Pinterest VA Beginner Guide: Everything You Need To Know 

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Pinterest VA Beginner Guide: Everything You Need To Know 

Pinterest VA is a remote work role that is highly in demand.

This demand is about to skyrocket as businesses realise that there is a growth of 250 million users on Pinterest, every month. 

Which means their consumers are actively scrolling on Pinterest!

Although there is a high supply of virtual assistants, there are fewer Pinterest virtual assistants in the market.

What does this mean for you?

If you are looking to become a Pinterest VA, this is the perfect timing to learn all the skills you need and START offering your services as a Pinterest VA.

This article teaches you on what is a Pinterest VA, whether your business needs a Pinterest VA, how to become a Pinterest VA and the pros and cons that come with it!

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What Is A Pinterest VA?

pinterest va
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Pinterest VA is short for Pinterest Virtual Assistant. 

Pinterest Virtual Assistants are also known as Pinterest Managers or Pinterest Strategists.

They manage Pinterest accounts for businesses, e-commerce brands, bloggers, influencers and basically anyone who does not have the time to manage their own Pinterest account.

Pinterest is important to many businesses, bloggers, or anyone who makes an income because Pinterest Marketing is a sub niche in Digital Marketing.

So just like how most businesses hire a social media manager, ad purchase team, copywriter and more, they might need to hire someone who is an expert on Pinterest too!

What Does A Pinterest VA Do?

pinterest va
Image by Dean Drabot

If you’re wondering what does a Pinterest virtual assistant do, you might be surprised that they actually do a lot of different things on Pinterest.

There is more to Pinterest management than just designing and pinning pins. 

Here are some common Pinterest virtual assistant services: 

1. Pinterest Monthly Account Management 

Pinterest monthly account management is probably the most expensive service offered.

It is also the most in-demand service because business people are busy and would like to outsource daily and weekly tasks to a Pinterest manager.

This may include:

  • Creating pins
  • Writing pin copies/descriptions
  • Pin strategy
  • Pin scheduling (use tailwind to make it easier)
  • Monthly analysis and report.

Yes, it does sound like a lot of things to do in a month, therefore it is priced the most expensive. 

For example, a monthly pinterest package might cost $400-$600 while a Pinterest VA who is only focusing on Pin designs or Pin descriptions might charge $50.

To be honest, once you have a handful of clients that pay for this package, you can level up from a Pinterest virtual assistant to a Pinterest marketing agency. 

2. Pin Creation/Design

This is a great service to provide as a beginner Pinterest VA.


Because there are 1000+ free Pinterest templates on Canva that you can customise for your client.

Best part about this service is that you do not need to have design skills. The templates are good to go. 

All you have to do is switch your images, change some fonts and colours and you’re done!

Save your time and earn more by doing this with customizable templates! 

But if they are so easy to do, why do clients hire a Pinterest VA?

Great question – because it is tedious and business owners have a lot of other tedious tasks to focus on. 

They can’t be spending 3-4 hours to batch pin designs. They rather pay someone for it. 

When I first started designing with Canva, this youtube channel taught me a lot on how to be more creative with designing. 

Although you may not need this, this free resource could be handy.

Bonus tip: Increase your prices for Pinterest Video pins as they take more time and effort to create. You can also use Canva to create animations which are considered video pin.

3. Pinterest Account Set Up 

Yes – this is a legit service!

Setting up your account the wrong way can cause your pins to not show up on Pinterest due to the algorithm.

So if you are not sure how to set up a business account that is Pinterest SEO optimized, it is best to hire a Pinterest VA that offers this service.

Setting up a Pinterest account includes:

  • Signing up for a business account
  • Optimizing Pinterest name and bio
  • Claiming official business website and social media
  • Adding rich pins
  • Creating initial boards and optimizing them

4. Pinterest Account Audit

As for this Pinterest VA service, you will need to have some level of experience before being able to audit Pinterest accounts.

Some people may start their Pinterest account without understanding what they’re doing. 

Overtime, their account can get messy and this might also be the reason why Pinterest isn’t working so well for them.

Here’s where a Pinterest VA steps in, to audit their account and give them feedback on what they should be doing to further grow on Pinterest and what they should stop doing.

For this service, you need to know how to analyze their account optimization and pin optimization.

