10 Spicy Webtoons You Cannot Resist (2023)

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What’s better than romance webtoons? Spicy romance webtoons! To be honest, readers on the webtoon app go crazy for steamy webcomics, just like how most of us romance readers love spicy books

It’s good to know that the webtoon app is safe for 13 year olds and above. But as these steamy webtoons can be classified as adult webtoons, readers from 13-18 of age should have parental/guardian guidance.

Either way, if the webtoons are for mature readers, they are always stated as a content warning before you start reading the webtoon.

Disclaimer: I do not own any piece of art in this post. All artworks has been linked to the Webtoon app or Webtoon’s Pinterest.

10 Spicy Webtoons (Spicy Manhwas) You Cannot Resist

1. My Dear Cold-Blooded King

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My Dear Cold-Blooded King is one of the best romance webtoons you’ll find on the app.

The story follows Kihara Mei, a humble peasant who eventually joins the royal army in training. While doing so, she gets attention from the cold-blooded king himself.

This webtoon has so many unexpected twists and turns that readers loved.

However, towards the end of this completed webtoon, some readers were a bit dissatisfied because they felt the storyline was fading out and all they were getting were spicy webtoon episodes.

This is definitely a nsfw webtoon. Plus, if you’re looking for exclusive nsfw content from this webtoon series, checkout the author’s patreon.

2. Blood Reverie

Blood Reverie is a new webtoon by the same creator of My Dear Cold-Blooded King.

This is definitely an 18+ webtoon because the first episode itself is steamy af.

In this webtoon, the female lead is quite bold and makes advancements in steamy encounters with what seems to be a vampire – quite the opposite to My Dear Cold-Blooded King.

If you miss reading My Dear Cold-Blooded King and can’t get over it, this new webtoon will be a great spicy substitute as it has the same art style!

3. Let’s Play

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Image from Webtoons

If you’re looking for a sexy webtoon with super attractive main leads, Let’s Play is for you.

Sam might appear to be nerdy and uninterested in her physical appearance (stereotypical for a girl gamer/game developer), but she’s actually really stunning (you’ll see that in episodes where she goes out of her comfort zone).

This is also an workplace romance webtoon, as there is some romance brewing between Sam and Charles (her manager). 

Besides, there might also be a love triangle in this Webtoon because this webtoon starts off with Sam and Marshall having a connection. 

This is a webtoon full of surprises, we don’t really know who Sam is going to end up with.

Also this is not just a random steamy webtoon, it has a unique plot that revolves around gaming and there are other characters in this webcomic that have their own challenges to deal with (that readers genuinely care about).

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4. Subzero

Subzero is a slow burn enemies to lovers webtoon romance that is pretty spicy. Clove and Kyro must wed to end the war among dragons, making this an arranged marriage webtoon as well.

This spicy webtoon is not just all about the chemistry and romance between the two main leads, there’s an enticing plot and adventure that awaits readers.

Honestly, readers say this webtoon is drool-worthy. Kyro is honestly one of the most attractive webtoon male leads on the app.

At first both of them really hated each other. Eventually both of them share quite a bit of steamy but also loving moments. 

As they fall in love, you’ll be able to tell that this is definitely a wholesome webtoon. Oh, also it is so funny! The banter between the two of them!

There is also romances blooming among side characters which readers love. It seems Kyro’s sister and “someone” from the Azure Clan might have a romance brewing among them (I don’t want to spil further, you’ll just have to read!)

5. Midnight Poppy Land

Midnight Poppy Land follows Tora and Poppy are the literal opposites of each other. Their relationship is also part of the grumpy-sunshine romance trope. Readers love the dynamic between these two.

Many readers are head-over-heels with Tora – the mafia bad boy. If you’re looking for spicy webcomics on webtoons, I suggest you give this one a try.

It’s not just steamy, this webtoon is also cute and wholesome, especially when Tora starts caring for Poppy (it’s giving, touch her and you die vibes).

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6. Lore Olympus

Looking to read a steamy Greek mythology webtoon? Lore Olympus is a webtoon for anyone that loves art and a modern-retelling of Greek mythology, especially the retelling of Hades and Persephone.

It has been the top romance webtoon on the app for a very long time. It is so popular that it is now available in a graphic novel.

Because it is a modern-retelling, the romance is very modern as well (a.k.a many steamy scenes, flirtation and more among the gods)

Plus, Greek gods are known for polyamory so expect some complicated relationships too.

7. Edith

Edith has also one of the most popular romance webtoons on the app and has been on the app since the early days of Webtoon.

This hot webtoon follows Phillip, the “pretty boy” in this webcomic is a model. Many readers say he looks like Harry Styles because of his hair and fashion sense.

Together, these two go through some sort of friends with benefits relationship which may or may not bloom into something more than that.

This best spicy webtoon is definitely worth a read if you love a good chick lit.

8. Siren’s Lament

Why is this webtoon steamy? Well, they are sirens. So expect some hot characters swimming in the ocean. 

Ian and Shon – two very attractive male characters definitely makes this webtoon spicy.

However, this fantasy romance novel has an enticing plot that follows a curse and it is up the main character, Lyra, to break it.

I really enjoyed reading this spicy webtoon recommendation. 

9. Eaternal Nocturnal

Can’t get over the completed romance webtoon, Siren’s Lament? Eaternal Nocturnal awaits you.

This is a brand new steamy webtoon created by the same author and illustrator! It is also a fantasy romance webcomic. However, this one is quite unique. 

The main lead is a dream eater (something i’ve not really seen on the webtoon app. Usually, hot fantasy creatures on the app are vampires, witches and sirens)

I hope you enjoy these spicy and steamy webtoon recommendations! Let me know which ones are your favourites!

10. Flatmates With Benefits

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Image from Webtoon

Flatmates With Benefits is a spicy comic on the webtoon app follows the story of Ray who moves into a new apartment after breaking up with her boyfriend.

Ray was meant to book a room at an apartment where the flatmate was a girl named Ashley. However, she got drunk after breaking up with her boyfriend and booked the wrong apartment.

When she arrives at the apartment, she finds out that her flatmate is a tall, handsome man with brown hair and abs.

They end up having a friends-with-benefits arrangement as forced proximity makes it hard for them to ignore their attraction towards each other.

10 Spicy Webtoons You Cannot Resist

These spicy manhwa recommendations are perfect for romance readers. Which ones are your faves? If they’re not mentioned on this list, let me know!

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