Review: The Beginning After The End Manga

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Review: The Beginning After The End Manga

The Beginning After The End Manga is a popular story being viewed millions of times on Tapas.

This manga is based on The Beginning After the End light novel by creator TurtleMe and artist Fuyuki23

This manga is about a boy who finds himself in a new world but retains the memories of his past life.

This plot resembles a trope popularized in Japanese manga, anime, and light novels known as isekai

The story revolves around a character who is sent to another universe upon their death and uses the memories they have retained from their past life to survive in their new home. 

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The Beginning After The End Manga Information

the beginning after the end
Image from Tapas

Original story and script: TurtleMe

Artist: Duta Permana (Fuyuki23

Webtoon Creators: TurtleMe, Fuyuki23

Editors: Gabby Luu, Tessa Yadawapturi, Rakaputra Paputungan

Quality Control: Kisai Entertainment

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Comedy 

Translated Languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Mandarin, French

Status: ongoing (updates every Fri on Tapas


Light Novel:The Beginning After the End 

Audiobook: The Beginning After the End: Publisher’s Pack

Where To Read The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After The End manga has been translated to many languages and is available on a number of sites in their respective languages. For the English version, you can find it on Tapas here

Tapas is a digital reading app where you can purchase an artist’s light novel or webcomic with Tapas inks (in-app currency). Users can buy inks from The Ink shop or watch ads to earn free inks. 

Readers can also purchase the kindle version from Amazon or choose to listen to the audiobook instead.

There are also other special offers you can use to get them. 

Other than Tapas The Beginning After the End manhwa is also available on Kakaopage (Korean translation), Piccoma (Japanese translation), Comico (Thai translation), Kuaikanmanhua (Mandarin translation), and Delitoon (French translation)


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The Beginning After The End Summary

Summary: King Grey has unrivaled strength, wealth, and prestige in a world governed by martial ability. However, solitude lingers closely behind those with great power. Beneath the glamorous exterior of a powerful king lurks the shell of man, devoid of purpose and will. Reincarnated into a new world filled with magic and monsters, the king has a second chance to relive his life. Correcting the mistakes of his past will not be his only challenge, however. Underneath the peace and prosperity of the new world is an undercurrent threatening to destroy everything he has worked for, questioning his role and reason for being born again as Arthur Leywin.

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What I Liked About The Beginning After The End

the beginning after the end
Image from animenewsandfacts

1. Limited Plot Holes

The Beginning After The End manga is set in a completely different fantasy world, I was worried that there would be many plot holes and loss of context. 

This was not the case with this manga. In episode 2, the creators have provided a map of the continent of Dicathen (world building). 

This includes images of:

  • Kingdom of Elenoir (elf kingdom)
  • Kingdom of Darv (dwarf kingdom)
  • Kingdom of Sapin (human kingdom)

Another example is the explanation of the mana core and how Arthur had a good understanding of it despite being transmigrated. 

Arthur used his mana core well because he had mastered ki in his past life.

I liked how this was explained and it was not him simply just being lucky.

This is is often the case in other transmigration/isekai mangas.

I liked that this manga had many ranking systems. Systems such as the mana core cultivation ranking and adventure rank made it easier to track Arthur’s strength.

It showed how much he had to grow and how strong he already was. I enjoyed this aspect because his strength was not just a miraculous main character buff.

The Beginning After The End webtoon creators left very little unexplained and avoided plot holes by doing so. 

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2. The Details Of The Art Made A Difference

The Beginning After The End webtoon has very comprehensive fight scenes.

The way the characters move through the fight sequences is precise from the impact of their attack to their fight stances. 

I enjoyed the way the artist used close-ups often to zoom in on character expressions and highlight fight-winning movements. I was able to fully engross myself in these scenes because they felt realistic. 

The artist also put a lot of effort into depicting the different Kingdoms. 

It is not uncommon for webtoons to model different locations from different inspirations, but I think this manga has a more detailed approach to portraying them.

The artist focused on the lush forest environment and the fantastical aspects of the Kingdom of Elenoir. Whereas the Kingdom of Sapin was modeled more closely after medieval architecture and grand castles. 

For the Kingdom of Darv, the artist primarily focused heavily on muddy textures to depict the underground kingdom. 

3. Characters Are Well Explored

The Beginning After The End manhwa creators spared no expense when it came to characters.

Each character has a distinct personality with their own weaknesses and strengths. 

For example, Tessia Eralith is written as a happy girl who is doted on heavily by her family. Despite this, she is incredibly lonely and attaches herself to Arthur. 

Another good example is the character of Jasmine Flamesworth. She is written as an incredibly strong and cold character. It is revealed later she is just shy and that her weakness is her family. 

Just like these characters, I have not encountered a character that was flat and one-dimensional.

This really made reading the manga fun as the other characters were not written as an afterthought just to make the main character look good. 

A good example of this is Lucas Wykes. At first, he is written as an immature boastful character that contrasts Arthur’s maturity and consideration. 

4. Storytelling

Episodes ranged from 40-50+ pages long, the creators had ample space to explore story arcs fully. 

In one episode there would be a lot to unpack but by the end of it, you would still be wanting to know more. I think this is a difficult balance to achieve.

I was very appreciative that the long episodes made it impossible for me to misunderstand what was going on. And there was still enough suspense that kept me coming back to discover more. 

