100 Iron Flame Quotes With Page Numbers

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While reading Iron Flame, I came across many note-worthy quotes from the second book of the Emyprean series.

Many of these quotes were love quotes about Violet and Xaden’s relationship. However, there were plenty of quotes touching themes of strength, self-exploration, power, war, family and friendship.

These quotes stood out to me while reading Iron Flame, some resonated with me on a deeper level.

Just like my compilation of Fourth Wing quotes, these Iron Flame quotes are from my personal kindle highlights. No matter what the reasoning maybe for you to have stumbled upon this post, I hope you find these quotes helpful.

Iron Flame physical copy has 623 pages while the Kindle edition has 884 pages. Since I read the book on my Kindle, the page numbers will align with the Kindle pages.

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Violet Sorrengail Quotes from Iron Flame (With Page Numbers)

Revolution tastes oddly…sweet.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 14)

Sometime in our past, one generation of Navarrians wiped the history books, erasing the existence of venin from common education and knowledge, all because we aren’t willing to risk our own safety by providing the one material that can kill dark wielders—the same alloy that powers the farthest reaches of our wards.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 32)

Turns out, falling in love with someone only brings that blissful high all the poets talk about if they love you back. And if they keep secrets that jeopardize everyone and everything you hold dear? Love doesn’t even have the decency to die. It just transforms into abject misery. That’s what this ache in my chest is: misery.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 35)

Because love, at its root, is hope. Hope for tomorrow. Hope for what could be. Hope that the someone you’ve entrusted your everything to will cradle and protect it. And hope? That shit is harder to kill than a dragon.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 36)
iron flame quotes with page numbers

“His body is a work of art, honed to lethal perfection.”

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 173)

There’s nothing outside this kiss. No war. No lies. No secrets. There’s only his mouth, his hands sweeping up my sides, his desire matching the fire of mine. This is where I want to live, where nothing else matters but the way he makes me feel.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 178)

How is it possible to both love someone and loathe them all in the same moment?

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 257)

Gods, I’m so sick of having to make the first move when it comes to this man.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 264)

“Sure, as long as you can keep your secrets. Has it ever occurred to you that this”—I gesture between us—“is all because you don’t trust me?” I take a step backward. “You expect complete, blind faith without giving it. It. Goes. Both. Ways.”

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 264)

“One touch, that’s all it takes, and the world around us ceases to exist.”

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 281)

“I love him. I love him. I love him. I’m not ready to give him the words, the power that comes with them, but I can keep them for myself, chant them like my own personal Codex, the only truth I’m certain of.”

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 369)

I inhale sharply at the reminder that the man I get behind closed doors isn’t the one the rest of the world knows.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 377)

It’s an exercise in self-control not to open every book and devour its contents.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 427)

And I’m not defenseless. I’m still in full possession of my mind.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 443)
iron flame quotes with page numbers

They may have blocked me from my power, but that stems from Tairn. The control over my mind? That’s mine, and it’s all I have left.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 457)

He’s never had a choice when it came to me. His life—the lives of those he holds dearest—has always been tied to mine.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 471)

I’m not sure I can lift them to kill my sister, but I sure as hell won’t be killed by her.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 514)

I don’t fail. I’ve never failed anything in my life.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 526)

It’s the only time my power is beauty without destruction—without violence.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 677)

“I don’t fear the power.” How could I when it’s so beautiful? So varied? I’m afraid of myself. “You shouldn’t be,” Tairn lectures.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 677)

Stone may not burn, but books do.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 669)

“Fear isn’t always logical.”

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 707)

“It’s not the power making that possible,” I tell her, channeling into the conduit so it lights up again and marching into the darkness. “It’s the control.”

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 709)

“Signets have to do with who we are at our core and what we need,”

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 738)

It’s one thing to leave her, to cut any and all contact, and quite another to leave her to her death.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 762)

“Even though I know you were right. I wasn’t asking the right questions because I was afraid of the answers—and maybe I still am, given the fact that you’re never completely open with me. Almost everyone in my life has kept secrets from me because I didn’t ask the right questions, didn’t look further than face value, and I understand that there will be times you can’t tell me everything—that’s the nature of what we do as riders—but I need you to stop setting me up for failure by insisting I figure out what there is to ask.”

