How To Get Over A Book Hangover (13 Ways!)

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How To Get Over A Book Hangover (13 Ways!)

Have you ever felt like you could not move on from a book after reading it?

If you have, that’s called a book hangover. In this article, you’ll find 13 ways on how to get over a book hangover.

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What Is A Book Hangover?

A book hangover is the feeling of being unable to move on from the book you’ve just read. 

You’re unable to pick up your next read and most of the time, you just cannot stop thinking about the book you’ve read. The book might leave you feeling a certain emotion for days, weeks or even months.

Book Hangover Symptoms

Here are some common signs you’ve got a book hangover:

  • Feeling sad and empty.
  • Attached to the characters.
  • Cannot stop reading fanfics or other related books.
  • Finding yourself in a reading slump.

13 Ways On How To Get Over A Book Hangover

How to cure a book hangover with 13 simple actionable ways:

1. Take A Break

One of the most underestimated ways to get over a book hangover is to simply step back from forcing yourself to read a book.

Just take a break! 

Give yourself the permission to potentially be in a reading slump. You’ve just read a book that has made you feel all sorts of emotions, take some time to process them.

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2. Try A Different Genre

Reading a different genre might help you get out of a book hangover. There was once, I read an historical fiction Indonesian literature that left me in tears. 

I could not get over it for a month, what finally helped me is – picking up a romance read.

3. Try Reading An E-book

Reading a book in a different format can help cure a book hangover. 

For example, reading on a kindle is more accessible – it is portable, you can take it anywhere and therefore trying to get over a book hangover becomes more doable.

4. Try Listening To An Audiobook

If reading a physical copy or e-book fails, try listening to an audiobook. Listening to an audiobook gives you an entirely different experience compared to reading a book. 

By using your ears instead of your eyes, it might be easier to get over a book hangover as you can try listening to the audiobook while multitasking (eg: going to the gym, doing chores).

Don’t know where to start with audiobooks? These 17 Best Romance Audiobooks That’ll Make You Blush might interest you.

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5. Discuss The Book With Others

One of the best ways to get over a book or get some closure about it is to discuss it with others. This is where buddy reading comes into play.

Even if you do not buddy read the book with anyone, you can still connect with readers via your bookstagram, booktube, blog or any other content platform to find people who have read the book and discuss it with them.

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6. Watch/Read Author Interviews

If you’re anything like me, you’re not only going to be obsessed with the book but also the author. 

You’re dying to know more about the author and her insights on her own characters.

Watching author interviews on Youtube or reading interview on blogs will help satisfy your craving of wanting more of the book.

7. Watch The Movie/Series Adaptation

If there’s a movie or series adaptation, you’re lucky! It’ll help you get over the book by offering more of its plot and characters on screen.

I read Bridgerton ten years ago and could not move on from the series since then. 

I’ve read other books (of course), but I was not very open to other historical fiction romance books because I was so attached to the Bridgerton family and Julia Quinn’s books. 

Thankfully after so many years, it has been made into a Netflix series

Finally, I’ve been able to be open about picking up a historical fiction romance series that is not by the same author. 

8. Watch/Read Other Reviews

If you cannot find people to talk to that have read the book, you can still read their reviews. 

In other words, if you can’t directly connect with them, indirectly connect with them through their reviews.

Reading reviews has brought me some contentment and closure on how a reader perceives a book. It is an underestimated way to get rid of a book hangover.

9. Binge On Fan Art

I love fan art. They really help me visualize what some characters should look like, especially if they are from different worlds – like in fantasy!

I loved reading The Folk of Air Series. My favourite book out of the trilogy was The Wicked King. When the series ended, I could not get over it. 

I follow a ton of fan art accounts on Instagram. Another good place to search fan art would be Pinterest.

Read all of my reviews for the trilogy: The Cruel Prince, The Wicked King and The Queen of Nothing.

10. Read Other Books By The Same Author

If you can’t get over a book or a series of books, try exploring other books by the same author. Sometimes, it might have an overlap of characters and plot. This helps you get a little more of the book you cannot get over!

11. Read Fan Fiction

Can’t find more books by the same author? Read fanfics. There are tons of them on the internet. 

Some popular fanfiction sites:

  • Wattpad
  • Tumblr

12. Write In Your Reading Journal

Using a reading journal can help you get over a book. Like most things in life that we try to move on with, journaling is a tool you can use to jot down your feelings and make peace with it.

If you haven’t tried it yet, keeping a reading journal is also a great way to track your reading.

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13. Post About It

If writing in your reading journal is not enough, post about it. As long you’re being respectful, there’s no harm in sharing your thoughts to the world.

You can do this with a bookstagram, booktube or even a book blog.

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14. Read Similar Books

If everything else fails and you just cannot move on from the book, read similar books.

I have a many lists of similar books:

I hope you find the book you’re looking for that can help you with your book hangover.

More On Book Hangovers

What Does A Book Hangover Feels Like?

A book hangover leaves you feeling empty. It can also make you feel sad and unmotivated to read. Sometimes, you’re unable to do anything other than think about the book you’ve just read.

How Long Does A Book Hangover Lasts?

It can last for days, weeks and months. Most commonly, a couple of weeks to a month.

Final Thoughts

I hope this post has helped you find a way or two on how to get over a book hangover.

Did I miss out any tips? Let me know in the comments!

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