Twisted Love: Spicy Chapters, Books A Like, Tropes & FAQs!

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In this blog post, you’ll learn more about Twisted Love, answering your burning question, “is Twisted Love spicy?” along with its spicy chapters, romance tropes, a list of similar books and more!

Twisted Love, the first book of Ana Huang’s Twisted Series has taken the bookish community by storm, especially on BookTok.

This book is a popular read among romance readers because of it’s possesive alpha male who happens to be morally grey as well, making this book a spicy romance read.

Alex Volkov is a bad boy with wits, he charms sweet and innocent Ava Chen (his brother’s sister) unintentionally as they spend more time together.

twisted series in order

What Is Twisted Love About?

Twisted Love is the first book in Ana Huang’s Twisted Series.

Ava Chen, a twenty-two-year-old, is happily attending university with her three best friends while pursuing photography on the side.

Medical student Josh, her older brother, has to move abroad for a year due to his studies but he’s worried about Ava. He’s overly protective of her and thinks Ava trusts everyone blindly so he asks his best friend for a huge favour. 

Alex Volkov, cold and brooding, has been Josh’s best friend for eight years so he can’t deny him when he’s truly in need of his help.

He is tasked with looking after Ava and keeping her away from danger. He moves in next door to her to keep a close watch.

This leads to them spending loads of time together which leads to them catching feelings for each other.

Is Twisted Love a Spicy Book?

Yes, Twisted Love is spicy as it has explicit open-door romance scenes that are pretty steamy and is meant for a mature audience.

Twisted Love Spice Level

Twisted Love has a spice level of 3/5, being the least spicy book in the series.

Twisted Love Spicy Chapters

If you want to read the spicy chapters in Twisted Love, head to chapters 19, 22, 24, 26, and 43. You can also make your reading experience spicy-free with these close door modifications.

twisted love spicy chapters list

How Many Chapters Are In Twisted Love?

There are 43 chapters in Twisted Love that are in dual pov.

Twisted Love Age Rating

Twisted Love is meant for mature readers of age 18 and up because of the mature steamy scenes and language use.

Twisted Love Romance Tropes

twisted love spicy chapters

Twisted Series Books In Order

Here is the Twisted love series in order:

Do You Have To Read The Twisted Series In Order?

No, you do not need to read it in order. However, you might notice certain character appearances in each book that might give away a tiny bit of a spoiler on which characters do end up together.

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5 Best Twisted Love Quotes

  1. “I’d do anything for you. No matter how twisted or impossible.”
  2. “You are the light to my dark, Sunshine.”
  3. “You told me once there was something beautiful waiting for me, something that’ll restore my faith in life. I’ve found it. It’s you.”
  4. “I hated how much I wanted her, and I hated that she wasn’t smart enough to run away from me while she still had a chance.Thought let’s be honest, it was already too late.”
  5. “You believe the best of people and that’s a strength, not a weakness.”

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5 Books Like Twisted Love

I’ve selected five books that have some tropes in common with Twisted Love such as brother’s best friend trope, grumpy-sunshine trope and forced proximity, and also a book written by the same author.

1. King of Wrath by Ana Huang

marriage of convenience trope romance novels

Ana Huang is back with King of Wrath, a marriage of convenience trope romance novel.

Dante Russo is a proud and arrogant billionaire who doesn’t mess around when it comes to business. Especially not when Francis Lau shows up at his office unannounced and blackmails him.

Dante knows he’ll be paying the price for something that wasn’t even his fault, but rather his brother’s.

Francis has a simple request for Dante. He must marry his daughter, Vivian Lau, a sophisticated jewellery heiress and event planner. She’ll be the family’s key to old-money ties in upper-class society, at the cost of her happiness.

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2. The Fine Print by Lauren Asher

twisted love spicy chapters

If you like grumpy-sunshine books like Twisted Love but want a different dynamic, this billionaire romance might peak your interest. Add The Fine Print to your TBR!

After drunkenly submitting a proposal criticising Dreamland’s most expensive ride, Zara was prepared to say goodbye to the job she loved.

Instead, the new owner, business-oriented Rowan Kane decides to promote her to her dream job. But of course, the catch is he will be her new boss.

With forced-proximity at the work place, a romance starts to bloom between the two.

3. Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey

twisted love spicy chapters

When you’re looking for more books to read after reading Twisted Love, try reading Tessa Bailey’s Fix Her Up.

Being the youngest sibling, Georgette Castle’s family has never taken her seriously.

But when her long-time crush, Travis Ford comes back to her hometown after an injury that ended his baseball career, Georgette suggested a fake-dating scheme that benefits both of them.

This book is has the “crushing on my older brother’s best friend my entire life” trope, with a side of some of the hottest scenes, therefore making this book quite similar to Twisted Love.

Wrap Up: Twisted Love Spicy Chapters, Characters, Age Rating and More!

Indulge in Twisted Love spicy pages now that you know the chapters, characters, quotes and more about the book!

And yes, if you’re wondering if the twisted series is spicy, know that all 4 books in the series are definitely steamy reads.

The Twisted Love series is one of the most spiciest romance books you’ll ever come across. Ana Huang’s beloved series has gone viral, and you can now read it for free on Kindle Unlimited.

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