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26 Best Spicy Kindle Unlimited Romance Books (2023)

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Are you a kindle unlimited subscriber or are you planning on subscribing soon?

To help you make the most out of your subscription, I’ve found some of the best kindle unlimited romance books.

If you are a kindle unlimited reader then you know it can get overwhelming when trying to find your next romance read from the thousands of titles available.

Besides, if you’re not on Kindle Unlimited yet, you’re missing out on so many spicy romances!

best kindle unlimited romance books
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For those who don’t know, Kindle Unlimited is a reading service by Amazon that allows readers to enjoy thousands of titles, audiobooks and magazines for just a price of $11.99 a month.

Even if you don’t have a kindle, you can download the FREE app on your phone and start reading ASAP!

However, I recommend you make use of the 30-day FREE trial to check out these titles. You can always unsubscribe once you’ve read these books for free.

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Spicy Kindle Unlimited Romance Books Ratings

Before we get into the article here is a little guide to the spice rating system and a few romance words you’ll see in this list.

Open-door romance is when the readers get to read about detailed steamy romance scenes between characters. 

Close-door romance scenes are like the name suggests, “behind closed doors”. The author hints at the characters getting intimate but the readers are not given the details.

⅕ Stars: Suitable for 14+ readers, as it’s a young adult novel and does not contain explicit romance scenes.

⅖ Stars: Suitable for 14+ readers. There are closed-door romance scenes, but not many details are given.

​​⅗ Stars: Suitable for 16+ readers as there are a few romance scenes. 

⅘ Stars: Suitable for 18+ readers because there are a few open-door romance scenes.

5/5 Stars: Suitable for 18+ readers strictly. The novel has multiple open-door steamy romance scenes for an older audience.

26 Best Kindle Unlimited Romance Books

1. Things We Never Got Over (Knockemout #1) by Lucy Score

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice level: ⅗ 

The second book in the Knockemout series, Things We Hide From The Light, will be published on 21st February 2023.

Naomi Witt is forced to flee from her alter as her twin sister stirs up trouble once more, ruining her wedding day. Her car is gone, and she is broke and homeless now.

Naomi discovers that her twin has left behind her daughter, a niece Naomi didn’t know she had. Naomi begins her search for her twin while travelling through Knockemout, Virginia, with her niece.

In the town of Knockemout one should be careful as fistfights aren’t uncommon. There Naomi meets a grumpy barber, Knox, who protects his peace fiercely. His isolated existence is ideal, with his dog Waylon by his side. 

Knox decides to help Naomi after seeing what a disastrous situation she is in. As soon as he aids her, he will gladly be on his way unless he loses his heart to her in the process.

This book focuses on mending old relationships and finding love in unexpected places. Plus with its open-door romance scenes, this book is sure to make you swoon.

2. The Never King (Vicious Lost Boys #1) by Nikki St. Crowe

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: 5/5

The Never King is one of the spicy romance fantasy books on kindle unlimited. 

This novel puts a dark spin on the classic Peter Pan and The Lost boys story. It is also a dark reverse harem novel with four books in the series.

Winnie Darling, unlike most people, is dreading turning 18 soon. For generations the women in her family have gone missing on their 18th birthday, only to be returned a few days later. 

Although the women eventually come back, their sanity doesn’t. 

Winnie’s mother warns her about Peter Pan who steals these women away but Winnie doesn’t believe her until he comes for her.

Winnie learns that years ago a Darling woman stole away Peter’s shadow and magic, he must find it before he is too weak. He can’t fly anymore or do most of the things he used to. He needs to protect his island before it’s too late.

Fantasy fans get to see a fae romance brewing and magical creatures causing loads of trouble for the main characters.

3. The Song of the Marked (Shadows and Crowns #1) by S.M. Gaither

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: ⅖ 

The two things that matter to mercenary Casia Greythorne are; finishing her current job and earning enough coins to pay for the costly medication her mentor needs to stay alive.

Casia is great at what she does and the king knows that. He offers her a job with a massive reward that can solve most of Casia’s problems. The only downside is that her partner is the arrogant Captain Elander.

Captain Elander, the king’s right-hand man, knows how to get on Casia’s nerves, but whether they like each other or not, they must work together.