You will also need to understand the analytics feature on Pinterest.

5. Pinterest Strategy Consultation

This Pinterest VA service requires you some experience.

Also, know that Pinterest strategy consultation is slightly different from Pinterest account audit

Pinterest strategy consultation does not require you to audit your client’s account, although you may have to do it for yourself to come up with a strategy. 

Or it could be a client who has not started a Pinterest account yet and wants a customized strategy so that they do not waste time “figuring things out”.

6. Pinterest Copywriting

Pinterest copywriting includes the following tasks:

  • Pin description + SEO optimize it
  • Pin title
  • Alt text

So if you’re someone who is not interested in design, or have the time to offer major pinterest services – copywriting can be a good option (especially for you freelance writers out there)

7. Pinterest Ad and Campaign Management

A pinterest VA in this service area does the following:

  • Pinterest pin promotion
  • Campaign set up (including campaign objective)
  • Set campaign budget
  • Identify target audience and demographic
  • Strategise which pins to promote and which to avoid.

A Pinterest VA is Not A Social Media Manager!

pinterest va
Image by Lisa Fotios from pexels

Here it is important to understand that Pinterest is not a social media platform but a virtual search engine.

This means the job scope for a Pinterest virtual assistant might be different when compared to a social media manager. 

Here are the differences between a Pinterest VA and a social media manager:

  • Pinterest VA strives for sales or outbound link clicks, while a social media manager tends to focus on creating engaging content.
  • Pinterest VA might need to know about SEO while a social media manager does not necessarily need to.
  • Pinterest VA does not have a community to manage, social media manager has a community to manage – reply to their inquiries.

However, there are some similarities between a Pinterest VA and a social media manager:

  • They both need to create a strategy to achieve an objective
  • They both might need to have basic design skills (eg: like using Canva)
  • They both have to analyze what works and what doesn’t
  • They both might have to do copywriting (pin descriptions and social media captions)

Can a social media manager be a Pinterest VA?

Yes! As a social media manager, you already have a lot in common with a Pinterest virtual assistant. 

However, there are a few things you need to learn because Pinterest is not a social media platform, it is a visual search engine.

Does Your Business Need A Pinterest VA?

If you’re a business owner reading this, you might have been stumbling upon the idea of hiring someone to help you with Pinterest.

(and if you are an aspiring Pinterest VA, you might want to read this section to understand your client’s pain points)

So, how do you know for sure if you should hire a Pinterest VA?

  • You don’t have the time to design pins and create a monthly pinning strategy.
  • You don’t have any knowledge on Pinterest Marketing.
  • You don’t like dealing with SEO and don’t know much about it.
  • You don’t know how to set up Pinterest ad campaigns.
  • You can’t figure out what’s working and what’s not working. 

Pros And Cons Of Being A Pinterest VA. 

Here are some benefits on why being a Pinterest VA is for you:


Working Remotely

Being a Pinterest VA requires you to have your laptop and you can work from anywhere around the world.

Sounds dreamy? You can travel and make money online!

Owning Your Business

You’re not working for one person. You’re working for yourself and therefore do not have to limit the number of clients you wish to take on.

Once you have a certain amount of clients, you can also hire a team of Pinterest virtual assistants and start your own Pinterest marketing agency. How cool is that?

Flexible Working Hours

Besides working remotely, you do not need to work from 9-5pm (unless you schedule meetings with your clients who may work during that time).

You can work anytime you wish, may it be midnight or 3am in the morning. It really is up to you.

Because it is so flexible, you can have multiple side hustles and not only become a Pinterest VA! Such as being a freelance writer and also a Pinterest VA.

Besides, you can actually work a day job and make Pinterest VA a side hustle.

This is also a great job for stay at home moms. 

Here are some disadvantages of being a Pinterest VA:


Learning Curve

Being a Pinterest VA is not a super common freelance or remote work role. 

Naturally, there will be a lot for you to research and learn about.

You will have to learn about:

  • Setting up a Pinterest account
  • Pin Design
  • Pin Descriptions
  • Pinterest SEO and keyword research
  • Pinterest analytics
  • Understanding group boards
  • Pinning and Tailwind Strategy

Honestly, the list goes on – especially if you are new to Pinterest and if you’re not a Pinterest user yourself.

