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20 Spicy Sports Romance Books on Kindle Unlimited

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What’s better than a sports romance book? Sports romance books on Kindle Unlimited! If you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription, then you definitely have no shortage of sports romance books to choose from.

And in case you didn’t know, Kindle Unlimited is a reading service by Amazon that allows readers to enjoy thousands of titles, audiobooks and magazines for just a price of $11.99 a month.

Even if you don’t have a kindle, you can download the FREE app on your phone and start reading ASAP!

However, I recommend you make use of the 30-day FREE trial to check out these titles. You can always unsubscribe once you’ve read these books for free.

If you’re new to the sport romance sub-genre and are looking for a place to start, then you’ve come to the right place.

Today, I’m compiling a list of spicy sports romance books on Kindle Unlimited, ranging from the beloved books of ice hockey romance to the world of Formula 1 romance.

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20 Sports Romance Books on Kindle Unlimited

1. Behind the Net by Stephanie Archer

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: Grumpy Sunshine, Forced Proximity (Boss vs Assistant), Slow Burn, Roommates

What better way to start off the list than Ice hockey romance books starring a grumpy ice hockey goalie and a sunshine songwriter? Behind the Net is the first book in Stephanie Archer’s new series, The Vancouver Storm.

After getting dumped by her boyfriend over the phone and losing her job, Pippa Hartley not only has a broken heart but also an empty bank account. And she is desperately in need of a job. 

The catch? She was going to be an assistant to her high-school crush, Jamie Streicher, who has only gotten hotter than he was all those years ago.

With the right amount of sweet and spicy and no third-act breakup in sight, Behind the Net is perfect for readers looking for a lighthearted and enjoyable romance read. 

AND THERE’S A CUTE DOG. What more could you ask for?

2. Blind Slide by Kandi Steiner

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: Fake Dating, College Romance, Opposites Attract

Moving on to a pick from the football romance books on kindle unlimited, Blind Side by Kandi Steiner follows the story of Giana Jones who got herself into a deal with the hottest college football safety in the nation, Clay Johson. 

As the Public Relations Coordinator for the football team, Giana was stuck with a complete pain-in-the-ass Clay who went into a downward spiral after a messy breakup with his high school sweetheart.

But when Clay notices how Giana falls apart in front of her crush, he proposes a solution. A solution that will help Giana get herself noticed by her crush and help Clay to make his ex-girlfriend jealous.

A fake relationship.

Considered by readers to be one the most perfect fake dating sports romance, Blind Side is perfect for those who want a cute college romance read with a side of angst and spice. 

And did I mention she’s a spice-loving reader and he reads the highlighted part in her books for some “inspiration”?

3. Coach by Devney Perry

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: Single Dad, Second Chance, Small Town, Former Best-Friends to Lovers, Workplace Romance

From the author of the beloved small town series, The Edens, Devney Perry is back with a new single dad sports romance, titled Coach.

Best-friends to almost lovers, Ford Ellis and Millie Cunningham, drifted apart after college when both of their lives completely changed. But life offers them a second chance when Ford was hired as the new head coach for the Treasure State Wildcats, the same college where Millie is working as an assistant athletic director.

Things might not have worked out between them 10 years ago but now that Ford realizes Millie is back in his life, he was determined not to let her go.

Just like most second-chance romance books, Coach fully delivers on the angst of two people who missed their chance, as well as a touch of forbiddenness due to a no-fraternization policy between staff members. 

And you know what they say, It’s not a workplace romance without some workplace spice.

4. Consider Me by Becka Mack

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: Reformed Playboy, He Falls First

In Consider Me, Carterr Beckett is the hockey captain for one of the NHL teams and a resident playboy. With a reputation like that, Carter was used to having women throw themselves at him. 

But what he wasn’t used to getting turned down and putting him in his place. And that came in the form of Olivia Parker, the best friend to one of his closest friends. 

Olivia was determined to stay as far from Carter and his irresistible charms, but Carter was just as determined for Olivia to give him one chance.

