How To Skyrocket Your Pinterest Monthly Viewers To 20K In Your First Month Of Pinterest

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How To Skyrocket Your Pinterest Monthly Viewers To 20K In Your First Month Of Pinterest

Struggling to grow your pinterest monthly viewers?

This is quite a common fear for pinterest users, especially if you’re a beginner like me! I was so worried when I first started my pinterest account. 

Now, I’m happy to say that I have reached 20,000 monthly viewers on pinterest in the first 30 days of starting my account!

Let’s be realistic, if you are new to Pinterest, there’s no way you’re going to be achieving 1 million monthly viewers in your first couple of months on pinterest.

While I am sure there are people out there who have achieved this kind of results due to their pins going viral, the majority of us will not have it this way.

And that’s okay!

You should want to build a sustainable pinterest strategy, that way you don’t only rely on that one viral pin. 

I’ve put together this article to help you understand what are Pinterest monthly viewers, why they are important, and a step-by-step guide on achieving a realistic amount of monthly viewers on Pinterest.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links which are at NO COST TO YOU. Thank you so much for reading and supporting this blog! I hope this information helps you!


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What Are Pinterest Monthly Viewers?

Pinterest monthly viewers are also known as pinterest monthly impressions. 

When a person scrolls on Pinterest and they lay their eyes on your pin, that is counted as a view or impression. 

Therefore, pinterest monthly viewers means how many people have laid eyes on your published pins or “seen your pin” when browsing on Pinterest in the last 30 days.

Your pins may be viewed on their homepage or on specific search results (this is where pinterest SEO is important – we will explore this later).

Note that Pinterest monthly viewers take into account all pins in your boards so they could also be not just your pins but pins from other users.

Why Does Pinterest Monthly Viewers Matter?

pinterest monthly viewers
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While some users say Pinterest monthly viewers do not matter, many successful pinners strongly disagree and say they DO MATTER. 

Here is why your pinterest monthly viewers matter:

  • It indicates that your pins are being discovered in the pinterest search engine.
  • This means the content or products you pin about are in demand.
  • It proves that your Pinterest SEO strategy is working.
  • It is a sign your pin went viral.
  • It is a sign that your group boards or Tailwind tribes are helping you get exposure.

How To See Monthly Viewers On Pinterest?

There are 3 ways to see your Pinterest monthly views – your profile, business hub and your analytics.

Your Profile

pinterest monthly viewers
Image from Brewing Writer

Business Hub

pinterest monthly viewers
Image from Brewing Writer


pinterest monthly viewers
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How Many Monthly Viewers On Pinterest Are A Good Measurement For Success?

Although Pinterest monthly viewers is an important metrics, it should not be taken as the ONLY indicator for pinterest success. 

What this tells us is that your SEO pinterest strategy or keyword research is working! 

Your pins are getting impressions, which means people are able to find them in the Pinterest search engine.

The more people that find your pins, the higher the probability of your pins getting clicked and therefore you have more traffic going to your website.

Traffic is your main goal on Pinterest. 

Whether you’re a blogger or an e-commerce store, you want people landing on your website so you can monetize your audience in one way or another.

But before they’re able to land on your website, they must be able to discover your pins. 

This is why pinterest monthly views are important to take note of.

Here are some other metrics to take note of when measuring your success on Pinterest:

  • Total Audience – total number of users who have seen and engaged with your pins.
  • Pin clicks – the number of times a user clicked on your pin.
  • Engagement – total number of engagements, including pin clicks and saves.
  • Engaged Audience – number of pinners who engage with your pins
  • Outbound Clicks – number of clicks on the link to your pins.
  • Saves – number of times your pins were saved
  • Followers – people who click the follow button on your Pinterest account.

Do Pinterest Followers Matter?

pinterest monthly viewers
Image by Ekaterina79 from Getty Images


Having followers will give an extra boost to your pinterest monthly viewers since your followers will view it on their homepage.

