Guide to Twisted Series Age Rating

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The Twisted Series by Ana Huang has taken BookTok by storm. However, books written in this series are not always suitable for young readers such as pre-teens and teens.

twisted series age rating\

If you’re planning to get the Twisted Series by Ana Huang for a loved one, it’s best to check this guide for it’s age rating before making your purchase.

This list breaks down all four books by Ana Huang according to age ratings.

What You Need To Know About Ana Huang’s Twisted Series

Ana Huang, a New York Times bestselling author is known for her contemporary romance with alpha heroes, strong heroines, and plenty of spice in her books.

With that being said, some of her characters are morally grey. Besides, there’s also use of strong language and violence being portrayed.

Be sure to check out the Twisted series trigger warnings before picking up a book for yourself or a loved one.

All of Ana Huang’s books from the Twisted Series have an age rating of 18+.

However, if you’re planning to pick this book up for someone below the ages of 18, it is best to consider the below factors:

  1. Maturity Level: Is the reader mature enough to handle adult themes? Know the reader well enough to understand if this book will make a positive or negative impact on them.
  2. Parental Approval: Have you gotten the parent or guardian’s approval before gifting one of these books to their child?
  3. Educational Aspect: Mature books can offer educational value. However, it is still important to know the person you’re buying the book for well enough to understand how the book will impact them in the long-run as well as get their parents/guardian’s permission.
  4. Closed-Door Modification: Take note of spicy chapters in the series so that the young reader can skip those chapters for a spice-free reading experience.

Twisted Series by Ana Huang: Age Ratings

Twisted Love Age Rating

Ava Chen finds her world shaken when her brother Josh asks his best friend, Alex Volkov, to watch over her while he’s abroad. Despite their initial misunderstandings, Ava and Alex spend increasing amounts of time together, unraveling their own personal demons along the way which soon makes them fall for each other.

Age Rating: 18+

Twisted Games Age Rating

twisted series age rating

Princess Bridget von Ascheberg’s life takes an unexpected turn when her brother abdicates the throne, thrusting her into a role she never desired. However, things get messy when she starts having feelings for her new bodyguard, ex-Navy SEAL Rhys Larsen.

Age Rating: 18+

Twisted Hate Age Rating

twisted series age rating

In Twisted Hate, Josh Chen, a busy medical resident, finds himself unable to shake thoughts of Jules Ambrose from his mind. Despite his usual charm, Jules remains unswayed, much to Josh’s frustration.

To rid himself of his persistent thoughts, Josh proposes a friends-with-benefits arrangement, but as Jules navigates her law career and internship at Josh’s hospital, avoiding him becomes increasingly challenging.

Age Rating: 18+

Twisted Lies Age Rating

Billionaire Christian Harper finds himself breaking his own rules when he meets shy social media star Stella Alonso. Despite their differences, Christian lowers rent for Stella and her friend Jules at The Mirage, but their safety becomes a pressing concern when Stella’s stalker resurfaces.

Age Rating: 18+

Wrap-Up: Twisted Series Age Rating

This list of Twisted books by age rating informs you on which books are suitable

In conclusion, all Ana Huang books are recommended for readers 18 and up. However, if a young reader would like to explore the following books, it is best for parents/guardians to be aware of the content warnings.

Taking note of spicy chapters in the Twisted books can also help with content modification.

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