70 Book Blog Post Ideas To Kickstart Your Book Blog

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Want to start a book blog but afraid that you’ll run out of book blog post ideas? 

I was in the same boat as you once. After a year of blogging, I realise that there’s a ton of book blog post ideas and you don’t need to worry much about running out of ideas! 

Just go ahead and start your blog and read this post to give you some inspiration on what to post.

book blog post ideas
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70 Book Blog Post Ideas

There are many different types of book blogs out there, hopefully some of these ideas will be helpful to you.

Here’s a tip, whenever you feel like you’re running out of a book blog post idea, just bookmark this page and come back to it later!

Book Blog Post Idea #1 – Book Reviews

book blog post ideas
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This book blog post ideas are all related to the book itself. For example, if you read -The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn’ – you can do 4 separate posts (a book review, a series review, an author interview and a compilation of book quotes!)

Book Review

There are many book review formats out there. My favourite way to review a book is to state what I didn’t like and what I liked in the book review blog post.

You can also add on additional information about the book like it’s ratings on Amazon, Goodreads, images of different covers, book age rating and more. 

This is so that your book review is not just a review but also a complete set of information on the book for anyone who visits your blog.

Series Review

This is a book blog post that you can only carry out once you’re done reading the whole series. The more books a series has, the more time it’ll take you to write and publish the blog post.

For this one, you need to be patient and hardworking to read all the books!

Author Interview

If you’re able to contact the author, an author interview post on your book blog will definitely make your book blog stand out from the rest.

Book Quotes List

Book quote lists are one of my favourites to write. This is because it’s personal but also relevant to my readers. 

While reading, I love tabbing all the best quotes! The ones that make you feel something on the inside!

After writing my book review blog post, I’ll write a seperate book quote list for some of my favourite books.

Book Blog Post Idea #2 – Book Recommendation Lists

book blog post ideas
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Author Book Compilation List 

You can either compile a list of books from your favourite authors or popular authors so that it’ll be a helpful resource to your readers.

Which (Author) Books To Read First/How To Read (Author) Books In Order

A great idea would be to compile all the author’s books and list them in order of which one to read first to help your readers avoid spoilers or getting confused between different characters, plots and series.

Here’s an example on Emily Henry’s books in order you can refer to.

Books Set In A Specific Country

Compile a list of books from a specific country. Here’s a list of books I wrote that were set in Indonesia! 

Books Set In A Specific Continent

This is on a wider point of view. Eg: instead of writing on Books Set In Indonesia Malaysia, Japan, etc – you can write one list that has a variation of books from all these asian countries titled as “Books Set In Southeast Asia To Read”

Books To Read Before You Travel To (Insert Country)

Have you ever travelled to a country only to wish that you’ve read certain books before your travel? I definitely had. This would be a fun travel literary guide for your readers.

(Booktoker/Booktuber/Bookstagrammer) Book Recommendation List

If you swear by a favourite book influencer recommendation, make a list of the books they recommend and share these great recommendations with your readers!

Books To Read In/During (Holiday/Festive Season)

Holidays and Festivities like Christmas, Valentine’s and Lunar New Year make great themed book recommendation lists for your readers.

Best (Genre) Books To Read

This is a fairly simple blog post idea. If you’re out of ideas, write about your favourite genre and what books you’d recommend.

Best Books From (Romance Trope) To Read

There are so many romance tropes to read and write about! Enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, sunshine-grumpy trope and more! Pick one and write a book recommendation list!

Books To Read Recommended By (Celebrity)

Famous people or celebrities often recommend books or even host their own book clubs. Compiling a list of their recommendations can be helpful to your readers.

Seasonal Themed Book Lists

I’ve recently added this new idea to my site where i’ll curate a list of books to read for every season. You can find book lists for spring, summer, autumn and winter on my blog!

Book Blog Post Idea #3 – Personal Book Blog Posts

Your Favourite Author Book Recommendations

Write a little bit about your favourite author, her background and compile a list of her books that you loved reading.

Your Favourite Series (And Why Others Should Read It)

This one is something like a series review but it’s more in depth because its your favourite and you probably have a lot to say!

A Compilation Of Your Favourite Quotes

You could compile your favourite quotes of all time from many different books and genres. I recently compiled all my favourite quotes from Fourth Wing if you’re interested in checking out!

Your Favourite Fictional Characters

A list of your favourite book characters along with some fun facts, fanarts (please credit the artist/ask for their permission) and more!

Your Favourite Book Boyfriends

If you’re a book lover, you probably have these book boyfriends. Basically, fictional characters you’re simping for.

Might as well document them in a post and add some fanart to it! Be sure to credit the artist/ask their permission first.

Your Must-Buy Authors

No questions asked, these are the books you’d buy in a heartbeat! Tell your readers why!

Your Favourite Fandom And Why 

Include favourite characters, inside jokes, quotes, ships, pictures of merch that you own and more surrounding your favourite fandom!

