5 Webtoons Like Midnight Poppy Land To Read ASAP

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Looking for webtoons like Midnight Poppy Land by Lilydusk? I’ve got you covered.

webtoons like midnight poppy land

Poppy, just like her name suggests, is a bright, funny, and sweet girl working as a book editor. She is shy and is self-concious. Tora is your tall, dark, broody mafia man. He is intimidating and does not hesitate to hurt people that get in his way. 

Together, these two make a unique pair. As they’re opposites of each other and spend more time together, they learn things from each other and develop an attraction towards each other. 

In this blog post, you’ll find webtoons that have similar tropes as Midnight Poppy Land:

  • Grumpy-Sunshine Trope
  • Bad Boy Romance Trope
  • Mafia Romance Trope
  • Opposites Attract Trope

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5 Webtoons Like Midnight Poppy Land

Here are some mangas similar to Midnight Poppy Land:


Reunion is a childhood friends to lovers webtoon romance. However, it is also a webtoon mafia romance.

I read this webtoon because of the stunning art. The main characters look very attractive, it’s a webtoon that’s hard to ignore.

Rhea returns to town after leaving for nearly a decade. She bumps into a familiar face from her schooling days – Shiro. Shiro has a secret, he is not the innocent school boy Rhea is familiar with, he is part of a mafia and is dangerous. 

I loved this Webtoon. I wish it were a longer read though, Shiro and Rhea make the most attractive couple ever. Similar to Midnight Poppy Land, Shiro gives off the same vibes Tora does but in a less intimidating way.

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Although it is a fantasy webtoon romance with an enemies to lovers trope, this webtoon is like Midnight Poppy Land because Kyro (the male lead) is similar to Tora.

They are both tall, tanned and handsome and give off the “touch her and you die” vibe and will do almost anything to protect their love interest.

They’re dangerous, people fear them and they can KILL (not just literally, their looks can kill for sure…)

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Lore Olympus

Hear me out! I know, you’re probably tired of hearing about Lore Olympus because everybody and their mother has read it. However, Lore Olympus is a webtoon similar to Midnight Poppy Land for many reasons.

Lore Olympus is an opposites-attract webtoon plus it is also part of the grumpy x sunshine trope, just like Midnight Poppy Land. 

Hades is the ruler of the underworld (Tora is also a dangerous man in the underworld). 

Plus, Persephone and Poppy share so many similarities. They’re both little rays of sunshines that are overly optimistic, helpful and kind. They both end up falling for dark morally grey males. 

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Age Matters

office romance webtoons
Image from Webtoons Pinterest

Age Matters is an office romance manga. Daniel is a CEO, Rose is his secretary and is older than him in age. This webtoon is quite unique as the female main character is older than the male.

Daniel is your typical grumpy CEO who has no life. All he does is work and has no time for himself. Rose feels stuck in her career. She’s 30 years-old and feels like she should have it all together by now.

They’re  not only part of the grumpy-sunshine trope but they’re opposites of each other (just like Midnight Poppy Land webtoon).

With proximity at the workplace, they end up falling in love.

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Let’s Play

office romance webtoons
Image from Webtoons Pinterest

Although this is another workplace romance manhwa recommendation, Sam and Charles (one of her love interest) seem to be part of the grumpy sunshine trope that readers love.

Sam is an innocent girl who spends her time playing and developing games. She is an introvert. She is working in her dad’s office and she meets Charles, the manager.

Charles is your grumpy, unbothered manager who gives off the “touch her and you die” kinda vibe. 

He wants to help Sam become more confident in her work. With that, they bought end up developing feelings for each other.

This office romance is a super steamy webtoon too!

Wrap Up: Webtoons Like Midnight Poppy Land

I hope you will enjoy these manhwas like Midnight Poppy Land. Which one’s are you looking forward to read first?

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