This manga is definitely a well-balanced story. There were a lot of silly jokes and good humor but also complex tragedies that kept me on my toes. These moments did not feel forced and were natural. 

SPOILER ALERT: This part contains a spoiler, please skip to avoid spoiling this webtoon for you.

An example of this is when Arthur joins a group of experienced adventurers for an expedition. 

In this expedition unexpected incidents such as their leader losing his arm occurs. But after we have a short and sweet moment where a fellow adventurer shares a sandwich his fiance made with Arthur. 

This moment struck me because it did not feel forced. Instead, it just highlighted how dangerous the world was and how quickly the characters had to adapt to it.

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What I Did Not Like About The Beginning After The End

I am going, to be honest, there was very little I did not like about The Beginning After The End manga. If I had to pick a few things these are some of them. 

1. Little Family Focus

The way the story begins highlights that Arthur in his previous life was a lonely person. He had immense power but was surrounded by enemies and not by loved ones. 

This was why I was very disappointed we did not get to see more of the Leywin family’s interactions as Arthur grew. Understandably it is because Arthur was intent on getting power to be able to protect his family. 

But personally, it made me feel sorry for Arthur’s character because even though he had a second chance to have a family, he was unable to enjoy it. 

Arthur seemed to rely solely on himself and did not share his struggles with his family despite them being there for him. This was especially disappointing because I had initially picked up this webtoon thinking it would be more family-focused. 

SPOILER ALERT: This part contains a spoiler, please skip to avoid spoiling this webtoon for you.

An example where I was most disappointed was when Arthur and his family were forced apart when he was still a small child. They were separated for almost 5 years. 

Even though they were reunited it did not last long because Arthur left to be an adventurer. Because of this we did not get to see Arthur growing up with his family around him. 

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2. Tessia And Arthur’s Hint Of Romance  

So far in my reading, this romance has not been confirmed but due to both of their strong attachments to one another, it seems heavily insinuated. 

Arthur being Tessia’s first real friend she strongly does not want to let him go.

Like I previously mentioned I initially picked up The Beginning After The End manhwa because I thought it was a family-focused action manhwa. 

Although I really enjoyed having female characters like Tessia, I wanted their relationship to remain platonic.

Personally, I see no romantic chemistry between them and was excited for an opposite-gender friendship that did not end in romance. 

That being said, if the relationship were to bloom into a romance, I wouldn’t mind.

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Favourite Characters

Because this webtoon is adapted from The Beginning After The End novel, the characters are all well thought up and described. This translates well into the manga and made it tough to pick just one favorite. 

So, here are my top 4 favorite characters from The Beginning After The End Manga. 

1. Arthur Leywin 

the beginning after the end
Image by fuyuki23

I really liked Arthur’s maturity in the story. Because he was mentally older than the body he was in, we as readers get a more in-depth description of what he feels as he understands it. 

There were many moments where because of Arthur’s maturity he was able to convey his feelings accordingly. A particular moment I enjoyed was when Arthur told his parents to not blame themselves for an incident that occurred. 

Normally a child would not be able to notice his parents’ feelings and be able to comfort them appropriately. 

This made Arthur seem like a considerate child as well as shows us that he comprehends complex feelings. 

2. Rey Leywin 

the beginning after the end
Image from tbate

In the manga, Arthur describes Rey as having ‘A strong blue gaze and goofy smile that brightens even the dullest of days. His silly quips and simple nature at home, severely at odds with his charisma as a leader and a fighter.

This was the same impression he left on me. At first, I saw him as a silly dad but later I realized the extent he would go to protect his family. 

There were many lovable moments where he was a goofy father, there were also many where he was sensible and smart. 

3. Alice Leywin

the beginning after the end
Image from tbate

Aside from him I also fell in love with Alice. 

Arthur describes her as having ‘glowing auburn hair and sun-kissed complexion radiating warmth. Her thin brows always knitted together worrying about me.’ 

The way she was able to be both a strict and kind mother made me smile. I love the attention and love she poured into her child. I could easily see how she was a great mother which made the bond between her and Arthur even more powerful. 

I could not get enough of the Rey x Alice scenes, they were so precious and their love really stood out in the manga. 

4. Jasmine Flamesworth

the beginning after the end
Image from tbate

Lastly, if I ever get a chance to meet a character from this manga in real life I would want to meet Jasmine.

She is a strong female character who is powerful but not afraid to show weakness.

I liked how when she was asked what was bothering her she often spoke about it instead of hiding it. 

The way they made her expressive in her own way despite not showcasing as many expressions as some of the other characters made her more realistic to me. 

This was because not everyone is able to be as expressive with themselves but it does not mean they do not have the capacity to. 

As you can see even in my 4 picks these characters have varying personalities. I really liked the range of characters The Beginning After The End manga had to offer. 

They were amazing and really made the comic all the more fun. 

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Final Thoughts

The Beginning After The End manga was definitely a whirlwind to read. It was incredibly enjoyable. I loved every moment of it. I appreciated that this story was complex and had characters that were memorable. 

This is the kind of manga I would recommend to anyone wanting a gripping fantasy story that has as much action as it has humor. 

Although I do not know much about The Beginning After The End light novel I do think that because this manga is a close adaptation of it, the story was very well established and planned.

If you enjoy the same things I do as explained in this article I think you could not go wrong reading The Beginning After The End Manga. I highly recommend it! 

Review: The Beginning After The End Manga

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