40 Cozy Fall Self-Care Ideas & Challenge

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Fall self-care ideas are perfect for the autumn season, where you may find yourself amidst the hustle and bustle as the year-end approaches.

Whether you’re a student getting back into the swing of things as the new academic year starts, or even if you’re preparing to slow down as winter approaches, here are some relaxing ways to take care of yourself!

No matter what your priorities are, always remember to prioritize yourself, especially this cozy autumn season!

These simple fall self-care ideas for adults will definitely be able to fit your busy schedule.

Fall Self-Care Bingo

Use this fall self-care bingo as a checklist!

fall self care ideas
Save for later!

40 Fall Self-Care Ideas For A Cozy Autumn

These autumn self-care ideas can also be used as a fall bucket list!

1. Go out for a walk

Go out for a walk in nature while the air is chilly and the leaves are crisp. Besides getting fresh air and admiring the warm colours around you, it’s a great way to clear your mind and bring you peace.

2. Grab a coffee with a friend

fall self care ideas

Fall screams coffee, and sharing a cuppa with a friend is even better! Have a cup of latte at home with a friend while you catch up or visit your next-door cafe for a change of scene!

3. Get a fall/autumn-inspired manicure

Get inspired by the warm colours of fall or even the darker shades of Halloween and treat yourself to a manicure!

4. Journal and reflect

Probably one of the most important autumn self-care idea on this list is to journal and reflect on your year. Although most of the year has already goneby, you don’t have to wait for the new year to set some goals.

You can journal and reflect on what can be better in the next few months or you can simply write down your thoughts to feel a little lighter.

5. Get a comfy sweatshirt

fall self care ideas

Best time to get into a cozy bookish sweater? Fall season! This is probably my favourite sweater ever and I just had to share it with all of you.

Also, The Bookish Goods very kindly gave me a discount code. Use SONIA15 for 15% off your first purchase!

6. Read a cozy fantasy book

fall self care ideas

Reading a cozy fantasy book is such a definitely a fall self-care idea not to miss!

Cozy fantasies are perfect to wind down and escape into. They’re mostly light-hearted fantasy books with a slice-of-life vibe.

It’s definitely a good palate cleanser if you’re a go-to high fantasy reader.

Some cozy fantasy recommendations for fall season:

7. Pick up a cozy hobby

fall self care ideas

Speaking of reading cozy fantasies, there are many other cozy hobbies that you could try out this fall season.

Some cozy hobbies to give a go besides reading:

A cozy hobby shouldn’t be stressful, at times you don’t need much energy or concentration to do the hobby. It should be easy and relaxing!

8. Light an autumn-scented candle

fall self care ideas

When I think of fall, I think of candles and pumpkin spice, so why not get two in one?

9. Watch a scary movie (with someone if you’re afraid)

If watching a scary movie freaks you out, then maybe skip this one as it wouldn’t be a self-care idea. However, it could be a fun idea to watch a scary movie with a bunch of friends at a sleepover!

10. Carve some pumpkins

It wouldn’t be a fall self-care list if I didn’t include getting creative with some pumpkins. Carving can be a great way to release any stress too!

11. Learn how to crochet

fall self care ideas

A super cozy hobby to try out would be crocheting! You can get kits like this from Amazon at a super affordable price. It would be a fun idea to crochet a little bag, hat for the coming winter or even a book sleeve!

12. Colour to release stress

fall self care ideas

Doesn’t this colouring book just screams cottagecore? Perfect for fall season!

13. Explore cozy games 

If you’ve been scrolling on TikTok, you know that cozy games have been all the rage!

This is another activity you can do alone to wind down and chill.

Some cozy games I’ve personally played on my switch:

14. Make yourself a hot drink

If you don’t like coffee, try tea!

15. Splurge on a cozy blanket

fall self care ideas

As the weather is getting chilly, it’s the perfect time to splurge on a cozy blanket that’ll keep you warm.

16. Attend a fall festival

If your town has a fall festival, take the chance to visit it (it’s giving main character vibes for sure)! Play some games, eat some caramel apple candies and grab a coffee to-go.

17. Bake something fall-inspired

fall self care ideas

Pies, cupcakes and more sweet treats with an autumn twist! Or make it Halloween themed!

18. Declutter your closet

Don’t wait for the new year, fall is the perfect time to start decluttering. Decluttering is a form of self-care. Getting rid of what no longer brings you joy can not only free up physical space but also mental!

19. Travel locally

Time to explore parts of your state/country you’ve always wanted to. Maybe take a day trip to a nearby town!

20. Decorate your home with fall-themed decor

If you’re looking for some fall self-care ideas at home, DIY-ing some autumn home decors might be a relaxing thing to do.

Even if DIY ain’t your thing, getting a couple of fall-themed pieces might just warm up your home and make it a little bit more cozy. Besides cozy decor, spooky ones might be fun, just in time for Halloween!

21. Plan for the winter holidays

If you’re unable to take a trip now, you will have time to plan for a holiday before the year ends!

22. Brew a homemade soup

fall self care ideas

Another fall self-care idea you can do at home is to brew a stew or some kind of soup! This is a great idea for those who don’t like drinking coffee or tea.

23. Get yourself a pair of cozy socks

fall self care ideas

Besides a cozy sweater and blanket, don’t forget to get a pair of socks to keep your feet warm!

24. Relax at a park

Chill on a park bench. Bring a book and a couple of snacks. Indulge in nature.

25. Indulge in haircare

Take care of your roots! Everybody loves skincare but we often neglect hair care. Show your hair some love by finding an oil treatment or some natural hair remedies.

26. Play with a fall makeup palette

Personally, this is one of my favourite autumn self-care ideas because I love doing my make up and fall colours are up my alley!

27. Visit an apple orchard

Orchards are relaxing to visit, especially if you get to pick your own apples!

28. Rewatch your favourite show

There’s nothing more comforting than watching your favourite show. It could be a childhood movie or a sitcom you love like Friends, Gilmore Girls and more.

29. Volunteer at a shelter

Doing good for others adds meaning an purpose to your life which can also be great for personal growth and self-care.

30. Adopt a pet

fall self care ideas

If you’ve always wanted a furry friend, this is your chance! It’s time to get yourself a cozy companion and what better time to do it than fall season?

31. Try meditating

This fall, try taking sometime out of your busy schedule to meditate.

32. Get yourself a pumpkin spice latte

Run to Starbucks! Get yourself the iconic pumpkin spice latte!

33. Take photos of different shaped fall leaves

Every leaf is unique, just like you. Find a leaf that resonates with you!

34. Listen to a fall-themed playlist

Make your own fall-themed playlist or try listening to this one curated by POPSUGAR!

35. Make some smores

fall self care ideas

Can’t think of anything cozier than making smores during fall season! It’s great for outdoors and indoors (if outdoors ain’t your thing!)

36. Go camping

Camping and fall season goes hand-in-hand! And if camping isn’t your thing, try glamping! It’s a more luxurious way to enjoy nature.

37. Have a bubble bath

Unwind in a warm bubble bathe while reading your favourite book and sipping on a glass of wine.

38. Write letters to your loved ones

Writing letters in this day and age seems like a cozy thing to do and gives off fall vibes.

39. Go on a hike

If taking a walk or relaxing at a park is not adventurous enough for you, try going on a hike!

40. Practice gratitude

With thanksgiving around the corner, it’s the best time to acknowledge some great things in your life to remember how blessed you are.

Wrap Up: Fall Self-Care Ideas

And there you have it, some autumn self-care ideas for you to wind down this cozy season! Which one’s are you excited to try?

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