King of Wrath: Spicy Chapters, Books A Like, Quotes, Characters & More!

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In this blog post, I’ll be answering all your burning questions on King of Wrath by Ana Huang.

If you want to know more on King of Wrath spicy chapters, books alike and some frequently asked questions, you’re in for a treat.

After the Twisted Series went bookstagram and BookTok viral, fans wanted more and Ana delivered! King of Wrath is the first novel in the Kings of Sin series, a new spin-off series which features a powerful billionaire, Dante and his fiance Vivian, a jewellery heiress. 

This novel features some of the most-loved romance tropes such as billionaire romance and marriage of convenience

king of wrath spicy chapters

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What Is King of Wrath About?

Vivian Lau is an event organiser who knows how to deal with tough clients. However, when it comes to her own parents, all her bravado evaporates when they ask her to marry Dante Russo. She has no choice but to agree. 

Being a billionaire CEO is tough, especially when Dante has to deal with a strange man who shows up at his office with blackmail material. The man (Vivian’s father) wants Dante to marry his daughter. Dante agrees to the marriage but he must find a way out of this mess fast.

Dante has old money roots which the Lau family lacks. Forming a marriage connection would open doors of opportunities for the Laus but will a marriage built on lies and disdain last? 

Is King of Wrath A Spicy Book?

Yes. King of Wrath contains mature open-door romance scenes which are recommended for 18+ readers.

King of Wrath Spice Level

King of Wrath has a spice level of ⅘, considering there were many open-door romance scenes, despite the book being labelled a slow-burn romance. 

King of Wrath Spicy Chapters

The spicy chapters in King of Wrath are 13, 19, 24, 27, 31, 40, and 43. Now you can easily make close-door modifications or re-visit the spicy scenes whenever you’d like. 

King of Wrath Age Rating

King of Wrath has an age rating of 18+ and is generally recommended for a mature audience due to profanity, mild violence and romance scenes. 

King of Wrath Tropes

The romance tropes featured in King of Wrath is billionaire romance, marriage of convenience, forced proximity and interracial romance trope.

Who Are The Main Characters in King of Wrath?

In King of Wrath, Vivian Lau and Dante Russo are the main characters. Vivian is a jewellery heiress and party planner, while Dante is a billionaire CEO with old-money roots.

Can I Read King of Wrath Before the Twisted Series?

Yes, you can read King of Wrath before the Twisted Series because it’s part of a new series called Kings of Sin.

However, there are a few spoilers about Twisted Games mentioned and some cameo scenes are made by characters from Twisted Lies as both the Kings of Sin and the Twisted Series are set in the same world. 

To have the full Ana Huang’s bookish experience, I recommend reading the Twisted Series first and then reading King of Wrath.

Kings of Sin Books in Order 

Kings of Sin series in order:

  1. King of Wrath (20th October 2022)  
  1. King of Pride ( 27th April 2023) 
  1. King of Greed (24th October 2023) 

How Old is Dante in King of Wrath?

In King of Wrath, Dante is 36 years old. Even though the pair has an 8-year age gap, their chemistry in the novel makes us forget that.

How Old is Vivian in King of Wrath?

In King of Wrath, Vivian is 28 years old. There is an 8 year gap between Dante and Vivian.

5 Best King of Wrath Quotes

  1. “Somehow, somewhere along the way, I’d fallen in love…not like or lust. Love, in all its terrifying, unpredictable, unwanted glory.”
  1. “I hate the idea of you touching anyone else, or anyone else touching you. I hate that other people can make you laugh in a way I can’t. I hate how I feel around you, like you’re the only person that can make me lose control when I. Don’t. Lose. Control.”
  1. “I love you, too. Even after what you did. Even if I shouldn’t. I love you more than I could ever hate you.” 
  1. “You and me, sweetheart. That’s the destination. And I’m willing to take as many steps as I need to get there.”
  1. “I spent thirty-seven years thinking my perfect match didn’t exist. You proved me wrong in less than one.”

3 Books Like King of Wrath

1. Hooked by Emily McIntire

king of wrath spicy chapters

Hooked is similar to King of Wrath because of just like Dante, James falls for their enemy’s daughter. Both novels also include the enemies-to-lovers trope. 

James wants is to take down his enemy, Peter Michaels and then he will be at peace. When Peter’s twenty-year-old daughter Wendy shows up at James’s bar, the opportunity is too good to miss.

His mission is simple: Charm Wendy, destroy her and get his sweet revenge. 

However, when a traitor emerges in James’s circle, achieving his goal seems impossible. His new weird feelings for Wendy aren’t helping his case either. 

Hooked is inspired by the Peter Pan novels although it’s not a retelling! The novels in the Never After series can be read as standalones in any order.

2. Twisted Emotions by Cora Reilly 

king of wrath spicy chapters

Twisted Emotions is quite similar to King of Wrath because it also uses the marriage of convenience trope and the main love interest is just as dark and powerful as Dante.

Nino Falcone is the right-hand man and brother of the Camorra mafia boss. In this blood-tainted world, his lack of feelings is a gift especially when his brother asks him to marry for the sake of an alliance. Nino will have to marry Kiara Vitiello, from the New York Famiglia, to end the rivalry. 

Kiara knows marrying Nino will bring honour to her name, something her family desperately needs right now. Regardless, nightmares from her past still haunt her as she tries to pull herself together and make her new marriage work.

3. The Wrath & the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh 

king of wrath spicy chapters

The Wrath & the Dawn is similar to King of Wrath because of the marriage of convenience trope.

Khalid, the eighteen-year-old Caliph of Khorasan marries a new village girl each night, only to have her killed at dawn. Every single soul is scared of being chosen so it is a great surprise when Shahrzad volunteers. 

Despite others seeing her as a naive girl, she has come up with a clever plan to stay alive and get revenge for the girls who were murdered. 

Khalid is intrigued by Shahrzad’s bravery but he must control his heart because he can’t afford to fall in love. 

Does King of Wrath Have A Happy Ending?

Yes, King of Wrath has a happy ending! After Vivian learns her father had blackmailed Dante into marrying her she confronts Dante and moves out of their apartment in a fit of rage.

Days later, Dante shows up at the Legacy Ball (which Vivian organised) and confesses his true feelings to her. Vivian agrees to have a fresh start. The novel ends with Dante and Vivian getting married at his family house in Lake Como. 

Is King of Wrath Worth Reading?

Yes, King of Wrath is worth the read. Dante and Vivian’s slow-burn romance filled with cute moments is just what you need. Especially, If you love brooding billionaires which give off “touch her, you die” vibes, then King of Wrath should be on your TBR.

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