However, you do not need a big following on pinterest (unlike social media platforms such as Instagram).

This is because the Pinterest algorithm works on its own SEO. 

As long as you SEO optimise your profile and pins, you can get a massive amount of Pinterest monthly viewers.

How I Gained 20K Pinterest Monthly Views In My First Month Of Pinterest (And You Can Too!)

Invest In A Course With Great Reviews

Pinterest can be pretty overwhelming for beginners like myself, so I invested in a course.

Why should you invest in a Pinterest course?

You don’t want to waste your time “figuring things out” – use that time to create quality content instead that offers value to your readers.

You might also want to quickly get into Pinterest so that you can start getting traffic meanwhile waiting for your blog and articles to get out of Google’s Sandbox

Did you know, it takes 6 months for Google to start sending traffic to your SEO optimised articles? 

That’s why people opt for Pinterest in the beginning to get some traffic rather than zero traffic.

I invested in the Pinfluencer Academy which got me 20,000 monthly viewers on Pinterest and 104 clicks to my site in 30 days.

If you’re reading this and thinking – 104 clicks a month isn’t much. You’re right! But note that this is my FIRST month on Pinterest. 

Most people don’t even get ANY clicks in their first month. Clearly, this course has taught me something right!

This course has proven results and has delivered WAY more value than it’s price. 

Here’s what you get:

  • Pinfluencer Academy Course (value $1999)
  • Lifetime Access to Member’s Only FB Group (value $499)
  • Lifetime Access to Course and All Updates (value $999)
  • Bonus: 12 Coaching Calls Replay Vault (value $299)
  • Bonus: 150 Group Boards List (value $99)
  • Bonus: Pin Tracker (value $99)

I’m super careful with my course investments because as a freelance writer, I work very hard for my money! Look at the amount of lessons and length of these lessons!

I can guarantee you that you will not regret investing in this course.

If you can’t invest right now, I suggest you sign up for a FREE one hour training by Shruti Pangtey – coach at the Pinfluencer Academy and learn as much as you can.

Sign Up For A Business Account

pinterest monthly viewers
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What is a Pinterest Business account? 

A Pinterest Business account is a professional account where it represents a brand or a commercial enterprise.

Why Do You Need A Business Account?

A business account tells Pinterest that you are using the platform to grow your business and therefore you get access to tools such as analytics, ads and also get to link your other social media to Pinterest.

Only business accounts have access to analytics and this is important to keep track of your Pinterest monthly viewers and other metrics. 

How To Set Up Your Business Account?

Pinterest business account is FREE. So make sure to sign up here.

Important: make sure you claim your website and social media channels with your Pinterest profile!

This tells Pinterest that you are the rightful owner of those platforms and makes it easier for you to gain visibility on Pinterest.

More information on claiming accounts:

Optimise Your Profile 

pinterest monthly viewers
Image from Brewing Writer

Optimizing your profile on Pinterest is important so people can actually find and view your pins.

Keep in mind that your pinterest account is a reflection of your blog or business. 

Since you are most likely using Pinterest for brand awareness and traffic, your account should match your blog or business. 

Here’s how you can maximise optimization for your Pinterest profile:

  • Your username should be your blog or business name.
  • Add niche keywords to your profile name for Pinterest SEO (you can see mine has book community related keywords)
  • Add a welcoming profile picture of yourself (smile!) or your business logo.
  • Sprinkle keywords from your niche as a Pinterest SEO tip in your bio.

Add Rich Pins

pinterest monthly viewers
Image by Brett Jordan from Pexels

Rich pins are important to activate for two reasons:

  • When someone saves a pin from your blog or website to pinterest, relevant data such as pin title and description will be autogenerated.
  • This also helps link Google SEO to Pinterest SEO and therefore your content will be more visible on both these search engines.

To apply for rich pins, you can find out more here.

