Emily Henry Books In Order (The Ultimate Guide)

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Emily Henry Books In Order (The Ultimate Guide)

Emily Henry’s books have taken over the bookish community by storm, specifically on booktok and bookstagram. I had to write a detailed guide on her books in order.

If you are a fan of YA or contemporary romance and have yet to pick-up one of her books, the time is now!

In this article, you’ll find clarity on which Emily Henry book should you read first, all her books in order plus a summary for each.

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Who Is Emily Henry?

Emily Henry started writing young adult novels before she dived into contemporary adult romance novels.

She mentioned in an interview that these two often get an unfavorable reputation of being silly or less important and is more commercial than literary.

Emily Henry herself loves reading romance and she doesn’t understand why reading romance is considered a guilty pleasure. 

She wrote Beach Read, her first adult romance to challenge the notion of romance books being just for commercial purposes. Women’s fiction and romance can have a lot of depth to them.

Emily Henry’s tip for all aspiring writers – To be a good writer, you should read as much as possible. Read things you like, read things you hate, and try to figure out what makes the difference.

emily henry books in order

Emily Henry Books In Order (Full List)

Emily Henry has 9 books in total. Eight of them have been published, while one is expected to be released in April 2024. 

You’ll notice that her first four books belong in the young adult romance genre, while her recent 4 books skew towards contemporary adult romance. 

This is because Emily Henry started her career by writing books for teens which then later progressed to writing romance for adults with Beach Read (2020) being her first adult romance release.

Emily Henry Books In Order (Young Adult)

Emily Henry Books In Order (Adult Fiction)

From all 3 books in her contemporary adult fiction, the book with least romance is Beach Read (2022) and the book with the most romance is People We Meet On Vacation (2021).

Note: You and Me on Vacation and People We Meet on Vacation is the same book, just two different titles. People We Meet on Vacation is the American title, while You and Me on Vacation is the UK title.

Summary of All Emily Henry Books (In Order)

Here are the summaries of Emily Henry’s books and they are all chronological to make it easier for reference. 

I noticed two things when writing this post:

  • The author started writing romance with elements of sci-fi, magical realism and paranormal. Later in her career, her novels were purely contemporary romance.
  • Most of Emily Henry’s books are set in the summer.

I’ve also included her upcoming release – Funny Story (2024) in this list, which I’m very excited about!

The Love That Split the World (2016)

emily henry books in order

The Love That Split the World is Emily Henry’s debut novel. This summer romance novel has some sci-fi and time travel elements to it.

Natalie Cleary has been getting visions of someone she calls Grandmother ever since she was 6 years old, and they were perfectly normal until Grandmother tells her she has “three months to save him” without giving her any clue as to who “him” was or what she was talking about.

A Million Junes (2017)

emily henry books in order

A Million Junes is a magical realism novel about a girl named Jack who goes by June.

She’s named after her Dad and their family thinks they’ve been cursed. This is a story about the love between a Father and a daughter, and the grief someone can experience when they lose a parent. 

Her parents warn her to stay away from the Angert family. But when June meets Saul Angert, everything is forgotten and June is thrown into chaos. If you’re a fan of the forbidden romance trope, you’ll enjoy reading this book.

When the Sky Fell on Splendor (2019)

emily henry books in order

When the Sky Fell on Splendor is a set in the small town of Splendor, Ohio. Readers say this book gave them “Stranger Things” vibes because of it’s sci-fi and paranormal plot.

Franny and her friends form a group called The Ordinary. Together, they are a bunch of teens, united by the same source of grief, a tragedy that happened 5 years back in their small town causing death of some of their family members.

These six teens spend their free time trying to investigate paranormal activities and mysteries in their little town.

One day, they witness what appears to be a real supernatural event, a UFO landing. After investigating, the teens develop strange scars and markings on their bodies as well as mysterious psychic abilities.

Hello Girls (2019) (co-author Brittany Cavallaro)

emily henry books in order

Hello Girls follows a story of two women who meets each other outside a police station on one night. Winona and Lucille both come from toxic and abusive families. 

Soon, the two girls decide that they can’t wait for graduation in order to leave their horrible homes. Together they steal a car and go on a road-trip to Las Vegas.

Although it may sound like an adventurous and fun read, this book might turn out to be darker than expected.

If you’re deciding to pick this book up, take note of the trigger warnings – domestic abuse, drugs, murder, gambling, eating disorder.

Beach Read (2020)

enemies to lovers books

Beach Read summer romance that follows January who’s grieving and went to her dad’s beach house to finish writing her book by the end of the summer. 

However, little did she know that her new neighbour was her college nemesis, Augustus.

They end up taking a bet with each other, where they will try to write a book based on each other’s genre and see who will be able to sell it first.

People We Meet on Vacation (2021)

books like the spanish love deception

If you enjoy the opposites-attract tropes in romance novels, Emily Henry’s People We Meet on Vacation should be next on your TBR list.

Best friends Poppy and Alex have nothing in common, except for a shared interest in travelling, which led to making a pact with each other to spend one week each summer going on a vacation together.

Book Lovers (2022)

emily henry books in order

In Book Lovers, we follow Nora – a ruthlessly ambitious literary agent who identifies more with the villains in romance movies than the heroines.

Swayed by her sister to spend the summer together in a picturesque small-town, the last person she expects to run into is Charlie—the surly editor she’s avoided ever since their disastrous first meeting.

Modern and fresh, this is a must-read for rom-com lovers.

Happy Place (2023)

emily henry books in order

This anticipated read from Emily Henry dabs into the exes-to-lovers and second-chance romance trope.

Happy Place follows a couple who have broken up six months ago but are yet to tell their friend group about their break-up and decide to go for a yearly get-away they usually do with their friends.

That’s not all, the cherry on top is when they find themselves sharing the largest bedroom at a cottage with lots of cheese, wine, seafood and coastal air.

Funny Story (2024)

emily henry books in order

Daphne thought her love story with fiancé Peter was perfect, but it all unraveled when he realized he was in love with his childhood friend, Petra.

Now stranded in Waning Bay, Michigan, Daphne starts a new chapter in her life as a children’s librarian, struggling to make ends meet.

She decides to become roommates with Miles Nowak, Petra’s ex, who is a scruffy, chaotic, and music-loving contrast to Daphne’s practical and reserved personality.

Initially, Daphne and Miles keep their distance, but over time, they form an unlikely friendship while drowning their sorrows.

Together, they hatch a plan that involves misleading photos of their summer adventures, all the while navigating the complexities of their unique living arrangement.


Do you have to read Emily Henry Books In Order?

No, you don’t. All Emily Henry books are standalones so you can pick any one of them and it will not spoil any other book for you.

Are Emily Henry Books Connected?

No, they are not. Each book has a unique set of characters and storyline. 

What Emily Henry Book Should I Read First?

Choose if you are interested in YA or contemporary adult romance. Next, select any book from that genre as they are standalones. If you still can’t decide, pick up Beach Read, her first adult romance novel.

Wrap Up On Emily Henry Books In Order

I hope this list of Emily Henry’s books in chronological order helps you pick up your next read. Personally, i’m excited for Happy Place releasing in April 2023. What about you?

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  1. I’m so glad that I started with Emily’s adult romances and read them as they came out. She’s definitely my favorite romance author and I love the way that she brings both wit and depth to her books. They’re absolutely fantastic and have never let me down. I can’t wait for Funny Story!

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