How To Become A Pinterest Manager In 8 Easy Steps!

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How To Become A Pinterest Manager In 8 Easy Steps!

Becoming a Pinterest manager is not as hard as it sounds.

I do believe that being a Pinterest manager (also known as Pinterest virtual assistant or Pinterest strategist) is a remote work role with huge potential.

There’s a huge demand for Pinterest managers but there aren’t many people taking advantage of this and upskilling themselves to fulfil this demand.

Why do people hire a Pinterest manager?

Pinterest is a visual search engine tool that drives traffic to business websites or blogs. With this traffic, people are able to monetize the visitors that land on their website in many ways.

For example – the traffic from Pinterest to your client’s website can help with product sales, building of email lists, digital product sales, brand awareness and passive income (ad and affiliate revenue). 

Do you want to become a Pinterest manager? 

You should! It is fairly simple to get started. 

This article will give you insight on:

  • 8 Steps To Become A Pinterest Manager
  • Best Free and Paid Courses For Pinterest Managers
  • Types Of Pinterest Manager Services
  • Is Becoming A Pinterest Manager For You?
  • Tools Pinterest Managers Need To Accelerate Their Business
  • Pinterest Manager FAQs

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8 Steps On How To Become A Pinterest Manager

pinterest manager
Image by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels

1. Educate Yourself On Pinterest

No matter what job you’re trying to apply for or whatever business you want to start – you must have knowledge on the role and industry you are penetrating into.

Get yourself familiarised with Pinterest. Educate yourself by browsing Pinterest and also taking free and paid courses to help level up your knowledge.

Besides educating yourself on Pinterest, look into the industry. 

What are your client’s pain points? Why do they need to hire a Pinterest Manager?

People hire a Pinterest Manager because:

  • They don’t have the time to manage their Pinterest account
  • They aren’t good with designing pins
  • They do not understand Pinterest SEO
  • They do not know how to set up campaigns on Pinterest

You should be educating yourself on the skills your ideal client might be lacking – this is so that you can come to the rescue and help them out!

2. Have A Practice Account 

Before you can manage someone’s Pinterest account with great success, you must have some experience with it.

Set up your own Pinterest account and experiment with pinning strategies that bring you good results.

You can even include this practice account and positive results as a portfolio piece. 

This is proof that you know what to do and how to do it!

3. Connect With Other Pinterest Managers

If you’re thinking of becoming a Pinterest manager – initially it might come off as overwhelming.

It is important to get a good support system. For almost any freelance/solopreneur venture, the journey gets pretty lonely.

Connecting with other Pinterest marketing managers will help overcome this overwhelming feeling. 

It will also help you when you’re feeling lost or stuck and don’t have the funds to invest in a paid course for tailored advice.

You can try to ask other Pinterest managers for advice.

Having a friend that’s in the same industry as you are can help calm your stress and anxiety.

4. Brand Your Business

Once you have equipped yourself with Pinterest management knowledge and have seen results on your practice account, it is time to brand yourself as a business.

How to become a Pinterest expert? Besides knowledge and practice, branding is key. It makes you “look good” and that’s not vain, but important (especially in this digital marketing era)

There are a few things you should take note of one branding yourself as a Pinterest Manager:

  • Business name and logo
  • Website for portfolio, lead generation and sales.
  • Identify what pinterest services you want to offer
  • Package your pinterest services with respective prices.

5. Find Beta Clients

Here’s the challenging part – finding clients.

As a beginner Pinterest manager or Pinterest virtual assistant, many people expect to be instantly getting leads and clients that bring them a full time income.

Now this is not going to be a piece of cake, especially if you do not have the experience!

Trying to get full-paying clients by only relying on your practice account as your “portfolio” is going to be difficult but not impossible to achieve.

Here’s what you can do – find beta clients.

Beta clients are basically beta testers. These are clients who will “test” your Pinterest management service. 

To obtain these clients, offer them your Pinterest management services for a lower price. 

Bonus tip: Set a contract where these clients will be your beta clients for a few months (eg: 3 months) but once 3 months are up, they will either terminate the contract or renew the contract but become a full-paying client. 

Do also let them know that you are giving them your pinterest management service for a lower price. 

In exchange for that, you would like to include them into your portfolio and also get a testimonial from them.

6. Evaluate Yourself

After having a handful of beta clients – evaluate your performance as a Pinterest manager.

Notice what strategies worked for your clients and what didn’t.

Besides evaluating your performance, ask yourself – do you like being a freelance Pinterest manager?

Is there a possibility of expanding your freelance Pinterest VA gig into a full-blown business? 