Known as one of the beloved Booktok sports romance books, Consider Me is perfect for readers who are looking for a reformed playboy sports romance with lots and lots of pining! 

5. Cross the Line by Simone Soltani (Releasing September 15th)

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: Brother’s best friend, Sunshine x Sunshine

What better way to enter into the world of racing than romance books set in the pinnacle of motorsport? 

That’s right, F1 romance books have entered the list! Starting off with the first book in Simone Soltani’s new F1 series, titled Cross the Line.

Cross the Line follows the story of Dev Anderson and his dying F1 career. After a little social media incident, Dev knew he needed to hire someone to fix his image. And if he wanted to still have a seat in the F1 grid, he needed to hire someone fast. 

Luckily, the solution to his problem came at a party in Mocano where he ran into Willow Williams, a recent sports marketing graduate—who’s also his best friend’s little sister.

Willow Williams needed a job and when Dev offered her the perfect opportunity, she couldn’t say no. All she has to do is ignore the crush she’s had on him since childhood. No big deal.

With ethnically diverse characters—Dev who is half-Indian and Willow who is half-black—and chronic illness representation, Cross the Line brings a fresh take into the world of F1 romance books as well as sports romance books on Kindle Unlimited.

6. Duet Me Not by Lilian Li

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: Reverse Grumpy Sunshine, Fake Dating

If you’re looking for a fluffy high school sports romance books, Duet Me Not by Lilian Li should be your next read!

Set in the country of Malaysia in the 2010s, Duet Me Not is a story about Ashvin, a sunshine skater boy and June, a grumpy synchronised swimmer, and how they got roped into performing a synchronised swimming duet together.

All Ashvin wanted was to learn simple synchronised swimming to ask his crush out to prom. But that means seeking the help of June, the sea witch-incarnate.

After one disastrous practice session, Ashvin decided to call it quits and was sure they would never cross paths again.

When a video of him jumping in the pool to dance with June as she was panicking over her messed up performance went viral, Ashvin has decided to give the sport another try with the promise that June helps him out to win over his crush with some “practice dating”.

The last thing June wanted in the world was to be stuck training and practicing with the most annoying boy she’s ever met.

But this was her chance to impress the council and earn her spot on the Malaysia National team, so she has to succeed whether she likes it or not.

Duet Me Not is the YA Sports romance that is perfect for readers who want a cute pick-me-up read that pays homage to Malaysian culture and the late 2000s nostalgia.

7. First Down by Grace Reilly

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: Fake Dating, College Romance

The first book in Grace Reilly’s spicy college romance series, First Down follows the story of the college star quarterback, his tutor, and their fake relationship arrangement.

James Callahan was down on his luck and his shot of making it in the NFL was on the line.

Transferring to McKee University was supposed to clear his way for his future of football glory, but still one obstacle stood in his way: the writing class he failed in at his last college. 

James was determined to pass the class this time, and that meant getting a tutor. A gorgeous and stubborn tutor, who was exactly his type, Beckett Wood.

The last thing Beckett wanted was to mess around with athletes, especially with the new star quarterback. But her cheating ex-boyfriend wouldn’t leave her alone and James was offering her a solution in exchange for her being a tutor—to fake a relationship with him.

First Down is the perfect book for those looking for a cute college romance and a quick read.

And if one Grace Reilly book isn’t enough, you can binge the rest of the series that follows the rest of the Callahan siblings, which are: Breakaway, an ice hockey romance and Stealing Home, a baseball romance.

8. Flawless by Elsie Silver

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: One Bed, Forced Proximity, Forbidden Romance, Reformed Player, Cowboy Romance, Small Town

If you’re for a different type of sports romance, why not give bull-riding a try! The first book in Elsie Silver’s Chestnut Springs series, Flawless would be perfect for you.

The golden boy of professional bull-riding, Rhett Eaton has landed himself in hot water when an off-handed comment between him and another bull-rider were made public, turning him into a PR nightmare. 

Rhett’s agent, Kip, told him he needed to clean up his image. And to make sure he wasn’t getting himself into more trouble, Kip sent his daughter to “babysit” him.

