Summer Reading Challenge For Adults + FREE Printable (2023)

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Flowers are in full bloom and the sun is sky high. Summer is here, and so is the summer reading challenge for adults!

Summer welcomes us with a warm embrace from the sun. It is a season of being carefree, energetic and at times, adventures.

This summer, catch up on your reading goals by having a lazy day at the beach or bring a long your book as you embark on an adventurous holiday with this easy summer reading challenge!

summer reading challenge for adults

If you missed out on the spring reading challenge, don’t worry! You’re just in time to join us for summer.

For each month in summer (June, July and August) there’s a super easy theme to follow and all you have to do is read one book that suits the theme! 

In this blog post, you’ll also get a bookstagram story template to make the challenge more fun!

Summer Reading Challenge For Adults

Easily overwhelmed by reading challenges? This reading challenge will do the exact opposite!

This Summer reading challenge for adults is really easy because of its low commitment. One theme a month, one book a month.

Most of us adults have busy schedules, piling TBRs, family and friend commitments. This challenge will be super easy to fit into your hectic daily routine or even your holidays!

The books for this challenge does not have to be set in Summer, it just has to be relevant to the spring theme set every month.


Summer reading challenge theme for the month of June:

  • A book set in a destination you want to visit

Yep, this month’s summer reading prompt is any destination you want to visit.

May it be a country you’ve never visited before, or an island you desire to return to for a sunny holiday!

The books don’t have to be set in Summer time (like I said, this challenge is fairly easy for busy adults who want to start reading again or anyone that’s overwhelmed with reading challenges)

Here is a list of books set in a specific destination to inspire your book pick of the month:

My Choice of Book: Kamusari Tales Told At Night by Shion Miura

summer reading challenge for adults


Summer reading challenge theme for the month of July:

  • A book with summer/sun in its title

This month’s summer reading challenge is fairly easy for busy adults. Pick a book with the title summer in it! If you can’t find one that sparks your interest, go with a book with the word “sun” in it.

Book recommendations for this month’s summer reading prompt:

Read More: 25 Books With Summer In The Title For Your Sunny Holiday

My Choice of Book: (to be revealed soon)


Summer reading challenge theme for the month of July:

  • A book set on a beach/island

And of course, we cannot have a summer reading challenge without a beachy read that makes us want to hop onto the next flight boarding to an island we’ve never been to before, only to sip on cocktails while listening to the sounds of waves.

Sounds dreamy? You bet!

Escape with these list of books:

My Choice of Book: (to be revealed soon)

How To Join: Summer Reading Challenge For Adults

It’s really easy to join me and thousands of readers who visit my blog in this summer reading challenge!

Step 1: Sign Up To My Email List For Your Summer Reading Printable

Be sure to sign up and receive a free summer reading printable pack!

Additionally to that, you’ll get emails from me once a week, checking in on your summer reading challenge progress.

These emails are super short and NOT SPAMMY. They often consist of free printables and bookstagram templates too!


Step 2: Use The Summer Reading Challenge For Adults Printable Or Bookstagram Story

An easy way to track your summer reading challenge is to use the freebies I provide via this post or subscribing to my email list.

Don’t forget to tag me on IG or reply to my emails! I reply to every single one of you!

Summer Reading Challenge Bookstagram Story Template

summer reading challenge for adults

To make this challenge more fun and memorable, there’s a bookstagram story template you can save and post on your story. It’s also a cool way to track your reading. 

(Tip: save all your stories in a highlight on reading challenges so you can reflect on it at the end of the year)

Wrap Up: Summer Reading Challenge For Adults (2023)

I hope this super easy summer reading challenge for adults help you with your reading goals.

Tag me in your story, I’d love to see the books you pick out for each month!

Summer Reading Challenge For Adults Printable


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  1. Oh! This is so fun and creative! I miss summer reading challenges from my childhood, so doing something like this would be a great way to incorporate that feeling into my adult life, especially during my least favorite season when I need a mood-boost!

    1. Yess! I’m doing this because I want to add some fun to my reading never-ending reading list! Hope to do this for all seasons. 🙂

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