Their mission is simple enough: discover the cure for the plague that is destroying their kingdom.

With old magic stirring and old monsters awakening, Casia and Elander must hurry before time runs out.

This fantasy romance novel includes the enemies-to-lovers trope and has many epic battle scenes! Readers loved the romance and the chemistry between the characters. 

4. That Kind of Guy (The Queen’s Cove #1) by Stephanie Archer 

forced proximity romance books

Spice Level: 4/5 

That Kind of Guy is one of the best spicy books on Kindle Unlimited that i’ve ever read. It features the fake dating and forced proximity romance trope.

Avery Adams dreams of owning The Arbutus, the restaurant she works at. When the perfect opportunity strikes to purchase the restaurant, she is unable to get the bank to approve her loan.

Emmett Rhodes is running for mayor, but the town isn’t convinced that this bachelor is a family man.

So, the two of them make a deal! Emmett will sign her loan only if Avery is willing to pretend to be his fake-fiance. It’s a win-win situation, until they actually start falling for each other!

I love reading The Queen’s Cove series because of the small town setting and close knitted community that you get to be part of as you read the books.

All four books in the series follow the Rhodes brothers, which you’ll come to love!

If you’re a fan of the Gilmore Girls or any other small town shows, movies or books, you’ll like this series!

Read all books from The Queen’s Cove series for free on Kindle Unlimited now!

5. Bad Boys Break Hearts (The Boys #1) by Micalea Smeltzer 

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: ⅗ 

Bad Boys Break Hearts is part of an interconnected series, but can be read separately.

Rory Abbott is finally out of her toxic household and ready for Aldridge University where she plans to get her degree and become a great lawyer. 

Coincidently, Rory’s childhood friend Mascen Wade studies at Aldridge too. When they were eight years old, Rory’s family moved away without a word, leaving Mascen in confusion. Now he is a star pitcher on the baseball team and an infamous bad boy.

In present day, Rory and Mascen’s reunion wasn’t one they ever imagined. They meet when Rory stumbles, half-naked and drunk, out of Mascen’s best friend’s room. 

Rory knows her life is about to become a living hell again. Mascen has his reasons for being mad at her. He is determined to mess with Rory whenever he gets the chance. 

This novel takes readers on a rollercoaster of emotions as the characters constantly battle with their feelings. Romance tropes included are enemies to lovers and childhood romance.

6. Gild (The Plated Prisoner #1) by Raven Kennedy 

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: ⅖   

If you are a fan of Sarah J. Maas’s novels, then The Plated Prisoner series is for you. Gild is a retelling of the King Midas legend.

Anything King Midas touches turns to gold, including Auren.

Auren was rescued by Midas from the slums only to be taken as his prisoner later and placed on a gold pedestal. Now it has been ten years since, she lives in her cage of gold, thinking King Midas is her protector. 

The threats of war looming over the kingdom force Auren to question her trust and love for King Midas.

Auren is tired of obeying Midas and his strange requests. The monsters outside of the castle aren’t any better than the ones inside so she must choose wisely whether to flee or stay. 

Readers think Gild is one of the best kindle unlimited fantasy romance books as it does a great job of combining fantasy and romance.

Although, this dark fantasy novel ⅖ stars for spice, it is considered an 18+ book because of trigger warnings. The spice level picks up as the story progresses in the later novels.

7. Parallel (The Parallel #1) by Elizabeth and Elle O’Roark

best kindle unlimited romance books


Spice Level: ⅖ 

Quinn is ready to marry her childhood love when her strange dreams intensify. The same man appears so often in Quinn’s dreams that she knows everything about him. They always seem to be in love, whether they are kids, teens or adults in their dreams.

Quinn thinks the man in her dreams is a figment of her imagination but she is proven wrong very soon.

Nick Reilly, a neurologist, has been having strange dreams of a woman. He has a girlfriend but because of his dreams, he feels guilty and needs to figure out why these dreams are occurring.

Quinn’s mother suggests she visit a neurologist. Just when her doctor, Nick, walks in, they are shocked. They already know each other from their dreams.

To discover the truth Quinn and Nick would have to work together but they might not be ready to face the reality.  This sci-fi novel filled with time-travelling action and romance will have you reaching for the second instalment immediately! 

8. Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: ⅗ 

After completing five years in jail, Kenna Rowan, a single mother, is allowed to return to her hometown. The community, which had been marred by tragedy, is hostile to Kenna and keeps her apart from her daughter Diem, who is four years old.

Kenna’s family doesn’t want her around Diem because they think she isn’t a good influence.

Kenna runs into Ledger Ward, a local bar owner who has strange connections to Kenna’s past. Ledger is eager to help Kenna win back the custody of her daughter so she can have a second chance at becoming a good mother.

Spending time together causes Kenna and Ledger to grow closer, and Kenna can no longer ignore her emotions for him, but pursuing them would entail betraying the confidence of their friends. 

What separates this novel from other best kindle unlimited romance books is that Reminders of Him teaches people that everyone deserves a second chance and many readers loved this message.

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9. A Long Time Coming (Cane Brothers #3) by Meghan Quinn

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: ⅗ 

This book is part of an interconnected series with the first novel being A Not So Meet Cute. Each novel focuses on a different Cane brother. 

Sweet and funny, Breaker Cane is the youngest of the Cane brothers. When Lia, his best friend of ten years, asks him to be the man of honour at her wedding, Breaker agrees.

Now it’s Breaker’s responsibility to make sure the wedding goes smoothly. While Lia’s mother-in-law is a monster and the wedding plans aren’t going well, Breaker realises how much he cares about Lia and might be in love.

Breaker is scared to confess his feelings but he is certain he cannot let the wedding take place any more.

Readers love the way Meghan Quinn writes her rom-com series which are packed with humour that is sure to make you laugh out loud.

10. Twisted Love (Twisted #1) by Ana Huang

twisted series in order

Spice Level: ⅘ 

After the huge success of the Twisted series, Ana Huang is back with a new series set in the same universe, the Kings of Sins series! 

Ava Chen, a photography student, can get along with everyone, considering her sunshine personality, except for one person and that’s her brother’s best friend, Alex.

Alex Volkov, rich and arrogant, is not happy when Josh Chen, his best friend of eight years, asks him to look after his sister while he is away for work fellowship. 

Finally agreeing, Alex moves in next door to keep a close watch on Ava. Meanwhile, Ava’s friends think Alex doesn’t have any emotion and so they decide to test that theory by launching Operation Emotion. 

This book has great subplots along with an intriguing mystery plotline regarding Ava’s forgotten memories of her childhood and Alex’s dark secrets that he keeps hidden away from Ava.

This open-door romance novel includes tropes such as the brother’s best friend, forced proximity and age gap.

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11. Tis the Season for Revenge by Morgan Elizabeth

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: 5/5 

When looking for the best steamy romance novels Kindle Unlimited offers thousands of titles including Tis the Season for Revenge, a Christmas themed romance!

Abbie Keller is ditched by Richard Bartholemew Benson the Third whom she once thought would marry her instead, he left her crying outside her apartment.

Now as Richard wants to focus on his career, Abbie is more focused on getting revenge. 

Luck is on Abbie’s side because she soon starts dating Damien Martinez, a founding member of the law firm where Richard works. Abbie must convince Damien to take her as his date to the annual Christmas party which Richard would be attending too.

But Abbie soon realises that Damien, the tough New York Lawyer might have a soft side that she likes and plans of revenge start to bore her.

This novel includes the grumpy x sunshine trope, age gap and open door romantic scenes meant for an older audience.

12. Archer’s Voice ( Where Love Meets Destiny #1) by Mia Sheridan 

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: 5/5

Bree Prescott escapes to the small town of Pelion, Maine in hopes of ridding herself of the horrible memories that haunt her.

Bree is unaware of the past events that haunt the calm town. On her first day, Bree runs into Archer Hale, who leaves her very intrigued after their strange interaction. It turns out Archer is a resident of Pelion who has many rumours surrounding him. 

While walking her dog, Bree finds a secluded house with Archer inside. Her curiosity about Archer’s past forces her to stick around and she soon finds out he is mute. As they communicate through sign language, they slowly start to bond.

Now that Bree is digging up old stories she might uncover truths that neither she nor Archer is ready for.

The open-door romance in this novel gives other best kindle unlimited romance books a run for their money. Mia Sheridan is great at writing small-town romances. 