All Summer Hamilton wanted was to make her father proud, from getting a law degree and following in her father’s footsteps at working at his agency company. When Summer was given her first real assignment, to “babysit” her childhood crush, she jumped at the chance.

With the right amount of swoon-worthy moments, family dynamics and spice, this book has captured the hearts of romance readers everywhere. 

If you’re looking to get into the world of sports romance with a touch of small-town and cowboy romance, Flawless should be your next read! 

9. Her Greatest Mistake by Hannah Cowan

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: Childhood Best Friends, Fake Dating, Plus Size Romance

Her Greatest Mistake follows the story of Maddox Hutton and Braxton Heights, two childhood best friends who went their separate ways after a betrayal caused by Braxton’s father all those years ago.

Maddox was living his life as the face of the NHL but his contract was ending soon, and if wanted to keep playing, he needed to be on his best behaviour. 

This wasn’t the first time he was up for a contract renewal but when his brother unexpectedly landed him into media trouble, his public image was tanked and securing a new contract was going to be harder than ever.

Meanwhile, Braxton would do anything to earn Maddox’s forgiveness, and when the opportunity presented itself, she couldn’t say no. Even if it means being his girlfriend for two months.

Regarded as Hannah Cowan’s best work by far, Her Greatest Mistake brings the readers on a journey of angst, sweet moments, fake dating and spice. 

10. Kulti by Mariana Zapata

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: Age Gap, Slow Burn, Childhood Celebrity Crush, Workplace Romance, Forbidden Romance

Moving on to soccer romance books on kindle unlimited, you can never go wrong with a book by the queen of slow burn romance, Mariana Zapata and her sports romance between a soccer player and her new assistant coach, titled Kulti.

Getting coached by the soccer icon that you looked up to when you were a kid was supposed to be a dream come true, but it didn’t take two weeks for Sal Casillas to realise that some dreams should remain just that—dreams.

Reiner Kulti was a retired German soccer player, closed-off and downright mean to everyone, players and fans alike. But Sal wasn’t going to let anyone get in the way of her dream, not after how hard she worked to get there.

Kulti is nothing short of funny, sexy and a slow burn that will keep you on your toes. This book is perfect for readers looking for two characters finding their way to each other through understanding, friendship and eventually falling in love. 

11. Meet Your Match by Kandi Steiner

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: Hockey Romance, Forced Proximity, Interracial Romance, Workplace Romance, Enemies to Lovers, He Falls First

Dipping her toes into the hockey world, Kandi Steiner is back with a new sports romance series, Kings of the Ice! 

The first book, titled Meet Your Match follows social media influencer Maven King and Tampa’s Hotshot Rookie, Vince Tanev.

One run-in at the all-star Gala was enough for Maven to know she never wants anything to do with Vince.

But when her photo of the hockey player went viral, she was stuck following Vince for a whole month when the team’s manager and her CEO struck a deal.

After getting her heart broken by her pro-golfer e-boyfriend, Maven was determined not to fall under the charms of Vince. 

On the other hand, Vince was determined to win over Maven as much as he could. Safe to say, both of them have met their match with each other.

In true Kandi Steiner’s fashion, Meet Your Match is a mixture of delicious tension, banter, heat and spice! If you’re looking for a new series to be addicted to, this is the book for you.

12. Mile High by Liz Tomforde

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: Plus-Size Romance, Reformed Playboy, Forced Proximity

Clear the way for more Hockey romance books on kindle unlimited, with one of the Booktok’s beloved sports romance books; Mile High.

Mile High by Liz Tomforde follows NHL’s favourite player to hate, Evan Zanders and how his world got turned upside down when Stevie Shay, the new flight attendant for his hockey team came into his life.

With its exploration athletes’ mental health, body insecurities, and great communication between the two main characters, Mile High has become staple in the sports romance genre. 

Considered to be one of the best ice hockey romance books by sports romance readers, Mile High is the book for readers looking for a more emotional romance book that managed to deliver with its hard-hitting parts, as well as its sweet and tender moments.

