Twisted Series In Order (Ultimate Guide)

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Since everyone has been talking about the Twisted series on bookstagram and booktok, this ultimate guide to the Twisted series in order will tell you everything you need to know about.

In this blog post, you’ll learn the Twisted series order, which book to read first, the best Twisted book (in my opinion), romance tropes, characters and more!

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twisted series in order

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What is the Twisted Series About?

Twisted Series by Ana Huang follows four best-friends (Ava, Bridget, Stella and Jules). There are four books in the series and each of them follow a different “Twisted” girl. These books are interconnected but can be read as standalones.

Twisted Series In Order

Here is the Twisted love series in order:

Twisted Series Characters and Romance Tropes

Twisted Love (Twisted Series Book #1) 

Twisted Love follows the story of Ava & Alex.

Romance Tropes: brother’s best friend, grumpy x sunshine, interracial romance and forced proximity.

Spice Level: 3/5 (find spicy chapters here)

Twisted Games (Twisted Series Book #2) 

Twisted Games follows the story of Bridget & Rhys.

Romance Tropes: forbidden romance, age-gap romance, royal romance and forced proximity. 

Spice Level: 4/5 (find spicy chapters here)

Twisted Hate (Twisted Series Book #3)

Twisted Hate follows the story of Jules & Josh.

Romance Tropes: friends-with-benefits and sister’s best friend trope.

Spice Level: 5/5 (find spicy chapters here)

Twisted Lies (Twisted Series Book #4)

Twisted Lies follows the story of Stella & Christian.

Romance Tropes: fake dating, neighbours to lovers

Spice Level: 3/5 (find spicy chapters here)

All of the characters go through great character development by the end of book 4 which I think it’s worth sticking around for.

Best Twisted Series Books Ranked

Which is the best twisted series book?

Here are the Twisted books ranked from least fave to fave! 

4. Twisted Hate (Twisted Book #3)

twisted series in order

Twisted Hate Spice Level: 5/5 (find out which chapters are spicy here)

Twisted Hate follows Josh Chen. He is back in town and busy at the hospital as a medical resident but that isn’t enough to take Jules Ambrose off his mind.

Josh has always been a lady’s man but Jules isn’t falling for his charm and that annoys him more than he cares to admit. 

Despite all his efforts, Jules won’t leave his mind so he proposes the idea to her of a friends-with-benefits arrangement to get her out of his system once and for all.

Jules is working hard to become a lawyer and focusing on passing the bar exam but when she starts interning at a hospital where Josh frequently visits, it’s nearly impossible to avoid him. 

This book is extremely spicy. Readers loved Josh’s humor and banter with Jules. 

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3. Twisted Games (Twisted Book #2)

twisted series in order

Twisted Love Spice Level: 3/5 (find out which chapters are spicy here)

Bridget von Ascheberg is the princess of Elladora, but being the second in line to the throne has given her the freedom to study in America with her friends Ava, Jules and Stella. 

Despite her freedom, she still needs to have a bodyguard around her 24/7 and turns out her bodyguard who has protected her for so long needs to go on maternity leave.

His replacement is an ex-navy seal, Rhys Larsen. There are two rules he never breaks – protect his clients at all costs and never get emotionally involved. 

Lethal and arrogant, he’s just as stubborn as Bridget.  Bridget’s life flips upside down when her brother decides to abdicate the throne in the name of love.

Now she’s forced to live a life she never wanted. Rhys and Bridget’s complicated feelings for each get even more tangled in the web of royal duties.

This book is incredibly slow burn but the angst is so well-written. Ana also surprises readers with cameo scenes. This is also the steamiest romance book in the series.

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2. Twisted Love (Twisted Book #1)

twisted series in order

Twisted Love Spice Level: 3/5 (find out which chapters are spicy here)

Twisted Love is the first book when reading the Twisted series in order. The timeline of events starts from here and we meet the characters for the first time.

Ava Chen, a twenty-two-year-old, is happily attending university with her three best friends (Bridget, Jules and Stella) while pursuing photography on the side.