13. Twisted Lies (Twisted #4) by Ana Huang

twisted series in order

Spice Level: ⅗ 

When speaking of the best kindle unlimited romance books, it’s impossible not to mention the last book in Ana Huang’s Twisted Series, Twisted Lies.

This is one of the spiciest books on kindle unlimited, it follows Stella and Christian as they grow close to each other and learn dark secrets that threaten to break their fragile bond.

Christian Harper, the owner of a security company, has his eyes set on Stella Alonso, a social media influencer. 

When fate brings Stella and her friend to his luxury building in search of an apartment, he lowers the rent for her so he can keep her close.

Living in the secure apartment, Stella thinks she is being followed. Her doubt is confirmed when random love letters start showing up. Stella doesn’t want her friends to worry so she decides to ask Christain for help.

The romance is slow burn but many readers thought it was worth the wait. Romance tropes included in this book are fake dating and forced proximity.

14. Behind The Net by Stephanie Archer

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: 3/5

If you’re looking for spicy kindle unlimited books with the sports romance trope, this book is for you!

After getting dumped by her boyfriend over the phone and losing her job, Pippa Hartley not only has a broken heart but also an empty bank account. She is desperately in need of a job. 

The catch? She was going to be an assistant to her high-school crush, Jamie Streicher, who has only gotten hotter than he was all those years ago.

Behind the Net has a great balance of sweet and spice, perfect for readers looking for a steamy yet cozy romance read.

15. The Wrong Bride (The Windsors #1) by Catharina Maura

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: ⅘ 

In this free kindle romance book, Raven’s life takes a 180° turn when her sister doesn’t show up to her own wedding. Now she has to step in her place and marry her sister’s fiance. 

Ares Windsor, a billionaire media mogul, is devastated when his bride doesn’t show up but with a high-profile wedding like his, the show must go on. His reputation is on the line, and even if it means marrying his fiance’s sister to save it, he is ready.

Raven always had feelings for Ares but couldn’t confess them, now she is determined to make their relationship work.

This book includes loads of angst, banter and the marriage of convenience trope.

16. How the Grump Saved Christmas by Claire Kingsley

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: ⅕ 

Isabelle Cook’s Christmas tree farm and village are in huge trouble, and the worst part is the man who wants to buy is it non-other than Elias Stoneheart, her ex-boyfriend.

No one can convince workaholic Elias once he has made up his mind. His grumpy nature keeps people away and in line but Isabelle will do anything to protect her farm from him.

Elias’s boss has promised him a promotion he desperately wants if he can get the Cook family to let go of their farm.

Considering how badly Elias broke Isabelle’s heart in high school she won’t make things easy for him and plans to teach him the real meaning of the Christmas spirit that he hates.

If you love Hallmark movies, small-town vibes and second-chance romances give this novel a go! 

17. The Fine Print (Dreamland Billionaires #1) by Lauren Asher

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: ⅘ 

Rowan’s latest project is renovating Dreamland, a theme park that could open many doors of opportunities for him. 

The theme park has been in Rowan’s family for a long time and his grandfather’s last wish is for Rowan to revive the park and win his inheritance.

Zahra works at the kid’s saloon in Dreamland. Her dream has been to work on the creative team and improve Dreamland and her wish comes true when she gets drunk and sends an email to Rowan about the idea.

Surprisingly Rowan needs a hand and hires Zahra quickly. Now they need to plan a new attraction for the park but with their stubbornness, things get challenging and a fire is ignited between them. 

Rowan knows he shouldn’t get romantically involved with Zahra but he just can’t stop himself.

This office-romance novel is a great read filled with Disney land vibes that many readers loved. 

18. The RSVP (The Virgin Society #1) by Lauren Blakely

Spice Level: 5/5 

Spicy books on Kindle Unlimited have become a favourite for many readers including this interconnected series!

Smart and intelligent, Harlow has always been a good girl even when she’s been crushing on Bridger, a man a decade older than her. Unfortunately, that man is also her father’s business partner and is completely off-limits.

Bridger has been focused on building the multimillion-dollar business and doesn’t even glance at Harlow’s way. Then everything changes on the night of the gala when Harlow notices Bridger staring at her with darkened eyes.  

