more once you’ve finished the book.

3. Coming Of Age Theme

There’s more to this Webtoon/graphic novel than romance. 

Both, Ray and Laurie have their own issue to work on. Ray is struggling with inner conflict about her career at the academy while Laurie has faced rejection over and over again from many auditions. 

Besides, there are also themes revolving around friendships and wanting societal/family approval.

What I disliked about this Graphic Novel

Honestly, there was nothing much to dislike. However, a lack of world-building made me feel a bit disconnected from this book’s magical world and system. 

I love that there are magical pastries, brooms, spells and supernatural characters but I wish the author would dive into it a bit more. 

Although it is a YA fantasy, I do think it’s plot is more focused on the coming of age theme and romance.

Final Thoughts

Crumbs is a magical, wholesome read with the coziest of romances you’ll ever stumble upon. 

Overall rating: ⅘

Should you read Crumbs?

Yes. If you are looking for a light read that’ll lift your mood up, this book is perfect. I also think this is a perfect read to get you out of a reading slump, it helped me get back on track with reading.

As for the age rating of Crumbs, I would say 12 and up. There are no explicit scenes other than some kissing. 

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