350+ Book Blog Name Ideas That Stand Out (2023)

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If you’re looking for book blog name ideas that are bookish, cozy and creative, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, I not only provide you 350+ book blog name ideas but also tell you some mistakes to avoid when registering for a domain name.

If you didn’t know already, I am a book blogger with a writing background of ten years and in recent years, I have become a full-time copy and content writer.

These book blog names are curated by me personally, and I hope these name ideas help you find the perfect blog name.

Feel free to add in adjectives and names that fit your brand or personality to give these suggestions some personalization.

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350+ Book Blog Name Ideas That Are Bookish

book blog name ideas

Cozy Book Blog Name Ideas

  1. Bookish at Heart
  2. Coffee Stained Pages
  3. My Cozy Coffee Corner
  4. Literary Coffee
  5. Tea Bags and Books
  6. Tea Reading Adventures
  7. The Caffeinated Reader
  8. Caffeine and Books
  9. Cozy Bookish Corner
  10. Booked by Caffeine
  11. Love Books A Latte
  12. Booked by Latte
  13. The Book Cafe
  14. Lofi Girl Reads
  15. Lofi and Books

Aesthetic & Creative Book Blog Name Ideas

  1. Bookish Adventures
  2. My Bookish Secret
  3. Pretty Little Pages
  4. Book Bonanza
  5. Bookish Girl Next Door
  6. Bookish Boy Next Door
  7. Your Hot Book Nerd
  8. Bookish Rogue
  9. Bookshop Rogue
  10. The Page Turner
  11. My Reading Time
  12.  Book Owl
  13. Chronicles of a Bookworm
  14. Bookworm Diaries
  15. Bookish Adventures
  16. My Bookish Journey
  17. The Reading Paradise
  18. The Bookish Escape
  19. The Blooming Reader
  20. The Bookshop Rogue
  21. The Bookkeeper
  22. The Bookstore Girl
  23. Books and Totes
  24. Totally Booked
  25. Twilight Shelf
  26. Books and Candles
  27. The Bookish Scene

Catchy Book Blog Name Ideas

  1. Booked All Day
  2. Booked Forever
  3. Literary Lover
  4. Booked Day and Night
  5. The Book Nook
  6. Lit Love Laugh
  7. Spill The Tea
  8. Tea Stains and Pages
  9. The Literary Adventures
  10. The Literary Page
  11. The Daily Literary
  12. Literary Haven
  13. Literary Fest
  14. The Literary Club
  15. Literary Escape
  16. Literary Escapism
  17. The Literary Library
  18. The Literary Room
  19. Literary Journeys
  20. The Literary Listener
  21. The Literary Girl
  22. Literary Mama
  23. The Literary World
  24. My Literary Journey
  25. Literary Enthusiast
  26. The Literary Universe
  27. The Literary Escape
  28. Literary Travels
  29. The Literary Narrative
  30. Paws and Pages
  31. Purrfect Read
  32. Purrfect Pages
  33. Blooms and Books
  34. Rosey Reader
  35. Reading over Reality
  36. Real Readers Read
  37. Books and Bars
  38. Books in a Bed
  39. Booked by (your name)
  40. My Bookish Corner

Romance Book Blog Name Ideas

Tip: add favourite books, sub-genres, characters and more to your book blog name.

  1. Rosey Reads
  2. Books Make Me Blush
  3. He Reads Romance
  4. She Reads Romance
  5. Lady Bookish (or Bookish Lady)
  6. Dutchess of Bookish Fair
  7. Historical Romance Reader
  8. The Romance Reader
  9. Real Romance Reader
  10. Romantic Reads
  11. Literary Love
  12. The Romance Corner
  13. Heartbeats and Heartbreaks
  14. Books and Blush
  15. The Bookish Lover
  16. The Romance Adventurer
  17. Romantic Escapes
  18. The Love Story
  19. Bookish Love Affairs
  20. The Romance Bookshelf
  21. Literary in Love
  22. The Bookish Sweetheart
  23. The Bookish Boyfriend
  24. The Bookish Girlfriend
  25. My Romance Reading Journey
  26. The Love Story Experience
  27. The Romantic Heroine
  28. Diaries of a Romance Reader
  29. Diaries of a Romantic
  30. The Love Story Society
  31. Romantic Legends
  32. The Love Story Journey
  33. The Romance Enthusiast
  34. The Romance Universe

Fantasy Book Blog Name Ideas

Tip: Use names of favourite fantasy books, series or characters. Incorporate world-building terms and magic system names to make your book blog name even more personal!

