7 Cozy & Wholesome Webtoons To Read (2023)

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Wholesome webtoons are underrated. They need to be given the love they deserve!

As an avid webtoon reader, I often forget that an immersive webtoon doesn’t have to be adventure packed or steamy all the time. They can also be light-hearted, cozy and heart-warming.

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In this blog post, you’ll find my top 7 wholesome webtoon recommendations that’ll fill your heart with immense joy.

Most of these webtoons are short and quick to read. Some of these recommendations include magic, making them cozy fantasies.

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7 Cozy & Wholesome Webtoons To Read

1. Fins and Crinolines

Synopsis: When a mermaid and a centaur accidentally cross paths and decide to travel together, they end up on a journey that leads to more than either of them ever expected! 

Fins & Crinolines is a cozy webtoon follows a centaur and mermaid going on an adventure together. I love the bright and vibrant illustrations.

In a way, these two are the opposites of each other and it’s so interesting to see how they introduce their worlds to each other. I suspect there might be a romance brewing these two mythical characters!

2. Crumbs

crumbs book review

Synopsis: In a very special town, there’s a very unusual bakery where the house specialty is a selection of baked treats hand-crafted to help you make your dreams come true – whether you need inspiration, support or confidence, they’ve got a cake or muffin fresh-made with magic to meet your needs. But for Ray, a quiet young woman with special powers of her own, the order is always the same: a hot tea with a delicious side of romance.

If you’re looking for a cozy webtoon romance with coming of age themes, Crumbs would be the perfect read for you.

I love that there are magical pastries, brooms, spells and supernatural characters but I wish the author would dive into it a bit more. You can read my full review of Crumbs here.

3. Vampire Husband

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Synopsis: Charles is a vampire that never really expected to settle down, but Cheryl had other plans. Now they’ve been happily married for almost fifty years, but explaining why Charles still looks the way he did in his 20s is getting…difficult. They’ll have to contend with Vampire Hunters, Werewolves, and Cheryl’s old lady friends, but nothing is impossible for this supernatural duo!

This wholesome vampire romance webtoon will make you believe in true love. Cheryl has aged into an 80-something-year-old woman while Charles, the vampire, still looks 20. 

It’s not only about how they look, but the fact that Cheryl’s personality also reflects an older woman. It’s funny how she wants Charles to buy her more cardigans or that she’s obsessed with pudding.

If you’re looking for a feel-good webtoon, Vampire Husband is a webtoon that’ll will put a big smile on your face.

4. A Handful of Petals

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Image from Webtoon

Synopsis: The day-to-day stories of a forest spirit in love with a human man. Magic meets the ordinary in this modern fantasy slice-of-life series.

If you’re looking for wholesome BL webtoons, A Handful of Petals is slice-of-life fantasy romance to add to your webtoon reading list.

This webtoon has not only LGBTQ+ representation but also POC. As you meet Tristan’s and Sylvae’s friends, you’ll be very invested in this webtoon!

5. Cool Uncle

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Image from Webtoon

Synopsis: After Lola’s parents died in a car accident, her cool uncle Jim took guardianship of her.

Want to read something heart-warming but not necessarily romantic? I’ve got you! Cool Uncle is a wholesome webtoon with POC representation that will fill your heart with so much love. It is so cute to see how much Lola’s uncle cares for her as their relationship progresses.

This webtoon isn’t just another cozy webtoon, it also also teaches us important lessons. A good example would be that men can also be vulnerable with their emotions, especially when it comes to choosing to raise a kid that’s not their own.

6. Beyond Thimblepine Forest

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Image from Webtoon

Synopsis: Welcome to the Kingdom of Mosscarya, life is cozy, the mushy people are lovely and you can rest on a leaf! Everyone is welcome! Short comics of the adventures of a Mushy named Manny Muscaria.

Beyond Thimblepine Forest is the perfect fall season webtoon to add to your reading list. It follows Manny, a mushroom that lives in his tiny mushy world. He soon befriends a human called “giant” and they go on an adventure, learning more about each other’s worlds.

7. Sugar and Swords

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Image from Webtoon

Synopsis: Sugar and Swords is about the daily life of a ‘background character’ in a town full of heroes and adventurers. Watch as Rachel tries to understand the complex… or rather strange minds of adventurers while working at the town’s cafe/item shop.

Sugar and Swords is a webtoon that reminds me of Legends and Latte. It’s a low stakes cozy fantasy that follows an NPC working at a cafe. If you liked reading that book, it might be worth checking this webtoon out!

Wrap-up: Cozy Wholesome Webtoons

As much as I love plot driven webtoons, short and easy to read cozy webtoons like these are great to read during a quick lunch break or even to destress before bedtime.

Let me know if you have any suggestions to add to this list!

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