How To Know If Blogging Is Right For You? (10 Signs)

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How To Know If Blogging Is Right For You? (10 Signs)

Does this sound like you?

This question of – how to know if blogging is right for you was haunting me for so long.

A year ago I had this desire to start a blog, I was desperate to have a look into the future, if I would be a successful blogger or not.

I had thought about starting a blog for so many years but I never pushed myself to do it. Just like you, many doubts crossed my mind.

What makes me a good blogger? Do I have it in me to earn from my blog? How do I know if I’ll be a successful blogger?

Stop right there, let’s end this self-doubt once and for all. 

I’ve learned a lot from the past one year of blogging. 

I realised that no matter what your niche is – food, lifestyle, fashion, home decor, books – there are some common values a blogger should possess despite their niche. 

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10 Signs On How To Know If Blogging Is Right For You.

Based on my first year blogging, here’s what I gathered. 

There are 10 signs on how to know if blogging is right for you:

1. You Love Writing

Blogging is ALL about writing. It is a written content driven platform. If you love expressing your thoughts and feelings through the written word, blogging is for you!

If you don’t love writing, that does NOT mean you cannot be a blogger. 

As long as you are willing to try and learn the ropes of writing a quality blog post initially, you can outsource a major portion of your content to writers in the future.

Personally, I would suggest for you to try to write 20-30 blog posts yourself before outsourcing. 

This is to ensure you know the ins and outs of writing a valuable blog post. I’ve heard many experts say the same as well!

2. You Have The Desire To Create

Have you always been creative as a kid? May it be art class or drama – if you have some creative juices in you – blogging might interest you.

Blogging is a very creative passion project (and business), here’s why:

  • You have to write interesting and valuable articles.
  • If you’re making it a business, you have to come up with some creative strategies (affiliate marketing, having your digital product, running workshops, etc)
  • Design and photography is also something you might need to know 

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3. You Are Independent 

Blogging is a lonely journey. I’m sure you’ve heard of this when researching if blogging is right for you.

One of the questions to ask yourself before starting a blog is definitely this: “Am I independent enough to go through this blogging journey alone?”

I’m not trying to scare you, blogging is NOT scary – it is thrilling!

Just know that you will be facing humps and bumps along the way of your blogging journey and you might not have someone by your side to help you. 

This is why I try my best to invest in things that will make my blogging journey easier. 

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I also made sure to choose Bluehost because if there were any issues with my WordPress, I can immediately contact their support and get assistance as it is a 24/7 chat support system.

These couple of things that I did really helped put my mind as ease as a blogger. 

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4. You Are Resilient 

Blogging is definitely a rollercoaster journey. 

To be able to blog, you might have some resilience. 

Especially when you first start a blog, you’ll face many challenges. 

One of them is not getting any readers to your website. 

If you don’t have a large social media following, Pinterest account or SEO skills, you’re not going to see many readers dropping by your site.

This can be demotivating and many bloggers end up quitting within their first very few months. 

Readers will visit your site when you’ve learned a little bit more about driving traffic from your Pinterest or optimising your blog posts with SEO techniques

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5. You Are Passionate About Something

If you’re passionate about something, you’re most likely going to be knowledgeable at it. 

Even if you don’t have the knowledge just yet, you’re most likely to be able to learn it faster than others because you’re passionate.

This could be anything – reading, writing, cooking, gardening, personal finance, mental health.

You can create a blog around any topic you’re passionate about!

6. You Are Willing To Invest Time And Money

Blogging is like growing a plant. You have to water it.

It takes up time, energy and even money.

As for the cost of blogging – you can keep your initial costs low by using Bluehost as your host provider. It’s only $2.95 per month.

Use a free theme when you initially start. My faves are Astra, Generate Press and Hello Elementor.

Time is also something to consider. You will have to set aside time to draft, write, edit and post frequently when you first start a blog.

If you’re a brand new blogger and have very little knowledge on how the blogging industry works, you’re going to be investing a lot more time and money compared to an established blogger.