  1. The Fantasy Realm
  2. Bookish Magic
  3. Bookish Wizard
  4. Bookish Potterhead
  5. A Court of Books
  6. A Bookish Court
  7. Fantasy For Fun
  8. The Fantasy Corner
  9. Tales of Enchantment
  10. The Fantasy Book Club
  11. Bookish Worlds of Wonder
  12. The Imagination Shelf
  13. My Fantasy Reading Journey
  14. The Fantasy Reader
  15. The Fantasy Enthusiast
  16. The Fantasy Journey
  17. The Fantasy Universe
  18. Escape in Fantasy
  19. The Fantasy Digest
  20. The Fantasy Corner
  21. Fiery Fantasy
  22. Fairy Fantasy
  23. Fae Fantasy
  24. The Fae Who Reads
  25. The Gryffindor Girl
  26. The Gryffindor Guy
  27. Ravenclaw Reads
  28. The Potter Head
  29. Addicted to Fantasy

Book Blog Name Ideas With Your Name In It

If you’re not planning on selling your blog in the future, don’t be afraid to name your book blog after yourself.

  1. (yourname)reads
  2. (yourname) corner/readingspace
  3. (yourname) shelf
  4. Bookish (yourname)
  5. Book addict(yourname)
  6. Bookr ecs by (yourname)
  7. (yourname)i sreading
  8. Readwith (yourname)
  9. (yourname) reads(genre)
  10. (yourname) reads and rambles
  11. (yourname) bookish journey
  12. (yourname) bookish corner
  13. (yourname) bookish nook
  14. (yourname) library
  15. (yourname) literary life
  16. (yourname) pages
  17. (yourname) book club
  18. (yourname) bookish haven
  19. (yourname) reading paradise
  20. (yourname) bookish escape
  21. (yourname) bookish world
  22. (yourname) lit reads

Book Review Blog Name Ideas

Combine the word “review” or “book review” with your name or your favourite things!

  1. (your name) book reviews
  2. Book reviews by (your name)
  3. The Book Review Corner
  4. The Book Review Space
  5. The Book Review Digest
  6. Reading and Reviewing
  7. Reviews and Roses
  8. Reviews and Chai
  9. Reviews and Scents
  10. Reviews and Caffeine
  11. Caffeinated Reviewer

Book Blog Names with the Word Diary

  1. Diary of a Reader
  2. Diary of a Book Lover
  3. (yourname) Book Diary
  4. My Book Diary
  5. Diary Pages
  6. The Book Diary
  7. Diary of a Bibliophile
  8. The Reading Diary
  9. Diary of a Bookworm
  10. The Bookish Diaries
  11. The Written Diary
  12. The Book Club Diary
  13. Bookish Diary Chronicles
  14. Diary of a Literature Lover
  15. Diary of a Fantasy Reader
  16. Diary of a Romance Reader
  17. Diary of a Book Collector
  18. Diary of a Book Hoarder
  19. Diary of a Book Hunter
  20. Diary of a Book Adventurer
  21. Bookish Diary Entries
  22. Diary of a Book Enthusiast
  23. The Bookish Diary
  24. Wordy Diary
  25. Book Diary Adventures
  26. Diary of a Bookish Heart
  27. Bookish Diaries and Stories
  28. Diary of a Literary Explorer

Kindle Book Blog Name Ideas

book blog name ideas

For all you avid ebook readers out there! I am a new kindle owner and I am in love with my Kindle Paperwhite.

I know some readers religiously read on Kindle and don’t turn to physical books as much. If that sounds like you, you might want to take a look of these book blog names! 