You Don’t Like Being Your Own Boss

Being an entrepreneur, starting your own business or freelancing fulltime is not for everyone. 

You might like a 9-5 job that gives you a stable income and other employee benefits and that is totally okay. 

You might not also like to juggle a fulltime job and a side hustle – some people just find it more difficult than others.

You have to be true to yourself by acknowledging that.

If that’s the case, then being a Pinterest VA might not be for you.

Having To Experiment 

If you’re not someone who does not like a challenge, to experimenting or to innovate, being a Pinterest VA might not be with you.

Every Pinterest account is going to be different. 

Their brand, niche, content, products and target audience are going to vary and you will have to trial and error some strategies before you find the right one.

How Do I Become A Pinterest VA?

To become a Pinterest VA or to fulfill any role at all, the first thing you must have is – knowledge.

You must learn not only the fundamentals of how Pinterest works but also on how to get clients, retain them and grow your Pinterest virtual assistant business. 

Think of this as a BUSINESS. 

You will have to invest time, energy and also money (initial capital investment) to set the right foundation for your Pinterest virtual assistant business.

This means, you might have to invest in Pinterest courses and applications such as Canva and Tailwind

Bonus tip: To minimise risk, try out – Tailwind Trial and Canva Pro Trial

Free Pinterest VA Courses You Should Dive Into:

Paid Pinterest VA Courses To Stand Out From Others:

Personally, Pinfluencer Academy has helped me grow my Pinterest to the point where i’m getting clicks everyday to my website (which is my objective for using Pinterest).

I would recommend this course because it taught me the fundamentals of Pinterest and helped me gain 20,000 Pinterest Monthly Viewers in 30 days.

This course also has a masterclass on how to become a Pinterest VA.

With this knowledge and proven success, I can most definitely become a Pinterest VA and help other people gain Pinterest success.

If you aren’t sure about investing in this course, take their free masterclass to learn as much as you can – 3 Secrets To Skyrocket Your Pinterest Traffic

How Much Does A Pinterest VA Make?

Well it depends on how you price your pinterest packages and level of experience.

As a beginner, you can make $15-$25 per hour, as your experience increases, this can go up to $100 per hour.

You can most definitely earn a full time income from being a Pinterest VA.

Take Dama as an example! 

She was a student of this Pinterest VA course and is now earning a full time living ($1050) from the comfort of her home or anywhere around the world.

It’s just admirable that she went from nothing to a solopreneur within 3 weeks!

Where To Find Pinterest VA Jobs?

pinterest va
Image by Savanevich Viktar

There are various sources to find Pinterest VA jobs:

Facebook Groups 

Join facebook groups to find clients. In the beginning, you will have to showcase that you are an expert by giving free advise and genuinely trying to help people.

Build a good repo with people and they might just hire you or even refer you to someone they know.

Freelancing Websites

Freelance websites such as Upwork, Fiverr and Freelancer.com are great ways to start finding Pinterest VA jobs. 

This is an easy way for beginners to get some Pinterest VA clients because there is already a demand on these platforms.

Paid Program Community Groups

If you join paid pinterest courses, they usually have a community group of like-minded individuals.

Or sometimes you don’t need to take the course, but you pay for a membership and other tools that will elevate your Pinterest VA business, just like this one.

Usually when someone in the group has a Pinterest VA opportunity and is unable to take that on, they will post about it in the group for anyone to jump on the opportunity.

Bonus tip: these courses might have a facebook page that regularly update and educate you on Pinterest


LinkedIn is not only a place to secure full-time jobs. It is a great platform to find clients for your Pinterest VA business if you know how to optimise your Linkedin profile so clients can find you.

Instead of clients finding you, you can always approach them via Linkedin.

Bonus tip: Have a consistent content marketing strategy on Linkedin and you definitely will get some leads. As a content marketer, I’ve done this successfully for my clients.

And this completes the Pinterest VA beginner guide! This has definitely helped me grow my Pinterest account and get leads to become a Pinterest VA and I hope this does the same for you!

As an experienced freelancer, being a Pinterest virtual assistant is one of the best freelance or remote work jobs out there. 

If this Pinterest VA guide has helped you, feel free to reach out to me or comment below! Would love to hear your thoughts!

Pinterest VA Beginner Guide: Everything You Need To Know 

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