Is this something you want to invest in?

Whether you want to make it a side hustle or a full-time income, evaluate your goals and plan accordingly.

7. Build A Portfolio And Sales Page

After testing out different strategies and deciding that this is something that you want, you can start to build a portfolio section on your website that showcases your Pinterest client success and testimonials.

Another thing you should have is a sales page that has been SEO optimised so you can organic leads from google whenever someone googles about hiring a Pinterest manager.

8. Find Full-Paying Clients

Don’t just let your website just sit there! It has all the information a client needs plus a valuable portfolio and an epic sales page – put it to good use!

Market yourself! There are a few ways you can do this

  • Create a freebie on your site to collect emails for lead generation
  • Cold pitch to clients by e-mail
  • Reach out to clients on freelance websites like Upwork and Fiverr and show them your website
  • Use content marketing and market yourself on LinkedIn
  • Collaborate with other digital marketers to host free webinars to position yourself as a Pinterest expert

Bonus tip: creating a freebie (eg: a simple pinterest marketing guide) allows a potential lead to get to know you and how good you are at the Pinterest management services you offer. This helps establish initial trust.

Is Becoming A Pinterest Manager For You?

pinterest manager
Image by Jacob Lund

Now that you know the 8 steps to become a Pinterest manager, take a step back and look at the big picture.

Do you think that becoming a Pinterest manager or Pinterest VA is for you? 

Here are some signs that this is a career path you would enjoy:

  • You enjoy working remotely
  • You enjoy being the boss
  • You like working with flexible hours.
  • You don’t mind putting yourself out there to get clients
  • You like to experiment and work with strategies

What are some of the signs that being a Pinterest manager isn’t for you?

  • You like working from an office or being part of an organization.
  • You don’t like to lead projects
  • You like working in a corporate firm as its more “stable”
  • You prefer a structured routine – like working 9-5pm

Types Of Pinterest Manager Services

I explain each service in detail in this Pinterest VA beginner guide! 

Pinterest Monthly Account Management

The most heavy-load package and also the most expensive package you can offer. It consists of setting up an account all the way to publishing pins and managing the account monthly.

Pin Designing

If you have the eye for design, this is a great service to offer. Since you’re only focusing on pin design, you can take up multiple clients for this service and successfully earn a full-time income. 

Bonus tip: Use Canva to save your time when designing pins. They have 1000+ free Pinterest templates! All you have to do is switch out the image and edit the pin!

Pinterest Account Set Up

It sounds like a simple service but it is not. It is technical and requires some optimization so that the account is off to a good start for pins to rank and gain attention. 

Pinterest Consultation

If you’re a Pinterest pro, people will be willing to pay you for your time to evaluate their Pinterest profile and give them guidance on what they should be doing and what they should omit. 

Pinterest Copywriting

This service is based on writing Pinterest descriptions and SEO optimizing them

Pinterest Ad and Campaign Management

This service is focused on ad campaigns – how to run them, who to target and how much budget should be allocated for it.

Best Pinterest Manager Courses (Free and Paid Options)

pinterest manager
Image by boboling from Getty Images

Best Free Pinterest Manager Courses

If you are really struggling with funding your Pinterest management business, try taking as many free classes as you can. 

Some of the classes below are specifically on how to become a Pinterest VA while some educates you on how to use Pinterest and get outstanding marketing results for your clients.

Best Paid Pinterest Manager Courses

  1. Pinterest VA
  1. Pinfluencer Academy

This course is not specifically a Pinterest VA course.

However, this course teaches you the A-Z about Pinterest and how to go viral on the platform.

Here’s a screenshot of the lengthy and insightful lessons:

This course has proven results and has delivered WAY more value than it’s price. 

If you’re looking for a course that teaches you the fundamentals of Pinterest – this the one you should invest in.

In 30 days, I had more than 20,000 Pinterest monthly views and 100+ clicks to my website. 

Here’s what you get:

  • Pinfluencer Academy Course (value $1999)
  • Lifetime Access to Member’s Only FB Group (value $499)
  • Lifetime Access to Course and All Updates (value $999)
  • Bonus: 12 Coaching Calls Replay Vault (value $299)
  • Bonus: 150 Group Boards List (value $99)
  • Bonus: Pin Tracker (value $99)

I have had great success after taking this course and am confident to not only grow my Pinterest but also my client’s Pinterest account.

Doesn’t seem like a lot to you? 

Note that I had ZERO knowledge about Pinterest and some people don’t even get 10 clicks within their first month of Pinterest!

