In Love & Pajamas by Catana Comics – Book Review

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In Love & Pajamas by Catana Comics – Book Review

With over 3 million followers on Instagram, you probably have heard of Catana Comics! In Love & Pajamas, the author’s third comic book, was published in early 2021. Just like her other two comic books, this book consists of comics about love.

In Love & Pajamas by Catana Comics is said to highlight the “way too comfortable with each other” moments in a relationship. The author mentioned in her introduction note that this book is for those who share vulnerability and are truly themselves with their partner. 

Hence the title, in love and pajamas, where you are at home with your partner and they will have no choice but to see all the good and not so good sides of you!

In case you didn’t know, Catana Comics are doodles of Catana and her partner, John. However, in my opinion, the little comic doodles are super relatable to almost any couple and that’s why they’re so famous on the internet!


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Book Information

Title: In Love & Pajamas:  A Collection Of Comics About Being Yourself Together

Author: Catana Comics (Catana Chetwynd)

Genre: Graphic Novel

Pages: 126 pgs (120 comics)

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Catana Comics In Love and Pajamas book summary can be found here.

I would like to thank Times Reads for sending me a copy of In Love & Pajamas in exchange for an honest book review.


Who Is Behind Catana Comics?

A question frequently asked is who is Catana Comics in real life?

Catana Chetwynd is the artist behind Catana Comics. The 22-year-old grew up in Saratoga Springs, New York, is a self-taught artist and has a degree in Psychology

How did Catana Comics start?

Catana mentioned in an interview that her boyfriend, John, encouraged her to doodle comics of their relationship after she explained a theory she learned in class, called the exposure effect.

The exposure effect happens when people are consistently exposed to something and they end up taking a liking to it. 

It was her first comic and she only doodled it for John. He took the initiative to post them online and even helped with setting up her website!


In Love & Pajamas

Image from @catanacomics


Ever since then, Catana Comics is one of the best romance webcomics you can find online today! 

It is pretty admirable that this popular love webcomics is now available as physical comic books. Not just one book, she has three now. The third being, In Love & Pajamas.

John encouraged Catana to continue posting comics of them online as they were gaining a lot of attention as people loved them.

To be honest with you, after reading the book and learning about this piece of information, it is truly inspiring and admirable to have a partner that not only supports, but assists you in making sure your talent does not go to waste!


A Bit More On Catana And John’s Relationship

The couple first met on Tinder but their conversations did not progress into any meet-up or so. By chance, one day they met each other at a bar and that’s how they got into a relationship!

The couple is now engaged as of late 2019! How cool is that? An unexpected twist of fate!

Did you know that John and Catana are opposites? Me neither because they look perfect for each other!

They seem to get along and create beautiful memories together. I guess opposites do attract!

Catana says that John is more organized and more left-brain while she is more creative and can be messy at times. They balance each other well and challenge each other to grow together.

If you think about it, opposites attract because they’re able to balance and complete each other. 


Why I liked Reading In Love & Pajamas

Photo from @soniasingh_

1. Light-Hearted Read

I was in a book slump for about a month. I just didn’t feel like anything too wordy. This book really did help me get out of the slump because it had fewer words and the illustrations speak for themselves.

Books can be very serious at times and consuming a whole lot of information can lead to burnout.

This book is light-hearted, gives you a fuzzy feeling and is an easy read.


2. Relatable Relationship Moments

This is definitely why Catana Comics is so popular in the first place. It is because almost anybody and everybody can relate. 

Although relationship experiences may be different for everyone, there are common situations, acts or things said to each other when one is in a relationship.

This is something Catana was able to illustrate beautifully, forming a “feel good” feeling within the reader. 

Readers are not alone, there is a sense of belonging as they can relate to one another. 

However, Catana did mention that some of her comics are exaggerated but mostly are true word-for-word conversations she has had with her partner.


3. Very Cute Doodles!

Catana’s comics are very simple and cute. They are in black and white. 

However, there are occasional pops of colour in this book which does grab your attention while reading.

The black and white comics with some pops of colours gives the comic book a minimalist and clean look which honestly, just makes me want to read more!


4. For Anyone Of Any Age.

I made my dad read a couple of pages from the book and he loved it. He laughed and asked me if he could read it after i’m done with it.

I do think In Love & Pajamas is for everyone and of any age. This book would definitely make a good gift too!

Love knows no language and this can certainly be confirmed through her illustrations.


5. We Get Catana Comics Stickers!

Catana Comics In Love and Pajamas includes two pages of stickers, which gives us a total of six stickers! 

Catana stickers in this book are in black and white, super cute and heart-warming


Was There Anything To Dislike About In Love & Pajamas?

In Love & Pajamas

Photo from @faraamusa



In Love & Pajamas ended so quickly! Because it is a comic book, you get through them really fast. This book can be read in one sitting. Probably an hour or less to be more precise. 

However, it is a book that you’ll probably read more than once. If you have a partner, you will most likely read it with them multiple times! In bed, in pajamas. All cosy and cuddly! 

Besides that, is there anything to dislike about this In Love And Pajamas book?

I’ve heard that the digital review copy from NetGalley had quality issues with the illustrations. 

However, the illustrations in the print copies are of really good quality. I’ve attached pictures throughout the article that shows you the quality!.


What Program Does Catana Comics Use To Create Comics?

In Love & Pajamas

Photo from @faraamusa


This is for all of you curious and aspiring artists out there. 

Catana uses Procreate, it is an app for iPads that you can purchase via the app store.

Her process of developing comics start off by thinking of an idea, sketching it roughly on a piece of paper and then drawing it on Procreate.


Other Books by Catana Comics

Catana has two other books, Little Moments Of Love by Catana Comics which was her very first physical comic book. Then came Snug by Catana Comics, her second book!


Final Thoughts And Rating

In Love & Pajamas by Catana Comics was a wholesome, warm and loving read. I loved it and there was nothing much that was negative about this book.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, of course. To almost anyone who needs a pick me up!

In fact, this book would make a perfect gift for many occasions such as birthdays, valentines and even Christmas.

My personal rating: 5 cups of coffee!

If you have read this book, or would like to know more about this book, please feel free to reach out to me on any one of my social platforms!

In Love & Pajamas by Catana Comics – Book Review

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