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Girl Meets Duke Series by Tessa Dare consists of four books. They each follow a heroine and a duke. So if you’re into duke historical fiction romance novels, this series is definitely one you should check out.

Readers love good duke romance because of the possessive alpha males. The “touch her and you die” vibe they omit plus all the wealth and power in the world that happens to be theirs, makes them desirable to most romance readers.

girl meets duke series review
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Girl Meets Duke Series Order

Tessa Dare’s Girl Meets Duke series can be read at standalones. Each couple does make appearances in each of the books but they are not much of a spoiler. 

However, reading them in order is recommended as it’s more fun to see how the characters in book 1 are doing in book 2, and characters in book 2 in book 3 and so on.

Girl Meets Duke Series Order:

This is one of Tessa Dare’s newest historical fiction romance series, in fact the fourth book The Bride Bet, is to be released in 2024. 

Meanwhile, here is the summary and review for the rest of the books in this series.

Girl Meets Duke Series Review

The Duchess Deal (Book #1)

girl meets duke series review

What is The Duchess Deal about?

The Duchess Deal follows the story of Emma Gladstone, a seamstress and the Duke of Ashbury. 

Emma Gladstone marches into the Duke’s study, demanding him to pay for the dress his fiance never paid for.

In fact, she shows up in the dress to show him how much of work she had to put into it – day and night worth of wages. She needs the money urgently, or she will have no place to live.

The Duke of Ashbury is in need of a wife. He is heartbroken (but to prideful to admit it) when his fiance broke of the engagement.

The reason? It is because one side of his face and body is scarred badly as he served in the war. His self-esteem is ruined and he is sure, no women would ever want to marry him, yet alone be in his bed.

Emma is desperate for money and Ashbury is desperate for a wife. He offers her a marriage of convenience proposal – she has to marry him, give him an heir and then she’s free to go.

My Review:

Rating: 3.5/4 stars

Spicy Level: 4/5 stars

The Duchess Deal is my least favourite book in the series (as of now). It had a good plot and the characters went through tremendous character growth by the end of the book.

Emma is a respectable women of society but gets disowned by her father at a very young age because of a silly mistake she has made. The Duke is scarred and his self-esteem is shattered.

Together in this marriage of convenience, they help each other heal from their traumas. It was a raw, vulnerable and beautiful love story.

Tessa Dare writes the best characters, they’re not simple, they have baggage, like most of us do. 

The Governess Game (Book #2)

girl meets duke series review

What is The Governess Game about?

The Governess Game follows the story of Alexandra Mountbatten (Alex) and Duke Chase Reynaud. Chase unexpectedly inherits a dukedom and is forced to look after two little girls who have become his ward.

Alex is a bookish girl who sets clocks for a living. She unexpectedly bumps into Chase while shopping at a bookshop with her friends. Soon, he comes “the bookshop rake” she cannot stop thinking about for months. 

One day, she looses her job and is forced to take on the role of a governess of two little girls only to find out that their guardian is none other than Chase.

My Review:

Rating: ⅘ stars

Spicy Level: ⅘ stars

The Governess Game is my favourite book from the series, it was more fun to read compared to The Duchess Deal. Probably because of it’s roguish duke. 

It had everything I wanted – a bookish girl who loves astronomy and a rake who apparently is a duke, meeting at a bookshop by bumping into each other (so dreamy!)

I also loved Alex’s backstory – it was unique. I won’t say much because I don’t want to spoil the book, but let’s just say that she’s mixed race and led an exciting life on the ship for most of her childhood.

Chase and Alex spend a lot of time together caring for two little girls and eventually fall in love. 

But before they do, there’s a lot of flirting, witty banter and steamy moments between the two. He calls it “lessons” as she’s a governess. 

If you enjoy the forced proximity trope, a strong female character who is passionate about science (and can be a little nerdy) and a reformed rake, this steamy historical fiction romance is definitely for you.

The Wallflower Wager (Book #3)

girl meets duke series review

What is The Wallflower Wager about?

The Wallflower Wager follows Lady Penelope Campion, a spinster who loves taking care of wounded creatures. She keeps them all in her backyard, nursing them back to good health.

Her neighbour, Gabriel Duke is a business man who flips houses. He is worried that it would not be able sell the house beside Lady Penelope’s because of all the strange animals she keeps in her backyard.

So, they forge an alliance. Penelope will give up her animals only if Gabriel can find a proper home from them.

My Review:

Rating: ⅘ stars

Spicy Level: ⅘ stars

The Wallflower Wager was a really fun book to read. I liked it a bit more than the first book in the series. I like that in this book, the “duke” here wasn’t an actual duke, but a love interest with the name “Duke”.

Gabriel Duke grew up having nothing, while Lady Penelope had everything. He had to work hard and build a business from scratch, which I respect. It was refreshing to read a historical fiction romance novel featuring a man who was not in high society.

Lady Penelope is a very sweet and lovable character. She has her fair share of trauma and reasoning on why she hasn’t made an appearance in high society for years.

Together, the two make quite a pair. And on top of that, there’s so many adorable animals you’ll come to love when reading this novel.

If you’re a fan of the neighbours to lovers trope when reading forced proximity books, you’ll enjoy reading this one!

The Bride Bet (Book #4)

What is The Bride Bet about?

girl meets duke series review

The Bride Bet is set to release in 2024. I am looking forward to reading it!

FAQ: Girl Meets Duke Series

What happened to the Bride Bet?

Initially The Bride Bet was supposed to be released in 2021, but due to health reasons, the author has to postpone the publishing date. We expect to see it released in early 2024.

Tessa Dare’s The Bride Bet Release Date

The Bride Bet by Tessa Dare is the fourth and final book of the Girl Meets Duke series and is said to be released on 15th of January 2023.

Wrap Up: Girl Meets Duke Series Review

I hope this Girl Meets Duke Series review has convinced you to pick up the series. This is my first Tessa Dare series and i’m enjoying it to much. I will most definitely read her other books!

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