Guide to Flawless: Spicy Chapters, Books A Like, Quotes & More!

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If you’re a reader who loves small-town romances with ranch vibes and alpha males, Flawless by Elsie Silver is the perfect read for you.

Flawless is the first book in the Chestnut Spring Series. It follows one of the Eaton brothers – Rhett Eaton is a bull rider who stirs up trouble that his agent always has to clean up to protect his image.

His agent decides to send his daughter, Summer Hamilton to “baby sit” Rhett to make sure he stays out of trouble.

flawless spicy chapters

In this blog post, I’ll be answering all your burning questions on Flawless, such as its romance tropes, spicy chapters, a list of similar books and more! Then, you can decide for yourself if this book is worth your time!

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What is Flawless by Elsie Silver about?

Flawless is a small-town, cowboy romance and is the first book in the Chestnut Spring Series.

At age 32, Rhett Eaton is an aging bull rider. He often puts his life at risk, chasing the high he gets from joining bull riding competitions although they cause him painful injuries.

The trouble starts when he accidentally puts his career on the line by messing up a milk ad by saying he hates milk. Because of this, his agent sents his attractive yet stubborn 25-year-old daughter, Summer Hamilton to “baby sit” Rhett to make sure he gets out of trouble.

Summer has a negative perception of Rhett and is ready for him to give her a hard time because of all the stories she’s heard of him (being the playboy and party animal he is). However, she soon realizes that she might be wrong.

Is Flawless Spicy?

Yes, Flawless by Elsie Silver is a spicy romance book.

Flawless Spice Level

Flawless has a spice rating of 4/5 stars, as it has numerous open door romance scenes.

Flawless Spicy Chapters List

Flawless spicy chapters are 21, 22, 23, 24 and 26. Now you can easily make close-door modifications or re-visit the spicy scenes whenever you’d like. 

flawless spicy chapters

Flawless Romance Tropes

Flawless by Elsie Silver has the following romance tropes:

Flawless Age Rating

Flawless has an age rating of 18+ and is generally recommended for a mature audience due to profanity and steamy romance scenes. 

Chestnut Spring Series in Order

5 Best Quotes from Flawless by Elsie Silver

  1. “I want open fields, crisp air, and the Rocky Mountains at the end of the horizon. I want a man who smells like leather, looks like a glass of bourbon, and who calls me princess while drawing on my back.”
  2. “If this were my last moment alive, how would I want it to be?”
  3. “You are not a burden. You are not a waste of time. You are very wanted. And anyone who makes you feel you’re anything less deserves Rhett Eaton’s fist to their face. Or yours. You can hit back too, you know? I’ll bail you out every f**king time.”
  4. “With everyone around me screaming his name and cheering for him, someone who’s been theirs for over a decade now, he feels like mine. Because he’s staring at me.”
  5. “But what I saw that night was a man who’d burn everything down to defend you. I saw a man who’d risk it all to take care of you.”

3 Books Like Flawless by Elsie Silver

1. Done and Dusted

Done and Dusted is great for Flawless fans because of the small-town, ranch life similarities. Clementine “Emmy” Ryder, a skilled horse rider, is forced to return to her hometown of Meadowlark, Wyoming after a riding accident leaves her unable to pursue her passion.

There, she reunites with Luke Brooks, her older brother’s best friend and a notorious bad boy in town.

Despite the forbidden nature of their attraction, Luke and Emmy find themselves drawn to each other, raising questions about whether their connection will reignite Emmy’s passion or lead to inevitable heartbreak.

2. The Wrong Mr. Right by Stephanie Archer

If you liked reading Flawless, The Wrong Mr. Right is going to be right up your alley as it’s also a sport romance and part of a small-town romance series.

Hannah Nielson is almost 30 and single, partly because she’s always hiding in her family-owned bookstore.

Wyatt Rhodes is a surfer who could use some help with building his social presence to score a sponsorship. Together, the two of them help each other get what they want.

For Hannah, it’s to be a “hot girl” and score a date, and Wyatt is going to help her do so, with some spice coaching.

3. Off to the Races by Elsie Silver

Another small-town romance written by Elsie Silver, Off to the Race is for you if you loved reading flawless. The boss-employee trope and sport romance is also present in this book!

In a small town farm setting, Vaughn, finds himself entangled in a passionate struggle with Billie, a horse riding coach.

Amidst the backdrop of their intense dynamic, he realizes he not only desires professional success but also longs to win Billie’s heart, leading him to question the cost of pursuing both.

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