Behind The Net: Spicy Chapters, Books A Like, Quotes & More!

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In this blog post, I’ll be answering all your burning questions on Behind The Net by Stephanie Archer. 

This sports romance novel is based on professional ice hockey. It follows Jamie, a grumpy but very famous NHL player, and his assistant, Pippa. 

You’ll learn what are the Behind The Net spicy chapters, similar books to Behind The Net, romance tropes and much more will be answered here for you to decide if this book is worth your time.

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What Is Behind The Net About?

Pippa was a talented musician until her celebrity boyfriend left her. She is done and over with the music industry.

In desperate need of a job, she immediately says yes when the opportunity to be an NHL player’s assistant arrives. Soon, she finds herself working for Jamie Streicher, the NHL goalie and her high school crush

As their lives become intertwined, sparks fly, and Pippa discovers she has been fooled by Jamie’s tough exterior and grumpy personality. 

Now all that’s left is for Pippa to tread carefully so she doesn’t get her heart broken beyond repair for the second time

Is Behind The Net Spicy?

Yes, Behind the Net is a very spicy book with multiple open-door romance scenes.

Behind The Net Spice Level

Behind the Net has a solid spice level rating of 5/5 stars.

Behind The Net Spicy Chapters List

Considering the high spice level rating, Behind the Net spicy chapter list includes 35, 36, 37, 40, 54, 58, 59, 63, 64, and 67.

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behind the net spicy chapters

Behind The Net Age Rating

Behind the Net has an age rating of 18+ because of the spicy scenes and mature content.

Is Behind The Net A Standalone?

Yes, Behind The Net is a standalone romance novel because Pippa and Jamie’s story is concluded here and it does not end on a cliffhanger. 

Behind The Net Romance Tropes

Behind the Net romance tropes includes:

  • He falls first
  • Slow-burn romance
  • Grumpy-Sunshine
  • Forced proximity
  • Roommate Romance
  • Spice Coaching

Behind The Net Trigger Warning

Trigger warnings for Behind the Net include:

  • Panic attack
  • Death of loved one
  • Anxiety and depression

5 Best Behind The Net Quotes

“I remember her singing when I got home, and my heart thumps harder. If she’s living with me, maybe I’ll hear her sing again.”

Behind The Net, Stephanie Archer

“You’re beautiful,” he says quietly. I smile up at him. “You make me feel beautiful.” 

Behind The Net, Stephanie Archer

“With the right person,” he says, holding my gaze, “you just know.”

Behind The Net, Stephanie Archer

“Something needs to change, and until now, it’s been me. With my mom, I’m always the one who bends. I’ve been encouraging Pippa to stick up for herself, put herself first, do what’s best for her career and her life, but I haven’t been following my own advice.”

Behind The Net, Stephanie Archer

Pippa Hartley is standing in my living room, playing with the dog, and I can’t breathe.

Behind The Net, Stephanie Archer

3 Books Like Behind The Net

From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata

This standalone novel is similar to Behind the Net because it is also a sports romance with the forced proximity trope.

Jasmine Santos is a professional ice skater, but her career has been doomed from the beginning. Now, life gives her one last opportunity to win the ice skating championship, but there’s a catch. 

She will have to pair up with her arrogant rival, Ivan Lukov, in order to save her career and his. 

Icebreaker by Hannah Grace

This college sports romance is similar to Behind the Net because it includes ice hockey romance with the grumpy-sunshine trope. 

Anastasia is a grumpy but talented figure skater who is forced to share the ice rink with her enemy, Nate, the ice hockey team’s captain. 

This is because the ice hockey practice ground will be closed until repaired. Anastasia has no choice but to find a way to practise ice skating when the hockey team isn’t hogging it. 

Meanwhile, Nate, with his golden retriever energy, is the complete opposite of Anastasia, which makes her even more mad. She is determined to not fall for him or his cute smiles. 

Just Don’t Fall by Emma St.Clair

This novel is similar to Behind the Net because it’s an ice hockey romance.

Parker is the hockey team’s social media manager who is shocked when Logan Barnes moves back to Harvest Hollow. 

Logan was part of a big hockey team until he messed up big time and got injured. Now he’s stuck in a small hockey team in the small town. 

Parker needs to do her job and get Logan to clear up his image by creating videos together for social media. 

However, he is determined to give Parker a hard time. Both of them will do whatever it takes for the other to listen to them.

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