At that point, Harlow decides that she is done being the good girl and she will try to seduce Bridger. However, if things end badly it could bring all sorts of troubles to Harlow’s dad and his business. 

This novel includes the age gap trope and multiple romantic scenes meant for an older audience.

19. Frost (Frost and Nectar #1) by C.N Crawford

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: ⅕ 

If you love The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J Mass and a beauty and the beast-retelling, this kindle unlimited romance novel is perfect for you.

On her birthday, Ava ends up drunk and heartbroken at the bar because she caught her human boyfriend cheating.

Ava is a faerie living a human life among humans, so when the Seelie King walks in at the bar she is shocked. In her drunk state, Ava curses at him which earns her his attention.

Surprisingly, Torin, the Seelie King is not offended, instead, he offers Ava 50 fifty million if she participates in the competition for Seelie Queen.

It has just been announced that the competition for Seelie Queen will be taking place soon. For generations, the Seelie Kings have held tournaments that help them pick a worthy bride and Queen. 

Ava doesn’t understand why Torin wants to cheat at the games by paying her, surely he must have secrets.

She accepts his once-in-a-lifetime offer but when the games finally begin, Ava starts to doubt her decision because her life is on the line and her heart might be too. 

Readers loved the tension between Ava and Torin and the slow burn romance kept readers hooked till the end.

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20. What Lies Beyond the Veil (Of Flesh & Bone #1) by Harper L. Woods and Adelaide Forrest

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: 5/5  

After 400 years of separating the dangerous Fae of Alfheimr from the human world, the Veil has been destroyed. Now The Wild Hunt and The Mist Guard are after innocent humans. 

Estrella lives near the Veil with her brother and mother, who is wheelchair-bound. When the magic of faeries marks Estrella, she is instantly on the run. Being marked means the faeries would be after her life soon if the Mist Guard doesn’t get to her first.

While on the run, she meets Caelum who saves her from the Wild Hunt. Caelum turns out to be a dangerous Fae, who is willing to offer her protection along the way. Trusting Caelum seems like her only option so Estrella forms a lethal alliance with him. 

Complete with fated mates and ‘touch her you die’ tropes, this dark fae romance will keep you on your toes.

21. ​​Brutal Prince (Brutal Birthright #1) by Sophie Lark

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: 5/5

This mafia series is one of the best steamy romance novels Kindle Unlimited has to offer.

Chicago’s two rival mafia families are constantly down each other’s throats for power. The Irish Griffins and the Italian Gallos can’t seem to form a trustworthy alliance until one day, Aida Gallo, the youngest Gallo, sneaks into the Griffin mansion.

Aida accidentally sets fire to the Griffin’s library which doesn’t go unnoticed. In order to avoid war her father comes up with a plan. Her father decides to marry Aida off to Callum Griffin, the eldest son and heir to the Griffin throne while hoping this alliance would work.

Cool and collected, Callum is sure he can calm down his devil of a bride. Unfortunately, this is a match made in hell as Aida and Callum fight for dominance.

Aida is determined to go back home even if it means poisoning her husband-to-be on their wedding day.

The enemies-to-lovers trope is extremely well done as the characters are constantly giving each other hell. 

22. Terms and Conditions (Dreamland Billionaires #2) by Lauren Asher

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: ⅘

Terms and Conditions is the second book in The Dreamland Billionaires series, with The Fine Print being the first book. These books can be read as standalones.

​​Declan Kane, the endest Kane sibling, is all set to take over his family’s media empire. However, a clause in his grandfather’s will is currently the only thing standing in his path to success and power. 

The clause states that Declan must get married and produce an heir before his takeover. Failing to find a loophole, Declan is about to give up when his trustworthy assistant steps in. 

Iris, Declan’s assistant, thinks it’s easy. She just needs to abide by the contract’s terms. Have a child, act love-stricken in public, and portray the ideal wife.

Before Declan and Iris realise it, they are falling for each other but with all the pretending and fake dating, Iris isn’t sure what’s real anymore. The last thing she wants is her heart broken.

The Booktok community considers this novel as one of the best kindle unlimited steamy romance books as it includes tropes such as the grump x sunshine and marriage of convenience trope.