If you can’t invest right now, I suggest you sign up for a FREE one hour training by Shruti Pangtey – coach at the Pinfluencer Academy and learn as much as you can.

Tips To Upscale Your Pinterest Manager Business

Once you feel like your Pinterest management business is stable and you would like to take it to the next level – there are a few things you can do to grow your Pinterest virtual assistant business.

Create Custom Packages

If you are a one man show and are at a place in business where you feel like you cannot hire people to help you – try packaging together different services according to your client’s needs. 

For example, instead of only doing pin design for $250 a month, package that with scheduling these pins for $400 a month. 

You can use Tailwind to help you with scheduling, it wouldn’t even be that much more of a workload if you use Tailwind to automate.

Outsource Work

One word – HIRE.

Hiring people really helped me expand my side hustle.

You can hire people to reduce your workload from an existing client. 

However, for expansion – onboard a new client and also another pinterest freelance manager or virtual assistant to help you with your new client.

Have A Referral Program 

This is quite a way to get more clients as a Pinterest manager that I’ve not seen many people implement.

You can give your client a discount for the next month or two if they refer you to a client that ends up signing a Pinterest service with you.

Create A Pinterest Course

Once you’re an expert, you can create a Pinterest course for bloggers, businesses and Pinterest virtual assistants.

You could even make a dedicated course for Pinterest managers as there is a demand but very few people are actually producing valuable courses. 

As a pin expert, use Pinterest to your advantage and market your Pinterest course, or you could SEO optimize your website to get organic traffic from Google.

Pinterest Management Tools To Help You Upscale Your Business

Image by FabrikaCR

If you invest in the right tools, you will be able to save time and therefore scale your pinterest virtual assistant business.

In the beginning you might not have the funds to invest, but once you start profiting, don’t forget to take some of the profits and invest back into your business for revenue growth.

Here are some vital tools to grow your Pinterest VA/Management business:


Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling tool. 

It also works for Instagram, so if you’re already managing a client’s Instagram account, this makes it more efficient for you to work.

You can schedule your pins for weeks and then sleep on it without worrying about consistently posting.

Manually publishing pins can be exhausting – I know the struggle. It becomes even more tiring when you have multiple clients!

Best thing about Tailwind is you have – Tailwind Tribes!

Tailwind Tribes is a group of pinners in the same niche. They will repin your client’s pin and it will help boost it’s views and also repins. 

It’s like a multiplier effect and BOOM – you have a viral pin!


Do you find that designing pins takes a lot of effort and time?

Canva has you covered. It has 1000+ FREE pin templates ready for you to edit!

They offer thousands of stock photos and fonts for you to choose from.

Canva is free to use, but you can unlock extra options with a paid account.

Quick Saving Tip: Sign up with Canva Pro here to get a 30 day free trial. 


If you work in a team, Asana is great for organizing, assigning and setting deadlines for tasks. 

Everything is in one place and you can manage it from your phone as well because there’s an app!

Pinterest Manager FAQs

Have more questions about becoming a Pinterest Manager? Here are some frequently asked questions you might want to check out.

What Is A Pinterest Manager?

A Pinterest manager is also known as a Pinterest virtual assistant (VA) or a Pinterest Strategist.

They manage Pinterest accounts for businesses, e-commerce brands, bloggers, influencers and basically anyone who does not have the time to manage their own Pinterest account.

What Does A Pinterest Manager Do?

Just like the name suggests, Pinterest managers are responsible for managing and growing a client’s Pinterest account.

Some of the responsibilities consist of – pin design, pinning strategy, Pinterest SEO and copywriting strategy, Pinterest ad management and more.

These responsibilities aid in achieving a marketing objective that are most commonly to generate leads, sales or drive traffic.

How Much Does A Pinterest Manager Make?

You can make anywhere from $300-$2000 a month depending on what package you are selling and how many Pinterest management clients you have.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Pinterest Manager?

You can become a Pinterest manager in 2-3 months if you take up a paid course that speeds up your learning process (you save time because you don’t need to trial and error the whole thing).

If you don’t take a course, it can take you anywhere between 6-12 months educating yourself on Pinterest and trying to land a client.

Take Dama as an example! 

She was a student of this Pinterest VA course and is now earning a full time living ($1050) from the comfort of her home or anywhere around the world.

She became a Pinterest manager in within 3 weeks!

To become a Pinterest manager is not very difficult. Although it has a learning curve and some monetary and time investment initially, once you’ve locked down the knowledge and strategies – no one can take that away from you.

Pinterest management is a great skill set to have not only for your clients but to eventually expand your own business – you can most definitely use the platform to market yourself.

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