Divine Rivals: Summary, Spicy Chapters & Ending Explained (+PDF)

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In this guide to Divine Rivals, you’ll find a summary (with spoilers), everything you need to know about the spice in this popular romantasy, characters, age rating and more!

Divine Rivals is hands down the best book i’ve read this year. In fact, this poetic enemies to lovers historical fiction fantasy is one of the best reads of my lifetime.

divine rivals summary

Divine Rivals follows the story of two rival journalists – Iris Winnow & Roman Kitt. There is magic connecting their typewriters, which makes Iris anonymously send letters to Roman and vice-versa. They are not aware who is on each receiving end and slowly, they fall in love with each other through written word.

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Caution: Divine Rivals spoilers ahead. Please only proceed to read if you’re here to recall information about the book for a re-read, or in preparation for Ruthless Vows.

Divine Rivals Summary (Spoilers)

The gods that were never to wake from their enchanted sleep is now wide awake and is at war. In fact, two of the gods, Enva and Dacre are recruiting people to join their teams.

Iris Winnow’s brother, Forest, has heard Enva’s music and is called to war, to fight on her team. He has no choice but to leave her and their mother behind. Because of this Iris’ mother becomes addicted to alcohol and quits her job in the process.

Iris has no choice but to drop out of school and work as a journalist at the Oath Gazette, a local newspaper. There, she meets Roman Kitt, who comes from a privileged background. Both of them become rivals, as they compete for a columnist position at the Oath Gazette.

One day, Iris gets tired of waiting for Forest to write her a letter. Heartbroken, she writes a letter using her typewriter that was passed down to her by her grandmother.

She writes her heart out, explaining that she has to support herself and their mother and hopes she gets the columnist position at the newspaper.

She chucks the letter in her wardrobe, only to find another letter in the place of hers – from a mysterious man who signs off as “C”.

On the other hand, Roman “Carver” Kitt learns that this mysterious letter he received in the middle of the night is from Iris because she mentioned about the columnist position.

The two of them continue corresponding through these enchanted letters. However, only Roman knows it’s Iris on the other side of the letter.

Soon, Iris’ mother passes away after getting accidentally hit by a tramp. She grieves and feels like there is nothing left for her in Oath. She decides to leave her job and takes up an opportunity to be a war journalist. With this, she hopes that she’ll be able to find her brother.

Soon, Iris finds out that there are only three magical typewriters called The Alouttes. One of it is in the museum, the other with her and another is with her mysterious correspondant. However, Roman still think its the wardrobes that are allow their letters to reach each other.

Knowing that Iris will be leaving the city, he doesn’t want to lose communication with her. So, Roman leaves his job, his family and breaks off his engagement to join Iris at war front.

At Avalon Bluff, Iris starts having feelings for Roman but also feels conflicted as she is starting to have a deeper connection with “C”. On the other hand, Roman falls deeply in love with Iris after spending more time with her and also learning things about her from her letters. Eventually, Iris finds out that Roman and “C” are the same person and they get married.

This is not the ending of Divine Rivals. If you would like to read the ending of Divine Rivals, please proceed to the next section.

Divine Rivals Ending Explained

At the end of Divine Rivals, Dacre’s army attacks Avalon Bluff. A bomb hits the ground, spilling out green clouds which made their eyes and nose sting. Iris tries to find Roman, so that they can get to clean air.

Eventually, a masked person grabbed her arm. He wore Roman’s jumpsuit and Iris assumed it was her lover. However, as she follows the masked person, she looks back and sees from a distance someone injured on the ground, crawling towards her, screaming her name. It was Roman. She then realizes that the masked man in Roman’s jumpsuit is her brother, Forest and he is trying to drag her to safety.

In the Epilogue, Dacre finds Roman on a golden field, bleeding, near death and yet desperately trying to crawl. Dacre realises that Roman is a war correspondant. Since he doesn’t have one of those, the god decides to take him to his world. Roman and Iris are now separated.

Divine Rivals Gods

There are 5 prominent gods to take note of in Divine Rivals:

  • Dacre (buried in the west)
  • Enva (buried in the east)
  • Mir (buried in the north)
  • Alva (buried in the south)
  • Luz (buried in Central Borough)

Is Divine Rivals Spicy?

No. Divine Rivals is not spicy. It is a YA romantasy and therefore a closed-door romance with lots of flirting, witty banter and enemies to lovers tension.

Divine Rivals Spice Level

Divine Rivals has a spice level of 1/5. There are no open-door spicy scenes but there are scenes that insinuate intimate moments between Roman and Iris.

Divine Rivals Spicy Chapters

There are no spicy chapters in Divine Rivals. However, there is a close-door romance scene in chapter 39.

Divine Rivals Characters

  • Roman Carver Kitt
  • Iris Elizabeth Winnow
  • Forest Winnow
  • Aster Winnow
  • Thea Attwood (Attie)
  • Marisol Torres
  • Keegan
  • Helena Hammond
  • Lieutenant Lark
  • Captain Speer
  • Zeb Autry
  • Mr Kitt
  • Mrs Kitt
  • Daisy Winnow
  • Alouette Stone
  • Kitt’s Nan
  • Elinor Little
  • Herman Little 
  • Sarah Prindle

Divine Rivals Tropes

Here’s a list of romance tropes in Divine Rivals:

Divine Rivals Age Rating

Divine Rivals has an age rating of 13 and above. There are themes of war and mild violence. There are no descriptive intimate scenes.

Divine Rivals Book Guide (Free PDF)

FAQs about Divine Rivals

No, Roman does not die in Divine Rivals. He wounded but comes face to face with Dacre. Dacre takes Roman with him to his realm.

Yes, Roman and Iris do get married in Divine Rivals. However, not long after, Avalon Bluff is attacked by Dacre’s forces and two are seperated.

Divine Rivals does not have a happy ending. It ends at a cliffhanger where Iris and Roman are separated by war.

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