Your Best Tips To Read More/Faster

If you’re able to get a lot of reading done in a month/year. Share your tips with your readers on your book blog!

Your Favourite Book Bloggers/Booktokers/Booktubers/Bookstagrammers

This is not just a post to list out your favourite book influencers from different platforms, it is also a way to show them some gratitude. 

Include things like why they are your favourite and some of their book recommendations that you love. I have a list of best book bloggers on my blog that you can get inspiration from.

Your Favourite Book Covers

This is going to be a pretty book blog post idea! As readers, we don’t necessarily follow the rule – don’t judge a book by its cover.

Let’s face it, we’re guilty at times. We like to collect books with pretty covers. Might as well show them off in a blog post!

Books You DNF’d And Don’t Regret

Ever thought of making a list of books you did not finish reading? 

I think this is a great idea – to talk about the books you did finish and plan to not finish it ever, plus why you decided to not finish the book.

Popular Books You Didn’t Enjoy Reading

This one is a controversial one, but it always sparks interest! You could do popular booktok or booktube recommendations! 

Reading (number) books in 24 hours/48 hours/7 Days.

Document your reading challenge! It could be a diary sort of post that might interest some of your readers. 

Your Favourite Book VS Movie/Series Adaptation

Many books are being made into movies and series – especially Netflix shows. I love Bridgerton, and writing a post comparing each book VS each season would be so fun!

Your Book Blogging Journey

Talk about your book blogging journey. How you got started, the milestones you’ve hit since then, what was the hardest part of book blogging and what came naturally to you.

Books That Have Changed Your Life

A list of books that have changed your perspective of life or have changed you as a person.

Books You Read That Were Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Some books are harder to read than others. You could compile a list of books that were challenging to read. 

Books that are thicker, harder to understand due to the language (classics usually aren’t as easy to read) and maybe books that challenge your perspective on something you strongly believe in.

Your Top 10 Books From X Genre

There are many genres you’ve probably read and you can pick your top ten books to recommend!

Create A Reading Challenge

Go creative with this one. Create a reading challenge that is relevant to your blog’s brand or relevant to your favourite genre/author. 

You can even create a challenge to read books from different cities/countries around the world.

Your Favourite Standalone Novels

Standalones are great for readers who do not want to commit to a series. 

This is because we don’t want to read the first book and then have to wait a whole year for the second book. Or, if you don’t like the first book then you will not continue reading the series.

Book Blog Post Idea #4 – Monthly And Yearly Posts

book blog post ideas
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Monthly TBR Post

This is not only for your readers, but also for yourself. So you can hold yourself accountable and work towards reading books from your TBR list.

Monthly Reading Wrap Up Post

This would be a great post to compare with your Monthly TBR Post – you can see how well you fared this month. Were you able to stick to a TBR or are you a mood reader?

Monthly Book Box Subscription Review

If you’re paying for a monthly book box – might as well write a post on it! More content for your book blog!

Plus, not all readers are able to get their hands on book box subscriptions, this would be a fun piece of content for your readers!

Monthly BookMail From (Book Buddy/Publisher/PR)

Similar to an unboxing, share images, synopsis and other information of books you receive from authors and publishers.

Monthly Book Hauls

Book hauls are always fun to see! Include some pictures in your blog post on the books you just bought from a book sale or a famous bookstore in your town!

Your Yearly Reading Goal/New Year Reading Goal

This is probably a super popular post. Almost every book blogger does it!

Mid-Year Reading Goal Check-in 

You can mention books you enjoyed and didn’t enjoy. In the post, you can also mention what went well in your reading journey so far and what could be improved for the rest of the year.

Quarterly Reading Goal Check-in

This is basically similar to the mid-year reading goal post idea. Some readers like to do this for documentation purposes. 

It’s nice to reflect back on which quarter was the best reading quarter for you in that year.

Yearly Reading Wrap Up

This is probably the big year-end goal wrap up every book blog needs. 

It is also a great way to look back yearly and compare your yearly progress – plus what books were your favourites and what books you least enjoyed.

Book Blog Post Idea #5 – Reading Tips

book blog post ideas
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How To Read More In (Year)

Share some helpful tips on how to meet your yearly reading goal. Here are some of my tips on reading more books before the year ends!

Physical Books VS Audiobooks VS Ebooks

Are you strongly opinionated on reading formats? Share your thoughts in a blog post! 

Some readers only listen to audiobooks if they’re a specific genre like fantasy or non-fiction.

Advantages/Benefits On Reading

There’s lots of advantages to reading books. Share some of your thoughts!

Disadvantages/Downside On Reading

Despite having advantages, there are also some disadvantages on reading, like wanting to escape reality/using reading as a coping mechanism.

Share some of your thoughts or experiences!

Which Kindle Should You Buy?

Do you own a kindle? You could review it or compare different kindle models!

Which E-Book Reader Is Best For You?