  1. My Kindle Diaries
  2. Kindles For Life
  3. (Your Name) Kindle Reads
  4. Sleep Eat Kindle
  5. What’s On My Kindle
  6. What’s On (Your Name) Kindle
  7. The Kindle Reader
  8. Kindle Books and Beyond
  9. Kindle Book Nook
  10. My Cozy Kindle
  11. Kindle Bookish Girl
  12. Kindle Bookish Guy
  13. Kindle Bookshelf
  14. The Kindle Book Club
  15. Kindle Fiction Fix
  16. Kindle Adventures
  17. The Kindle Book Fest
  18. Kindle Book Addict
  19. Kindle Bookish Bliss
  20. Kindle Bookish Love
  21. Kindle Lover
  22. The Kindle Escapade
  23. Kozy Kindle Kat
  24. Kindle Bookish Quest
  25. The Kindle Book Nook
  26. A Whole New Kindle World
  27. The Kindle Reading Raven
  28. Kindle Bookish Magic
  29. Kindle Bookish Explorer
  30. The Kindle Written Adventure
  31. Coffee And Kindle
  32. Cats And Kindle
  33. Tea And Kindle
  34. Kitties and Kindles

Audiobook Blog Name Ideas

  1. The Audiobook Reviewer
  2. Bookish Audiobook Girl
  3. Bookish Audiobook Guy
  4. Bookish Audiobook Listener
  5. Audiobook Adventures
  6. Audiobook Haven
  7. The Audiobook Nook
  8. The Audiobook Fest
  9. The Audiobook Club
  10. I Listen To Books
  11. The Audiobook Girl
  12. The Audiobook Boy
  13. I Love Audiobooks
  14. The Audiobook Lover
  15. Audiobook Escapism
  16. Audiobook Addict
  17. The Audiobook Enthusiast
  18. My Audiobook Journey
  19. The Audiobook Listener
  20. Audiobooks For Life
  21. The Audiobook Experience
  22. The Audiobook Collector
  23. My Audiobook Library
  24. The Audiobook Daily
  25. The Audiobook World
  26. The Audiobook Society
  27. The Audiobook Journey
  28. Audiobook Universe
  29. The Audiobook Escape
  30. Audiobook Narrations
  31. The Wireless Reader
  32. The Audiobook Fan
  33. Audiobook Serenade
  34. The Audiobook Oasis
  35. The Audiobook Narrative
  36. Sleep Eat Audiobooks
  37. Coffee And Audiobooks
  38. Tea And Audiobooks
  39. Cat And Audiobooks
  40. Cozy Audiobook Listener
  41. The Audiobook Odyssey

How to Check If The Book Blog Name Is Available To Register

To check if your book blog name is available to register, simply try to sign up with Bluehost and enter the name at “create new domain” and hit next – they’ll tell you if the domain is available or not. At this stage, you’re not charged any money set do don’t worry about that.

book blog name ideas
Try checking your domain name availability here.

If your domain name is available, I recommend you to proceed and register with Bluehost for all new bloggers because they actually give you a FREE domain name when you purchase their web hosting for just $2.95 a month.

Every blog needs a domain and a web hosting (this is the lowest possible price that you can start a blog for!)

Not sure what blog name to settle on? Bluehost is the only hosting company that allows you to pick your blog name later.

However, once you register it, you can’t change it anymore (this works the same for any host incase you didn’t know this fact as this might be your first blog).

Just select ‘I’ll create my domain later‘ after you sign up here.

5 Must-Know Book Blog Name Tips

Before you get all excited and settle on a book blog name, I highly recommend you to read through these tips so you don’t make the name selection mistakes other book bloggers have made (I made a mistake too which I will share with you below)

Keep Your Domain Name Short and Sweet

It’s best to pick a book blog name that is short, about 2-4 words max and avoid unnecessary capital letters.

This is so that it is easy for people to remember your book blog name. Your book blog name is just not “a name”, it is also an essential tool in branding. You wan’t people to be able to remember your brand name easily.

Choose an Easy to Spell Name

If your blog name is easy to spell, it will be easier for someone to type in directly into the search bar whenever they feel like checking out your latest content.

Choose a “.Com” Domain Extention

“.Com” is the most trusted and suitable for most blog niches, including a book blog. Avoid edu or org if your blog is not an educational institution or organization.

Ca or Uk is also very country specific and not the best option for a blog that has a worldwide audience.

Check for the name availability on other social media platforms.

This is the mistake I made.

Before registering for a name, it is best if you check the availibity of that name on other social platforms to maintain branding consistency and easy searchability.

Some platforms to keep in mind are:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • TikTok 
  • Email 

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