Romance Book Journal (Functional, Minimal & Aesthetic)

From one romance reader to another

Are you a romance reader trying to keep track of all the books you’ve read and want to read but there’s just too many books to think about?

Think no more, journal it instead!

Presenting…your very own romance reading journal!

romance reading journal printable
romance reading journal printable

Never miss out on a romance book again…

do you struggle with…

not being able to incorporate your reading time into your busy schedule?

No worries, there are monthly, weekly & daily sheets to help you balance life & reading!


unable to keep track of all the romance books you’ve read in the year and books you want to read asap?

Journal in your monthly reading reflection sheet, reading tracker and more!


can’t find a suitable book reviewing journal with spice ratings and romance tropes?

Look no further…

romance reading journal printable
romance reading journal printable
romance reading journal printable

I hear you…

But what if I don’t read romance?

Anyone can use this planner! Just exclude the romance pages and you’ll have a regular reading journal!


Here’s why…

romance reading journal printable

Personalize your reading experience

  • Give your romance book a spice rating
  • Note down your reading format (physical, ebook, audiobook)
  • Colour in potted plants and bookshelves to have an aesthetic reading tracker!

Reflect & Challenge Yourself

  • Weekly & monthly book reflections on what you enjoyed reading and what you didn’t.
  • 100 day reading challenge
  • Monthly reading habit tracker
  • Minimal & fine dotted lines for you to journal your thoughts.
romance reading journal printable

  • 4 book journal covers to choose from
  • monthly plan sheet
  • weekly plan sheet
  • daily plan sheet
  • TBR list
  • reading tracker
  • book review sheet (romance specific)
  • book review sheet (use for any books)
  • monthly reading reflection sheet
  • 100 day reading challenge
  • romance tropes checklist
  • romance tropes tbr
  • favourite quotes
  • book of the month (12 months)
  • romance book of the month (12 months)
  • notes/thoughts pages
  • top 10 romance reads printable
  • top 10 spicy romance reads printable
  • colouring bookshelf tracker