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 769)

“I love you,” I whisper. “You could throw my entire world into upheaval, and I would still love you. You could keep secrets, run a revolution, frustrate the shit out of me, probably ruin me, and I would still love you. I can’t make it stop. I don’t want to. You’re my gravity. Nothing in my world works without you.”

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 770)

But is there really a choice? Going might risk death, but staying risks us becoming just like our enemy.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 780)

“Hmm.” It’s not my mother looking my way this time. It’s General Sorrengail. “Your opinion is noted.” Hope surges in my chest. “So you’ll assign a squad?” “Absolutely not. Your opinion, as noted as it is, is wrong.”

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 807)

A few simple kisses are all it ever takes, and my body is instantly attuned to his.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 808)

I pull lightning from the sky so quickly that I no longer feel like I direct the storm. I am the storm.

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 826)
iron flame quotes with page numbers

“Violet!” Mom shouts. “Listen to me!” I yell right back. “For once in your life, listen to what I’m telling you!” She draws her head back. I forge on. “For once in my life, trust me. Have faith in me. I can get the wards up.”

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 851)

She’s the tide, the storms, the very air, a force too big to be extinguished without ripping the world itself apart to the core. How can she just be gone?

Violet Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 869)

Xaden Riorson Quotes from Iron Flame (With Page Numbers)

“Decision was simple. She’s worth a dozen of me,” Xaden says, and my breath catches at the intensity in his eyes.

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 24)

“I’ll spend every single day of my life earning back your trust.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 40)

“If you don’t, I’ll take personal offense. She made her choice, and it wasn’t you. It will never be you. I know it. She knows it. The whole quadrant knows it.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 66)

“Whatever is going through that beautiful mind, I’m here for it.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 76)

“You know what it’s like. People judge you by your last name all the time.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 141)

I f*cking love your hair. If you ever want to bring me to my knees or win an argument, just let it down. I’ll get the point.

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 142)

“It’s impossible to hate you.” He stands and walks to where his rucksack is leaned up against the wall. “Trust me. I tried.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 143)

“The first year is when some of us lose our lives,” he says softly, tucking my damp hair behind my ear. “The second year is when the rest of us lose our humanity. It’s all part of the process of turning us into effective weapons, and don’t forget for a second that’s the mission here.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 145)

“Like a moth to a damned flame.” The lament slips from my mind, into our mental pathway. He’s gravity, pulling me back to him by the force of his existence. “I’m more than willing to let you burn me.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 178)

“I want you more than my next breath, but I can’t f*ck you into looking at me like you used to. I refuse to use sex as a tool to get you back.” He takes my hand and presses it to my chest. “Not when I want to be here.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 180)

“But I’m begging you, Violet. Don’t offer me your body unless you’re offering me everything. I want you more than I want to f*ck you. I want those three little words back.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 180)

“Say those three little words, and I’ll have you naked in seconds.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 252)

Violence, remember it’s only the body that’s fragile. You are unbreakable. I cling to Xaden’s words.

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 320 & 446)
iron flame quotes with page numbers

“I’m not always calm or collected, and I’m never in control when it comes to you.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 360)

“It’s foolish to think we can save everyone. We can’t.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 377)

“I told you in Aretia—I would rather lose this entire war than live without you.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 383)

“There’s nowhere in existence you could go that I wouldn’t find you, remember?”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 463)

“You’ll lose everything you’ve worked for.” My voice breaks. “Because of me.” “Then I’ll have everything I need.” He lowers his face, leaning in so he’s all I see, all I feel. “I will happily watch Aretia burn to the f*cking ground again if it means you live.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 465)

“You want to know something true? Something real? I love you. I’m in love with you. I have been since the night the snow fell in your hair and you kissed me for the first time. I’m grateful my life is tied to yours because it means I won’t have to face a day without you in it.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 465)

My heart only beats as long as yours does, and when you die, I’ll meet Malek at your side. It’s a damned good thing that you love me, too, because you’re stuck with me in this life and every other that could possibly follow.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 465)

“We’re leaving within the hour,” Xaden calls out. “Your choice is as simple as it is personal. You can defend Navarre, or you can fight for the Continent.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 479)

“She has the gift of heightening the emotions of the people around her, and she’s exceptionally powerful.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 558)

“You have to find your center again, Violet. I can’t do it for you.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 663)

“Less than a minute,” Xaden whispers as Sgaeyl moves toward him—toward us. “That’s how long it took for you to fall out of love with me.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 742)

“Keep doing that, and you’ll be taking this right off,” I warn him, glancing down over my shoulder. “Was that a threat or a promise?” His eyes darken as he stands and ties me in, tucking the laces so they don’t come loose. “Because I have no problem spending our last quiet minutes this morning tangled up in you.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 808)

“I love you. The world does not exist for me beyond you.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 817)
iron flame quotes with page numbers

“You are my home. And if we all die here today, then the knowledge dies with us anyway. Ward Basgiath.”