Are you an avid e-book reader? If you are, drop some of your favourite e-book reader recommendations.

Should You DNF A Book?

Talk about the pros and cons to DNF a book. I did write a post about this here.

How To Get Out Of A Book Slump

Book slumps happen all the time for different reasons. Share some tips on how to get out of a book slump.

You could also share some good book recommendations that will get you out of a book slump.

How To Plan A Reading Retreat/I Went On A Reading Staycation

You can either write two separate posts or combine helpful information on how to plan a reading retreat plus share your reading staycation with your readers.

Best (Cafes/Libraries/Parks In Your City) To Read Books At

Recommend places to read in your city. It could be libraries, cafes, parks and more!

Best Book Cafes In (City/Country)

This one is probably one of my favourites and yet i’ve not written it because there’s just so many book blog post ideas. What are some of the best cafes to read in your hometown or city/country you recently travelled to?

Tip: You can even write a blog post specifically on “quiet reading cafes” – some of us readers want to read in cafes but can’t read with all the hustle and bustle!

How To Increase Attention Span When Reading

This is much needed for all readers. If you have some tips on how to increase your attention span, try sharing them in a blog post.

How To Read Effectively/How To Remember What You Read

Are you able to remember plots, characters, important events in a book while being able to read multiple books a month? 

If this sounds like you, many would love to learn from you. 

Book Blog Post Idea #6 – Others

What’s On My Bookshelf 

Give your reader a tour of your bookshelf! Include some tips on how to arrange your bookshelf as well!

Best Book Gifts For Book Lovers

If you’re a book lover and not many of your friends and family like reading books/the same books as you do – you know the struggle! They just don’t know what to get you.

A list of gift ideas or a gifting guide for book lovers would be a helpful resource to others

This is also a great way to hint to someone special what you’d like for your birthday or Christmas!

Favourite Reading Essentials 

What is it that you must have while reading? Such as your stationary (pens, tabs, highlighters, bookmarks) or your favourite cup of tea?

If You Liked Reading (Book Title) Try Reading These Books

This blog post is great because you get to recommend similar books to your readers that have already read “X” book.

The Prettiest Books I Own 

This is the best time to show off those pretty covers and book editions! Also if you have any sprayed edge books! 

Books To Read After You Finish Reading (Book Title)

Have you ever felt empty after reading a book because it was so good? Like you don’t know what to read next?

This blog post idea might help your readers get rid of that feeling and try reading similar books to the book they just enjoyed reading! 

Your Favourite Places To Shop For Books

Do you have any favourite places or bookshops to shop for books? Share them in a blog post!

Books That’ll Make You Cry

You can either recommend books that have made you cry or compile a list of books that are know to have made readers cry.

Most-Anticipated Releases Of The Month/Year

This blog post idea is a great way to share anticipated books with your readers.

How To Create A Reading Corner At Home

Share some tips on creating a reading space at home. Include bookshelves, comfy chairs, coffee table and props to create a reading corner!

Money Saving Hacks When Wanting To Read More

If you have some tips on how to save money when buying books – you must share it! Books are getting expensive and not everyone can afford buying books all the time.

How To Track Your Reading

How do you track your reading? Whether it is a reading app or some reading templates/spreadsheets, share some tips and tricks!

How To Start A Bookstagram/Book Blog/Booktube/Booktok

If you consider yourself a well-established book influencer in any one of these social platforms, might as well write a guide that can be helpful to other readers who want to start being a book blog or even a bookstagram.

Rereading Your Favourite Childhood Books

This could be a nostalgic one. Try rereading childhood favourites and documenting how they made you feel.

Final Thoughts: Book Blog Ideas

When generating book blog post ideas, one thing to keep in mind is that you’re writing not just for you, but for you readers. Put yourself in their shoes – what would your readers want to read? 

How can you create book blog posts that are valuable and resourceful for others? 

I hope these post ideas help you with some blog content ideas to kickstart your very own book blog!

FAQs on Book Blog Post Ideas

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions on book blogging and post ideas!

How Can I Start A Blog About Books?

To start a blog about books, you’ll have to figure out your personal book review style and what type of book blog posts you’re interested in writing. It’s also a good idea to start a self-hosted blog and think about how you would like to brand your blog to stand out from thousands of other book blogs.

What Should My First Book Blog Post Be?

Your first book blog post should be something personal. Some ideas for your first post are; meet the book blogger, my reading journey, favourite books, authors, and quotes, these are all easy book blog post examples.

How Do I Promote My Book Blog?

To promote your book blog, make sure your content is shareable. To make your content shareable, it has to be valuable and there should be social plugins to easily share your book blog posts on social media.

Wrap Up: 70 Book Blog Topics & Post Ideas To Kickstart Your Book Blog

I hope you found these book blog post ideas useful! These book content ideas for beginners are fairly easy to write and edit as i’ve personally tried most of them out myself!

Let me know if you have any other suggestions!

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