Pinterest Keyword Research

Keyword research here is important to identify the “demand” of topics or products so you know what to “supply”.

So how do you find these in-demand topics or products so you can create content/sell them and create pins around them?

Your answer is Pinterest SEO research also known as keyword research.

Let’s hop into the two keyword research methods for Pinterest.

pinterest monthly viewers
Image by Brewing Writer

Note: this tool might not be available in your country at the moment. If so, skip to method 2.

Pinterest trends tool gives us data on what are the current trending topics on the platform. 

This helps bloggers and businesses understand which products or content to create.

Because it is a trends tool, it is easy to see which keywords are having high search volumes and when exactly are people searching using these keywords. 

pinterest monthly viewers
Image by Brewing Writer

If you’re thinking of selling products or creating content around seasons, this tool is going to help you understand when should you create the content and what keywords should you use in your pins.

Let’s take Christmas as an example.

Here are two keywords: Christmas wedding and Christmas wedding ideas.

You can see that although these two keywords are pretty closely related, Christmas wedding has a higher search volume when compared to Christmas wedding ideas.

This means you should target the more general keyword – Christmas wedding.

You can also tell that there is a spike in both these keywords from November till end of December and once January hits, there is a tremendous drop in search volume.

This tells you that you should create content/products and publish these pins way before November (perhaps in the first or second quarter of the year)

Pinfluencer Academy walks you through the whole process. You’ll learn how to read this graphs, compare keywords and more. 

Method 2: Audience Insights

pinterest monthly viewers
Image from Brewing Writer

This is one of the reasons you must sign up for a business account, so that you can access audience insights.

In audience insights, you will be able to see popular categories and interests that your audience is constantly searching for.

These are important keywords for you to target. You can create content or products around them.

Example: Finance is category 17.1% of my audience is interested in and financial planning is a potential keyword as it is one of their interests.

These are also good keywords to name your boards.

Besides these two briefly explained methods, Pinfluencer Academy does give us a keyword hack masterclass which helps you find the best keywords. 

Together, all this should help you to start your content and pin creation

Create Fresh Pins

pinterest monthly viewers
Image from Brewing Writer

In 2020, Pinterest declared that the most prominent way of growing you account and Pinterest monthly viewers is by pinning FRESH PINS.

What Are Fresh Pins?

A fresh pin is an image or video that has never been uploaded on Pinterest and therefore it is “fresh”.

A fresh pin is still considered “fresh” although you use the same URL linked to the pin and the same description. 

If you’re struggling to find fresh images everyday, Canva has thousands of free graphics. 

I love using Canva as it also has many ready to use pinterest templates so you save time and don’t have to start designing from scratch.

To be honest, I wouldn’t have been able to create pins without Canva and therefore wouldn’t have been able to get any views. 

This is definitely a tool I recommend.

Quick Saving Tip: Sign up with Canva Pro here to get a 30 day free trial. 

Here’s what I found worked best: you should also not spam a pin to all your group boards. 5-10 repins is considered a healthy amount of repins.

So the more fresh pins you create, the more Pinterest’s algorithm will push your content out to users. 

This means your Pinterest monthly viewers should increase. 

How many fresh pins do I pin in a day?

This is the tricky part.

Depending on your:

  • content,
  • niche,
  • how many landing pages or blog posts you have.

The answer is going to vary. 

The bare minimum (I did this to get 20K Pinterest monthly views) would be to pin 3-5 pins a day.

Eventually, when you have more content and more time, you should pin 10-15 pins a day.

Design Viral Fresh Pins

The most easiest and commonly used website to design pins would be Canva.

It has all the Pinterest size templates you need and thousands of templates to choose from. 

Plus there are thousands of pictures for you to easily swap to create and publish pins consistently.

You can even create video pins (animation feature on Canva – this will help boost your pinterest monthly viewers)

Quick Saving Tip: Sign up with Canva Pro here to get a 30 day free trial. 