13. Offside by Avery Keelan

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: Ex Rivals, College Romance

Getting dumped on your 21st birthday is quite possibly the worst way to spend a day you want to remember for the rest of your life. 

But instead of drowning in sadness, Bailey James was out to seek revenge. And what better revenge than having a rebound with your ex’s number-one rival on the ice?

Chase Carter’s future in the NHL was slowly slipping out of his grasp. With his string of scandals and less-than-ideal grades, the last thing he needed was to be involved fraternizing with his team’s biggest competition. 

But when Bailey crashes into his life—literally, Chase can’t help but be tempted by the enemy.

Featuring a book boyfriend loved dearly by readers, Offside is a sweet and steamy hockey romance that you can’t go wrong with.

14. Right Man, Right Time by Meghan Quinn

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: Age Gap, Fake Dating

All Oliana Owens—nicknamed Ollie—wanted was to be done with her summer internship and get her college credit. 

But her biggest obstacle came in a sealed envelope that would determine the topic of what her in-depth article will cover if she ever wants to get the credit. The topic? Hockey. The problem? Ollie doesn’t know a single thing about the sport.

And to top it all off, Ollie ran into her office nemesis at a bar, and newsflash, she’s dating her ex-boyfriend. Stunned, Ollie did what she had to do—lied about having a boyfriend and kissing the guy sitting next to her. 

She might have thought that was a done deal but when the guy she locked lips with was none other than professional hockey player, Silas Taters and his whispered words of “You owe me.”, it was only the beginning of a fake relationship between the two.

With tons of experience in the sports romance genre, Meghan Quinn’s Right Man, Right Time delivered exactly what it promised to be—a heartwarming romance filled with hilarious moments making for a delightful read for romance readers. 

For readers craving a sports romance with the essence of a rom-com, this book should be your next read!

15. Snap Shot by Ruby Rana (Releasing August 23rd)

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: Childhood Friends, Friends With Benefits, Forced Proximity

Hockey’s golden boy, Landon Radek, landed himself into trouble when a scandalous photo of him went viral. To make the rumours disappear, his agent decides to hire the best lawyer in Ottawa, who also happens to be his childhood friend, Indira Davé.

Indira might have had a massive crush on Landon when she was younger, but now he was her client and she was determined to not fall for his dimple smile again. 

When a drunken confession led her to admit her well-kept secret, Landon proposed a “beneficial” arrangement to help her out.

With the perfect balance of witty banter, pining, angst, and South Asian Diaspora representation, Snap Shot is the perfect ice hockey romance for readers looking for an enjoyable read and spice that absolutely delivers.

16. Spring Tide by Ki Stephens

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: College Romance, Fake Dating, Grumpy x Sunshine, Small Town

When blackmailing leads to fake dating, you get Ki Stephen’s coastal town college romance, Spring Tide.

Harper St. James was crushing hard on college baseball star Nate Gunderson but her internship was with the football team instead. 

Wanting to have her assignment switch to the baseball team, Harper had to convince her sports med professor that she was dating a football player since dating someone on the team you’re working with is a no-go.

But when fellow linebacker Luca Reynolds found out about her little lie, he decides to blackmail her into a fake relationship with the promise of having her help with a knee injury that is threatening to destroy his future plans.

Spring Tide is the book for readers looking for a light read that is filled with adorable moments between two characters who complement each other perfectly.

17. The Right Move by Liz Tomforde

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: Fake Dating, Best Friend’s Brother, Roommates / Forced Proximity

If you’re looking for sports romance books with a possessive male lead, The Right Move by Liz Tomforde is the right book for you.

The last thing Ryan needed was to get a roommate, especially not one as tempting as Indy Invers. As the newly promoted captain of Chicago’s NBA team, a distraction is the last he needed. 

But after comments from his team’s General Manager of disapproving of the appointment of the new captain due to his lone-wolf nature and his zero work-life balance, Ryan knew needed to act fast. And what better way to convince them than by asking his new roommate to be his fake girlfriend?