23. Keeper of Enchanted Rooms (Whimbrel House #1) by Charlie N. Holmberg

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: ⅕ 

The year is 1846, and author Merritt Fernsby just found out he has inherited a remote estate in Narragansett Bay. 

The Whimbrel House has gone 10 years without an owner but Merritt isn’t bothered about that, until the doors slam and lock, trapping him inside this mysterious house.

Hulda Larkin works at the Boston Institute for the Keeping of Enchanted Rooms. She is well trained in taming such properties so their historical value can be preserved. Merritt is more than happy to accept her assistance in his strange situation.

Hulda advises Merritt that if the Whimbrel house isn’t properly taken care of it could lead to dangerous situations. Their best option is to turn their foe into a friend. To do that Hulda would have to move in and live there for a few weeks.

As Merritt and Hulda face the haunted Whimbrel house together, they grow close and start to develop feelings for each other, but escaping the house comes first on their to-do list. 

Readers loved the magical elements and the fantasy world Charlie N. Holmberg has created, completed with a dash of romance and close proximity trope.

This fantasy romance Kindle Unlimited novel is perfect for young adults.

24. Lovelight Farms (The Lovelight #1) by B.K. Borison

best kindle unlimited romance books

Spice Level: ⅘ 

Stella Bloom’s Christmas tree farm is in absolute shambles. Her shipments have gone missing and a family of racoons have decided to make the farm their home.

Stella’s last hope of saving her beloved farm is to enter a contest with Evelyn St. James, who is an famous Instagram influencer. The publicity would be great for the farm and especially the huge cash prize!

Without another thought, Stella sends in an application but to increase her chances of being selected she lies that she owns Lovelight Farms with her boyfriend, one that doesn’t actually exist.

But don’t worry, best friend Luka Peters is here to save the day. Stella immediately turns to him for help and he can’t say no. Luka agrees to fake date Stella while the show runs.

Stella and Luka’s charade might seem harmless at first but if their hearts get involved, their friendship could be at stake.

25. Bridgerton: The Duke and I (Bridgertons #1) by Julia Quinn

duke romance novels

Spice Level: 4/5 

One of the best romance books on Kindle Unlimited that is also a historical romance! Duke Simon Basset is tired of people asking him about his marriage plans. 

To get a break from society, an idea pops into Simon’s mind. He could have a fake marriage but he needs a girl willing to play along.

Daphne Bridgerton is the oldest daughter of the powerful and wealthy Bridgerton family. As she reaches a marriageable age she feels society’s pressure too just like Simon. 

When Simon proposes his idea to Daphne, she is on board. Maybe being linked to the charming duke would make other men line up for her hand in marriage and things will turn out well. 

But as Simon and Daphne dance together in many ballrooms, she can’t resist his dashing smiles and personality. For Daphne there might be a change of plans and her heart might get broken in the process.

This book is one of the best steamy historical romance novels Kindle Unlimited has to offer!

26. The Last Dragon King (Kings of Avalier #1) by Leia Stone

best kindle unlimited romance books


Spice Level: ⅕  

In this fantasy romance standalone, the ruthless Dragon King Drae is looking for his bride-to-be.

Drae needs to produce an heir soon so his land’s magic doesn’t die. He orders his royal guards to collect any women of age so they can be presented to him in the Jade City where he resides.

The woman would need to have enough dragon blood so she could successfully produce the heir. 

Arwen, a huntress, knows she doesn’t have enough dragon blood so she has nothing to worry about even as she is taken to the jade city as a potential candidate. 

However, Arwen starts to stress when her mother warns her about her secret lineage that could get her killed by the King himself. 

When Arwen and Drae finally meet they know their future is doomed. Drae cannot under any circumstances fall in love with Arwen because it would be selfish of him to let the land’s magic die. The Dragon King must keep his heart on a tight leash. 

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Wrap Up: Kindle Unlimited Romance Novels

These were the best kindle unlimited romance books you can read for free with the 30-day trial!

This list covered many romance novels with their spice levels mentioned so you can pick the book you are most comfortable with.

Some of this romance novels were contemporary romances, YA and also fantasy!

Whichever book you decide to add to your growing Kindle Unlimited TBR pile, I am sure you’ll love it!

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