Review: Generation of Fragile by Germaine Thai

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Review: Generation of Fragile by Germaine Thai

Generation of Fragile by Germaine Thai is a collection of poetry and short stories with themes such as accepting grief, celebrating happiness, and practicing gratitude. It reminds us that being sad and happy is part of the journey, as we grow to become a better version of ourselves.

This poetry book is split into three parts – Broken, Whole and a section of 3 short stories.

The poems in Broken convey pain, loss and heartbreak while the poems in Whole are uplifting, motivating, and hopeful.

Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by Penwings Publishing. All thoughts are mine and are honest.

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Book Information

Title: Generation of Fragile

Author: Germaine Thai

Genre: Poetry

Pages: 225

Publisher: Penwings Publishing

Generation of Fragile Book Review

Generation of Fragile book review

I like that the poems in this book were grouped into two – Broken and Whole. The first half of the book made me feel a lot of negative emotions. While reading, I realized that I didn’t like it. 

But then I realized that it’s not that I didn’t like the poetry, I just didn’t like the way it made me feel – because people do not like feeling pain. As I continued reading, I ended up journaling my thoughts on pages of the poems. It was therapeutic.

Generation of Fragile book review

The author has certainly connected with her readers. Although I could not relate to some of the poems on heartbreak, that does not discredit the poems.

The second half of the book was my favorite because I could resonate with it better. The poems were uplifting and hopeful. I felt fairly neutral towards the short stories and definitely preferred reading the poems instead.

Generation of Fragile has taught me to be more accepting of my emotions and that it is important we feel all emotions, even the darker ones.

Final Thoughts

Generation of Fragile book review

As a writer, this book has inspired me to once again write poetry. I used to write poems all the time –  even won a poetry contest once – but with life getting more difficult and emotions being harder to process, I stopped writing.

In a way, I’m thankful for this book because it has not only resonated with me but also encouraged me to write once again.

I would like to review this poetry book, with a poem that I’ve written:

To know happiness,

we must first feel pain.

To be a whole,

we must first be broken.

We are the generation of fragile,

not because we break too easily,

but because we feel so deeply.

Is it a curse,

or a blessing?

I do not know,

but what I do know is that,

empathy is key,

for us to be free,

from all this pain, 

and misery.


(it’s a little rusty, I’ve not written in years!)

Should you read Generation of Fragile by Germaine Thai? YES. This book is for everyone – whether you love poetry or not, you’ll find words of wisdom that’ll mend your broken heart and untangle the chaos in your mind.

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