Medical student Josh, her older brother, has to move abroad for a year due to his studies but he’s worried about Ava. He’s overly protective of her and thinks Ava trusts everyone blindly so he asks his best friend for a huge favour. 

Alex Volkov, cold and brooding, has been Josh’s best friend for eight years so he can’t deny him when he’s truly in need of his help.

He is tasked with looking after Ava and keeping her away from danger. He moves in next door to her to keep a close watch.

Ava thinks Alex is an emotionless robot so Ava and her friends decide to put that theory to the test. This leads to them spending loads of time together but Ava is haunted by memories she can’t clearly remember and Alex has his own demons to fight.

This book does justice to the grumpy x sunshine trope along with the forced proximity trope. The mystery aspect of the book made the plot very interesting and kept readers rooting for this couple.

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1. Twisted Lies (Twisted Book #4)

twisted series in order

Twisted Lies Spice Level: 4/5 (find out which chapters are spicy here)

Christian Harper, a billionaire, doesn’t have time for love. With keeping his security company and enemies in check, he already has plenty of problems on his plate. 

He never had any weakness, but that was before he met Stella. 

He is by no means a knight in shining armour or a hero but when it comes to her he’s ready to break even his own rules. 

Shy and introverted Stella Alonso, a social media star, is balancing her two jobs and has no time for love but she’s a romantic deep down. 

Jules and Stella are desperately in need of an apartment so when they show up at The Mirage, a luxury building that’s way out of their budget, Christian decides to lower rent for them.

But even in a highly secured building, Stella is not safe from her stalker and Christian intends to do something about it. Wrapped up in messy lies and family troubles, we get to see them face challenges together. 

Undoubtedly, Stella and Christian are many readers’ favourite Twisted couple. Their chemistry and show-burn romance is top-notch. 

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FAQ: Twisted Series In Order

What Is The First Book Of The Twisted Series?

The first book of the Twisted Series is called Twisted Love. It follows the story of Ava Chen and Alex Volkov. When Ava’s brother decides to live town, he asks his best friend, Alex to keep an eye out of Ava.

Is Twisted Love Spicy?

Yes, there are multiple steamy romance scenes between the main characters, Alex and Ava. The book is recommended for 18+ readers. 

What Is The Order Of Twisted Series?

The order of the twisted series is as follows: Twisted Love, Twisted Games, Twisted Hate, Twisted Lies.

Should I Read Twisted Series In Order?

Not necessarily, all 4 books are their own stories. However, familiar characters do make an appearance in all 4 books, making it a more satisfying reading experience if you choose to read the books in order.

Is Twisted Series Connected?

The four books in the twisted series are connected as Ava, Bridget, Jules and Stella are best-friends, making their lives connected. However, each book has it’s own twisted couple and storyline which you can read as a standalone.

How Many Books Are There In The Twisted Series?

There are 4 books in total. Twisted Love, Hate, Games and Lies.

What Is The Age Rating For The Twisted Series?

Twisted series age rating is 18+. The third book, Twisted Hate is rated 21+. Ultimately, all books in the series are for mature readers because of the steamy scenes, violence and profanity.

Can The Twisted Books Be Read As Standalones?

Yes, they can be read on their own. You can skip reading the books in order or choose to not read some of the books in the series if the tropes and plot line don’t interest you.

Which is the Spiciest Twisted Book?

Most readers agree that Twisted Hate is the spiciest Twisted book. The enemies-to-lovers trope combined with friends-with-benefits trope makes this book extremely spicy!

Which Twisted Book Is The Best?

Readers think Twisted Lies is the best twisted book because of the fake dating trope. Plus, it is the most longest and spiciest Twisted book in the series.

Wrap Up: Twisted Love Series In Order

This was the ultimate guide to the Twisted book series in order!

I hope this answered your questions and helped you decide if the Twisted series by Ana Huang is for you or not. 

These contemporary romance books are highly praised by readers so it can get difficult to tell if they are worth the hype or not but it’s worth giving it a read especially because all 4 books are free on Kindle Unlimited.

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