6 Best Friends To Lovers Webtoons & Manhwas (2023)

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There’s way too many webtoon romance recommendations, I just had to write a whole blog post dedicated to the best friends to lovers Webtoons on the app.

While there’s probably hundreds of them, these 6 are wholesome and special!

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6 Best Friends To Lovers Webtoons

1. Reunion

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Image from Webtoons Pinterest

My Review: I first stumbled upon this Webtoon because of the art.

Not only is the art stunning, so are the main leads Rhea and Shiro. 

The two of them know each other from school and are part of the childhood friends to lovers trope.

When old childhood friends reunite, how will their relationship develop? You’ll have to read to find out.

If you like reading Webtoons with strong yet vulnerable main leads, you will enjoy this one.

Also, did I mention that this is a mafia romance? 

2. Maybe Meant To Be

friends to lovers webtoons
Image from Webtoon

My review: This friends to lovers webtoon is also a Korean webtoon.

Jia Han feels pressured by society’s standards and timelines, not only she receives pressure from society but also from her parents who always compares her to her successful sister.

Because she is tired of being single and fed-up of pity from her parents, she decides to get into a mutually beneficial relationship with her childhood friends – also her nextdoor neighbour.

If you’re looking for a wholesome romance webtoon that blooms from a childhood friendship, do check this one out!

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3. Siren’s Lament

friends to lovers webtoons
Image from Webtoon Pinterest

My Review: Lyra has no parents or siblings, her only family is her grandma that owns a flower shop. 

She has always been best friends with Kori, and eventually becomes good friends with Shon.

A romance blooms between Shon and Lyra. This one’s interesting because they face a lot of back and forth until they actually get together because of Poseidon’s curse.

I really love the way Shon takes care of Lyra. Together, their relationship is not only flirty but wholesome. Shon is really shy compared to the other male lead, Ian.

If you love a fantasy romance webtoon with the friends to lovers trope, be sure to check this one out.

4. Heartstopper

friends to lovers webtoons
Image from Webtoon Pinterest

My review: If you’re looking for BL webtoon recommendations, you should definitely check this one out.

Two highschool boys accidentally meet and their friendship slowly unfolds into something more. 

One of the reasons why most readers love this Webtoon is because although it’s fun and happy-go-lucky, it has a balance of being very real. It’s not all just about the good stuff.

This inclusive read has also been made a Netflix series, you can watch season 1 now!

5. True Beauty

friends to lovers webtoons
Image from webtoons

My review: True Beauty revolves around a young high school girl’s insecurities of not being pretty enough and therefore proceeds to cake her face to school and anywhere in the public every single day.

However, a very kind and loving romance blooms between Suho and Jugyeong. 

They have similar interests and we notice Suho, a shy smart highschool boy caring for Jugyeong and wanting to know her more. 

He doesn’t really care or notices how she looks.

Just note that Suho is not the only love interest, there’s a love triangle present in this highschool friends to lovers webtoons between Suho, Jugyeong and Seo Jun.

Wrap-Up: 5 Best Friends To Lovers Webtoons, Manwha & Manga

There you have it, 5 best friends to lovers manwha for you to subscribe to and binge read! Let me know if you have favourites that aren’t mentioned in this post!

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