After a disastrous breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Indy was down on her luck trying to find a new place to stay. And when her best friend convinces her to stay with her brother, Ryan Shay, she couldn’t possibly say no. 

Being his fake girlfriend wasn’t part of the original agreement, but when you’re part of a wedding where your ex-boyfriend’s will be there along with all your friends, revenge never sounded better than bringing your ex’s celebrity hero as your date.

Regarded as one of the Best sports romance books on kindle unlimited, the second book in Liz Tomforde’s Windy City series is a must read for all sports romance readers!

18. The Third Baseman by Lulu Moore

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: High School Romance, Second Chance Romance, Workplace Romance

Heading into the world of men in tight pants—I mean the world of baseball romance on Kindle Unlimited, you can do no wrong with The Third Baseman by Lulu Moore.

Marnie Matthews felt like her life was stuck, and when she was offered a new job working with the New York Lions, she took the lap. 

What she didn’t expect was working alongside her first love, the man she’s been avoiding to see ever since he broke her heart 14 years ago.

Leaving the team you’ve played for your entire baseball career for the lowest rank team might not be the wisest decision, but rationality wasn’t a factor if it meant a chance to win back the only woman you’ve ever loved, at least not to Jupiter Reeves. 

Breaking her heart was the hardest thing he ever had to do, and he was determined to not let her slip away this time.

Told in alternating timelines and dual POVs, The Third Baseman delivers a beautiful second chance romance between a grumpy on the outside, cinnamon roll on the inside male character and an Astrodynamist female character.

19. Throttled by Lauren Asher

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: Brother’s Rival, Reformed Rogue

A sports romance list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Lauren Asher’s Throttled, the first book in one of Booktok’s beloved F1 romance series, Dirty Air.

Maya Alatorre was a recent college graduate who was still looking to find her place in the world. When her brother suggests for her to follow him to his F1 races, Maya jumped at the opportunity. 

Touring the world with her brother didn’t seem like a bad idea, but that was before she met Noah Slade, his brother’s rival who also happened to be his brother’s new teammate. Saying he was off-limits was one way to put it, especially when his brother cost Noah a championship title two years ago.

3-time F1 World Champion Noah Slade was a legend in the making. And with a reputation of going through women as fast as he drives his cars, Noah was the bad boy on the F1 paddock. 

And when his new teammate decides to bring along his sister as they race around the world, Noah had his eyes set on her the minute he saw her.

Filled with tension, great chemistry and well-written characters, Throttled is the perfect book for readers who want to explore the world Formula 1 through a familiar romance book lens! The Dirty Air series is one you definitely do not miss out on.

20. 5 Rounds by Nikki Castle

sports romance books on kindle unlimited

Romance Tropes: Haters to Lovers, Forced Proximity

Looking for an underrated type of sports romance done right? Try a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) romance book with Nikki’s Castle debut novel, 5 Rounds!

When Remy Porter gets evicted from her apartment, she was stuck finding a new place to stay that was immediately available and within her price range. 

When her best friend, Jax, offers to let stay in his apartment while she waits for her new apartment to be ready, it seems like the perfect solution.

Except Jax had a roommate, and it was none other than the arrogant, self-centred womaniser, Tristan West, who Remy can’t stand.

10 days of living together doesn’t sound too bad, but when one night leads them to let down their guard with one another, they’re forced to face their newfound feelings with each other. 

Whether Remy was willing to give Tristan a chance and whether Tristan’s feelings for Remy are worth it as he prepared himself to be a world champion.

Praised to be an excellent debut novel from Nikki Castle, 5 Rounds has it all—strong female lead, swoon-worthy male lead and spice that absolutely delivers. Highly recommended to readers looking for different types of sports romance!

Wrap Up: Sports Romances on Kindle Unlimited

And that’s a wrap of my list of sports romance books on Kindle Unlimited! From popular sports such as ice hockey and football to more underrated ones like baseball romance, I hope you’ll find this list helpful as you navigate the world of sports romance books on Kindle Unlimited.

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