Xaden Riorson, Iron Flame, (Page 855)

Other Iron Flame Quotes (With Page Numbers)

Iron Flame spoilers ahead!

“You call it a revolution, not a rebellion.”

Iron Flame, (Page 33)

“We have to win, or we’re dead.”

Iron Flame, (Page 33)

There’s a reason adolescents don’t bond, either. They don’t have the patience for humans. Or elders. Or logic.

Iron Flame, (Page 38)

“Riders party as hard as we fight.”

Iron Flame, (Page 71)

“Secrets make for poor leverage. They die with the people who keep them.”

Iron Flame, (Page 80)

“By definition: the riders make their own rules.”

Iron Flame, (Page 81)

“Secrets die with the people who keep them,”

Iron Flame, (Page 135)

First Six weren’t the first riders—they were simply the first to survive.

Iron Flame, (Page 164)

“The tricky thing is to capture the truth and not just an interpretation. Stories can change depending on who tells them.”

page 224

“Lies are powerful tools.”

Iron Flame, (Page 246)

“Dragons do not answer to the whims of men.”

Iron Flame, (Page 266)

“I chose him for his inability to relent,”

Iron Flame, (Page 319)

“Worrying changes nothing.”

Tairn, Iron Flame, (Page 386)

“Well, Cadet Sorrengail, your weaknesses are the people you love.”

Iron Flame, (Page 449)

“I know this is hard to hear, but people aren’t always who we want them to be.”

Iron Flame, (Page 455)

“You cannot mend what does not exist.”

Tairn, Iron Flame, (Page 500)

“Your power is too closely tied to your emotions,”

Felix, Iron Flame, (Page 535)

“What you want to be doesn’t change what you are without work.”

Felix, Iron Flame, (Page 536)

The problem with mankind is we too often find our souls to be a fair price for power.

Iron Flame, (Page 612)

“You’re not watching it, Violet. You’re doing it. And you’re supposed to love it. It’s better to find joy in your power than it is to fear it.”

Felix, Iron Flame, (Page 677)

“But you will turn for something much more dangerous, much more volatile.” He wraps his hand around my throat loosely. I manage to shake my head in denial. “You will.” His dark, eyelash-less eyes narrow, and the jagged fingernails slice into my skin with an all-too-real bite of pain. “You’ll tear down the wards yourself when the time comes.”

Sage, Iron Flame, (Page 695)

Nothing kills powerful, unshakable love faster than opposing ideologies.

Iron Flame, (Page 723)

“But to slay another dragon is a heavy mark upon the soul, even when in defense of yourself or your rider.”

Tairn, Iron Flame, (Page 732)

“When all three of your children stand against you, perhaps the time has come for self-reflection. This meeting is officially over,”

Iron Flame, (Page 760)

“But I want most—what I’ve always wanted—is for my children to live.

General Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 762)

“If you didn’t figure it out, you weren’t worthy of knowing.” She huffs. “I waited six hundred and fifty years to hatch. Waited until your eighteenth summer, when I heard our elders talk of the weakling daughter of their general, the girl forecasted to become the head of the scribes, and I knew. You would have the mind of a scribe and the heart of a rider. You would be mine.” She leans into my hand. “You are as unique as I am. We want the same things.”

Andarna, Iron Flame, (Page 861)

Most generals dream of dying in service to their kingdom. But you know me better than that, my love. When I fall, it will be for one reason only: to protect our children.

General Sorrengail, Iron Flame, (Page 861)

“All this time, you’ve been convincing everyone you’re the hero, and now you’ll be the villain…especially in her story. Welcome to our f*cked-up family. Guess we’re brothers now.”

Jack Barlow, Iron Flame, (Page 880)

Wrap-Up: Iron Flame Quotes with Page Numbers

I hope these collection of quotes helps you with your re-read or Iron Flame, or perhaps help you recall how it felt like reading this quotes for the very first time.

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