One way to save time is to invest in a coach or course you trust. This is so that they can provide you the A-Z of blogging and you don’t have to worry about figuring things out alone.

I really loved taking the CEO Blogger Academy course by Shruti Pangtey. It explains everything you need, from starting a blog you’re passionate about to making a living out of it. 

Best part of all? You can pay in instalments if you’re on a tight budget (like most bloggers) and there’s a Facebook support group, you can always ask her questions there so you never feel alone on this blogging journey!

7. You Like Helping Others Grow

As a blogger, it’s not always about you – it’s about your readers.

As harsh as it sounds, not many people are interested in your daily life, they’re interested in how you can help them.

Offer them valuable information, resources and guidance through your blog posts.

If you like helping people through writing articles – this is a good sign that blogging is right for you.

8. You Want To Make Money Online

If you have the desire to make a part-time or full-time income online, where you can work from anywhere in the world at whatever time you like – blogging might be for you.

Blogging takes initial work. It’s like building a house. You have to lay the foundation before you’re able to live in the house.

You have to build a blog, write the articles and do the work basically!

Overtime, blogging can become passive through affiliate marketing and display advertising.

Ezoic, an ad network, is now accepting new bloggers with no minimum pageviews to their program. You can start earning immediately from your blog!

9. You Don’t Like Being On Camera

If you’re creative and have always wished you had the guts to post on social media or start a Youtube channel but do not have the courage, blogging is a great alternative.

You don’t need to show your face or film and videos! You just need to be able to write!

10. You Can Deal With Uncertainty

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes time and effort. For every blogger and every niche, the amount of time and effort it takes may vary.

If you tap into a niche that’s low in competition, that’s great for you but note that there might not be many references to people’s success with the niche you’re going into.

There is some uncertainty when it comes to blogging. There will be times where you’re worried if your SEO strategy works or if your articles will be read by many.

But you gotta pull through the uncertainty and work on the blog even when you see little to no results. 

If you can deal with uncertainty, blogging is not going to take a toll on your mental health. 

Although last on the list, this point is super important.

What Makes A Good Blogger?

How To Know If Blogging Is Right For You
Image by Brewing Writer

How to know if you’ll be a good blogger? 

To be honest, you’re most likely going to be a good blogger if you put someone else first before you (and that someone else is your reader)!

As a blogger, you write to provide valuable and helpful information to the reader. If you’re able to solve your readers’ problems and answer their questions, you’re a great blogger!

Many people have this misconception that blogging is mostly about you, your life and your interests. While that might be true, it’s mostly about how your life and interests can benefit the reader.

What Happens If I Fail As A Blogger?

Honestly, can you truly fail at being a blogger? I don’t think so.

There’s ton of benefits from starting a blog – even if you don’t make a full-time income out of it, you’ve probably gained a lot of other tangible and intangible things. 

What Can You Gain From Blogging Besides Money?

Here’s what I know I’ve gained: 

  • Courage (because of blogging i’ve tried many other new things in life)
  • Project Management Skills (I actually have a content plan and strategy! What?!)
  • Discipline (I stick to a plan, focus and get stuff done for my blog)
  • Knowledge (I learned so much SEO, affiliate marketing, designing, etc)
  • Like-minded friends

Also, my acquired knowledge in SEO has actually brought me a full-time job in one of Asia’s leading e-commerce Industry – Lazada! (even if I would have failed at blogging and earned zero from it, I got a full-time job from it!)

How cool is that?

So, if you’re wondering – “What if I fail at blogging?”

As cliche as it sounds, there’s no failing in blogging, only lots to learn!

I hope these 10 signs answers your question on how to know if blogging is right for you.

In all honesty, skip the “is blogging right for me?” question and jump into it. There’s very little to lose and a lot of skills to gain!

I really loved taking the CEO Blogger Academy course by Shruti Pangtey. It explains everything you need, from starting a blog you’re passionate about to making a living out of it. 

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There’s a Facebook support group, you can always ask her questions there so you never feel alone on this blogging journey!

Alternatively, here’s a free training that’ll help you start your blogging journey!

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