Guide to Iron Flame Characters

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In this Iron Flame guide, you’ll get a shortlisted list of significant Iron Flame Characters.

If the character you came across in the book is not on the list, just know that many characters in Iron Flame that are mentioned only once or twice and you never see them again (at least up till the second book of the series).

iron flame characters

Therefore, I really had to take the time to shorten the list so it’s the most effective Iron Flame Character guide on the internet.

If you’re looking for characters in Fourth Wing, checkout my Fourth Wing Character guide as this post only consist of Iron Flame characters.

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Iron Flame Characters List

Note: There are mild spoilers on Iron Flame

  • Violet Sorrengail: Second year student at Basgiath. She’s in the Second Squad, Flame Section, Fourth Wing. Violet is said to be weak and fragile, the ends of her braid are silver. She is also the daughter to General Lilith Sorrengail and has two siblings; Mira and Brennan.
  • Xaden Riorson: Violet’s lover. He is also the leader of the “marked ones”. He has tanned brown skin, is 6’4 in height and has dark onyx eyes with specks of gold. He is one of the strongest riders of the generation, alongside Violet.
  • Commanding General Lilith Sorrengail: Violet’s, Mira’s and Brennan’s mother. She is a respected rider.
  • Brennan Sorrengail (Lieutenant Colonel Aisereigh): Violet’s brother who was supposed to be dead in the battle of Aretia. At present, he is a Lieutenant at Aretia.
  • Mira Sorrengail: Mira Sorrengail is Violet’s older sister. She is a lieutenant at the outpost of Samara (where Xaden is stationed).
  • Bodhi Durran: Xaden’s cousin who is described to look similar to Xaden (a softer version). He has black curly hair and is also one of the “marked ones”.
  • Fen Riorson: Xaden’s father, also known as The Great Betrayer who lead the rebellion.
  • Imogen Cardulo: One of the rebellion children (marked one) with pink hair. She is a third year student at Basgiath War College and is friends with Violet and Xaden.
  • Garrick Tavis: Xaden’s best friend. His father fought alongside Xaden’s father’s in the battle of Aretia.
  • Liam Miari: Xaden and Violet’s friend. A “marked one” who died in the battle at Resson. He has a sister named Sloane.
  • Sloane Mairi: Liam’s sister who is a first year at Basgiath War College. She hates Violet and blames her for her brother’s death. She is not a strong fighter, unlike her brother who was great at it. She is in the same squad as Violet.
  • Suri: One of The Assembly members. She dislikes Violet, and doesn’t trust her.
  • Felix: One of The Assembly members. He teaches Violet how to aim her lightning strikes and take control of her power.
  • Naolin: A rider who’s signet is “siphoning”. He died trying to save Brennan.
  • Dain Aetos: A third year student who has light brown beard and brown eyes. He is also the new Fourth Wing wingleader. Violet’s childhood friend (friend turned foe).
  • Rhiannon: Violet’s best friend at Basgiath. She is a second year and the new squad leader.
  • Ridoc: A second year student who is also Violet’s squadmate. He always has a witty comeback or sarcasm on the tip of this tongue.
  • Sawyer: A second year student who is also Violet’s squadmate. He is chosen as executive officer by Rhiannon.
  • Quinn: A third year student, Imogen’s friend.
  • Nadine: Violet’s squad mate, a second year with purple hair.
  • Eya: A second year brunette who is a “marked one”. Xaden has known her since they were ten. Was one of the ten that flew into Resson.
  • Jesinia Neilwart: Violet’s loyal friend who is a scribe. She helps Violet find the books that she needs from the Archive.
  • Aaric Graycastle: King Tauri’s third son who enrolled into Basgiath War College as a first year. His father thinks he’s on a birthday tour and doesn’t know he is risking his life at Basgiath by wanting to become a rider.
  • Alic: Aaric’s older brother who died during threshing. He was killed by Xaden.
  • Visia: Violet’s squadmate who is a repeat.
  • Major Varrish: The new commandant who is here to “toughen up” riders as he thinks they’ve become soft. He is brutal during interrogations and likes torturing Violet.
  • Nolon: A healer who is exhausted.
  • Professor Kaori: Teaches everything dragon related.
  • Professor Carr: Teaches everything signet related.
  • Professor Emetterio: Teaches hand-to-hand/sparring.
  • Professor Devera: Teaches Battle Brief.
  • Professor Trissa: Member of The Assembly who later becomes a professor and teaches students on Runes and their magic.
  • Colonel Aetos: Dain’s father and also General Lilith Sorrengail’s advisor.
  • General Markham: Leader of the Scribes. He wrote the textbook on Navarrian history. He was supposed to be Violet’s mentor if she were to be a Scribe.
  • Viscount Tecarus: Viscount in Poromiel. He has the luminary and is willing to discuss trade with Xaden if he gets to see Violet wield lightning. He also is known for collecting unique things.
  • Catriona Cordella (Cat): Xaden’s ex, she was bethroted to Xaden. She has dark long hair and fair skin and is also Syrena’s sister.
  • Syrena Cordella: Cat’s sister and a flier that fought Venins alongside riders at Resson.
  • Maren: A gryphon rider who is also Cat’s best friend. Violet likes her and they get along well.
  • Luella: A gryphon rider who summit the cliffs with Violet and her squadmates.
  • Jack Barlowe: Died during War Games (aka, battle at Resson) as he was crushed under the weight of a mountain as Violet’s wielded lightning. He has always hated Violet and tried to kill her multiple times.

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