Canva is only $7.13 (RM29.90) per month and $1.43 (RM5.98) per month when you share the account with 5 people. 

I had a few of my pins that went viral! Mostly thanks to Pinfluencer Academy’s viral pin formula that’s exclusive for course members only.

However, I have some tips to share on what kind of pin designs worked for me:

  • Pins with bright and warm coloured designs (red, pink, orange)
  • Pins with 2-3 different fonts (one professional font and one creative font minimum)
  • 2:3 Ratio or 1000×1500 pixels pins  
  • SEO keywords in the headline of the pin.

SEO Optimise Boards and Pins

Board SEO

pinterest monthly viewers
Image from Brewing Writer

After using both Pinterest keyword research methods (methods 1 and 2) above, you should come up with 10-15 boards where the title is the keyword itself. 

Eg: If Christmas wedding is a keyword you want to rank for, then create a board with “Christmas wedding” as it’s name. Do also put this keyword in the board description.


pinterest monthly viewers
Image from Brewing Writer

When publishing your pin, it must be SEO optimised for users to easily discover your pin. 

Let’s take one of my pins for example. 

The main keyword here is “bookstagram name ideas”. 

Here is where you should place this keyword:

  • In the visual itself.
  • In the headline or title.
  • In the description.
  • In the alt text.

As for your pinterest description, try to use up all 500 characters. 

You want to include the main keyword (eg: bookstagram name ideas) and you would also want to include secondary keywords (eg: )

Pinfluencer academy goes more in depth and walks you through the steps to optimise your pin and boards. 

The course also has a board clean up strategy which is important to learn as you grow on Pinterest or things may get messy.

Pinning Strategy  

This is where your pins can go crazy viral!

To maximise reach and therefore increase your Pinterest monthly viewers, you should save these pins to group boards on Pinterest and Tailwind Tribes.

Group Boards On Pinterest

pinterest monthly viewers
Image from Brewing Writer

Group boards have hundreds or even thousands of contributors. 

These are basically boards in your niche that many people pin to.

To find these boards you can check out pingroupie.com

Be sure to follow the board instructions on how to join and what you can and cannot pin so you don’t get kicked out! 

Tip: Send a minimum of 10 requests per month because not all boards will accept you and those who do, make take days or weeks before they get back to you

Tailwind Tribes

pinterest monthly viewers
Image from Brewing Writer

Note: this is a strategy you cannot use if you don’t have Tailwind. Tailwind has a 30 day FREE trial where you have access to 30 submissions. 

Basically, if you’re adding 1 pin per day to each tribe, that’s gonna be 30 pins per month which is free in your free plan.

What are Tailwind Tribes?

It is a group of high-quality influencers in your niche that are pinning their pins while sharing other pinners pins as well.

Why are Tailwind Tribes important?

When pinning their pin, they must share a pin (here you have potential for your pin to be shared by these influencers)

This helps because your pins can be exposed to their already engaged audience. Your pin has a way higher chance to go viral now! 

You can see in the image above that I got 8 re-shares and that increased my reach by 1.2K!

I have seen many big bloggers on these Tailwind Tribes, I guess now we know one of their secrets of success on Pinterest!

Analyze What Works and What Doesn’t

pinterest monthly viewers
Image from Brewing Writer

After a few weeks of using Pinterest, you can dive into analytics and look into your top performing pins and boards. 

From here on, you’re most likely to understand what are the types of pins that are getting impressions, saves and outbound clicks.

Once you know which pins are getting attention, just keep creating those type of pins using Canva and publish pins everyday.

This will definitely increase your Pinterest monthly views and therefore a higher chance for your pins to be clicked on.

To gain many Pinterest monthly viewers is not as difficult as you think. Just follow these exact steps, I did it and so can you. 

I highly recommend for you to check out Pinterest Academy, this is only the beginning and i’ve already seen growth in not only my Pinterest monthly viewers but also traffic.

Hope this helps!

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