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In this blog post, I’ll be answering all your burning questions on King of Pride by Ana Huang.

If you want to know more on King of Pride spicy chapters, books alike and some frequently asked questions, you’re in for a treat.

You’ll also get to explore some of the best quotes from King of Pride!

After the Twisted Series went bookstagram and BookTok viral, fans wanted more and Ana delivered! King of Pride is the second novel in the Kings of Sin series, which is expected to have seven books in total.

However, this book features an opposites attract trope which follows Kai and Isabella, familiar characters from the Twisted/King of Sin universe.

king of pride spicy chapters

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What is King of Pride About?

King of Pride follows Kai Young and Isabella Valencia’s love story. This book is different from other books in the King of Sin and Twisted series because although Kai is a billionaire who will soon inherit an empire, he is not your typical morally-grey men. Instead, Kai is quiet and shy.

Isabella on the other hand, is an aspiring author who is bold and fierce. The two of them meet at an exclusive club the Isabella works at.

Although they’re both intrigued by each other, it is forbidden for the staff of this exclusive club to date customers. Plus, Kai, a soon-to-be CEO cannot be seen dating someone below his status.

Is King of Pride A Spicy Book?

Yes, it is a spicy book. King of Pride contains mature open-door romance scenes which are recommended for 18+ readers.

King of Pride Spice Level

King of Pride has a spice level of 3/5, as there were many open-door romance scenes. However, King of Wrath is still said to be more steamier than King of Pride. 

King of Pride Spicy Chapters

The spicy chapters in King of Pride are 15, 18, 22, and 33. Now you can easily make close-door modifications or re-visit the spicy scenes whenever you’d like. 

King of Pride Age Rating

King of Pride has an age rating of 18+ and is generally recommended for a mature audience due to profanity, mild violence and romance scenes. 

Who Are The Main Characters in King of Pride?

In King of Pride, Kai Young and Isabella Valencia are the main characters. Isabella is a bartender at an exclusive club, while Kai Young is a soon-to-be billionaire CEO who often visit the club.

King of Pride Romance Tropes

King of Pride features romance tropes such as opposites attract, Asian romance, billionaire romance and the forbidden romance trope.

Can I Read King of Pride Before King of Wrath?

Yes, you can read King of Pride before King of Wrath. You don’t have to read the King of Series books in order. But note that Dante and Vivian, the main characters of King of Wrath do make an appearance in King of Wrath.

Is There A King of Pride Bonus Scene?

Yes, Ana Huang has written a bonus scene for King of Pride. It is free to download and read right away.

Kings of Sin Books in Order 

Kings of Sin series in order:

  1. King of Wrath (20th October 2022)  
  1. King of Pride ( 27th April 2023) 
  1. King of Greed (24th October 2023) 

5 King of Pride Quotes

  1. “How does he look at me?”
    “Like he never wants to look away.”
  2. “She was everything I shouldn’t want, but it didn’t matter.
    I wanted her anyway. So much so, I couldn’t breathe.”
  3. “I never really lived before you … And I don’t want to imagine living after you.” I dropped my forehead to hers, my chest aching with need and want and a thousand other emotions only she could make me feel. “Stay with me, love. Please.”
  4. “And she looked so damn beautiful it made my heart stop for a second, just long enough to confirm she owned every beat.”
  5. “You have five minutes, sweetheart, or you’ll find out firsthand that I’m not always the gentleman you think I am.”

3 Books Like King of Pride

  1. King of Wrath (billionaire romance, first book in the King of Sin series)
  2. The Spanish Love Deception (forbidden romance, workplace romance, shy guy)
  3. The Wrong Mr. Right (opposites attract trope)

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