15 Twisted Love Quotes With Page Numbers + Aesthetic Screensavers!

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Can’t get over Twisted Love? Don’t worry, i’ve got you. Here are some famous Twisted Love Quotes with page numbers!

The Twisted series by Ana Huang has made a special place in the hearts of romance readers.

Twisted Love is the first book in the Twisted series. It follows the story of Alex Volkov, a possessive alpha male and Ava Chen, a photography student. 

Alex is tasked on taking care of his bestfriend’s sister, Ava. Overtime, the two develop feelings for each other.

In this blog post I have compiled some of the best Twisted Love quotes with page numbers so you can revisit them and enjoy your favourite scenes.

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Alex Volkov Twisted Love Quotes

  1. “I’d do anything for you. No matter how twisted or impossible.” (Page 54)
twisted love quotes
  1. “If you let lesser people determine your self-worth, you’ll never reach higher than their limited imagination.” (Page 29)
  1. “You are the light to my dark, Sunshine.” (Page 59)
twisted love quotes
  1. “If you wanted, I would burn down the world for you.”  (Page 86)
  1. “You don’t have to work overtime to get people to love you, Ava. Love isn’t earned, it’s given.”  (Page 29)
  1. “What did I tell you? You’re mine, Sunshine. You’re never touching another man unless you want him six feet in the ground.” (Page 45)
  1. “You told me once there was something beautiful waiting for me, something that’ll restore my faith in life. I’ve found it. It’s you.” (Page 84)
  1. “I’d rather be the villain with her by my side than the hero who risked losing her because of a misguided sense of morality.” ( Page 68)
  1. “I hated how much I wanted her, and I hated that she wasn’t smart enough to run away from me while she still had a chance.Thought let’s be honest, it was already too late.” (Page 26)
  1. “You believe the best of people and that’s a strength, not a weakness.” (Page 84)
  1. “If you think I’m leaving you alone and unprotected anywhere, you don’t know me at all.” (Page 84)
  1. “I wanted her, but it wasn’t a sweet, tender kind of want. It was a dirty, ugly want, tainted by the blood on my hands and a desire to drag her out of the sunshine and into my night.” (Page 26)

Ava Chen Twisted Love Quotes

  1. “Wonderful people exist and wonderful things happen too, and if you focus too much on the negative, you miss all the positive.” (Page 17)
twisted love quotes
  1.  “He wanted to burn the world down at seeing me hurt.” (Page 28)
  1.  “I wanted every shadow of his soul and every piece of his beautiful, multilayered heart. I wanted to pour into him every drop of light I had to give until he consumed me whole. Until I was his, and he was mine.” ( Page 40)

Wrap Up: Twisted Love Quotes With Page Numbers

I hope you enjoyed these Twisted Love quotes with page numbers (for easy reference), especially the Alex Volkov quotes which readers love revisiting!

I also added some warm and cozy aesthetic wallpapers that matches Ava Chen’s vibe. Plus, a dark night sky one for Alex Volkov’s mysterious vibe.

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