Iron Flame Dragons & Gryphons (Ultimate Guide)

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If you thought Fourth Wing had a lot of dragons to remember, think again! Iron Flame brings us many more dragons, and that’s not all, we finally get to meet Gryphons and their fliers from Cliffsbane Academy!

Besides dragons and gryphons, there is also a ton of information on Venins and Wyverns in Iron Flame which made me write a separate post for your convenience.

iron flame dragons and gryphons

I took many notes on Dragons, Gryphons and also the differences between them while reading on my Kindle, which you’ll get to explore in this post!

This post only has mentions of dragons from Iron Flame. If you’re looking for dragons and its riders from Fourth Wing, checkout my guide to Fourth Wing characters.

Iron Flame physical copy has 623 pages while the Kindle edition has 884 pages. Since I read the book on my Kindle, the page numbers will align with the Kindle pages. However, i’ve included chapter numbers for your easy reference.

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Note: Iron Flame spoilers ahead!

Iron Flame Dragons List

Dragon NameDragon TailDragon ColourRider
Tairneanach (Tairn)MorningstarBlackViolet Sorrengail
Andarnaurram (Andarna)TBCBlack/Purple IridescentViolet Sorrengail
SgaeylDaggertailBlueXaden Riorson
TeineDaggertailGreenMira Sorrengail
MarbhDaggertailOrangeBrennan Sorrengail
AimsirTBCBrownGeneral Lilith Sorrengail
CodaghMorningstartailBlackGeneral Melgren
SolasDaggertailOrangeMajor Varrish
TBCClubtailRedProfessor Devera
BreuganTBCTBCProfessor Carr
DeighDaggertailRedLiam Mairi
TBCDaggertailRedSloane Mairi
FeirgeDaggertailGreenRhiannon Matthias
GlaneDaggertailOrangeImogen Cardulo
CathSwordtailRedDain Aetos
TBCClubtailBlueAaric Graycastle
BaideScorpiontailOrangeJack Barlow
A comprehensive guide to Iron Flame dragons.

Dragons in Iron Flame: Everything We Know So Far

  • The valley above Riorson House, heated by natural thermal energy, that is its greatest asset. For there lie the original hatching grounds of the Dubhmadinn Line, from which two of the greatest dragons of our time—Codagh and Tairn—descend. (Page 27, Chapter 2)
  • In the mountains of the Steelridge range, the green dragons of the Uaineloidsig line, known for their keen intellect and rational countenance, offered their ancestral hatching grounds for the good of dragonkind, and the wards of Navarre were woven by the First Six at what is now Basgiath War College. (Page 116, Chapter 9)
  • The Northern Esbens are believed to have been the hatching grounds of the orange dragon before unification, though, true to their unpredictable nature, they often chose new valleys in the same range (Page 216, Chapter 14)
  • The hatchling’s choice transforms the valley back into a hatching ground. It changes the magic. Every channeling creature within a four-hour flight of the valley will know. (Page 587, Chapter 43).
  • Dragons are only gold (Page 38, Chapter 2) and feather-tails (Page 618, Chapter 45) as hatchlings.
  • Andarna has gone through accelerated growth because she had to use her powers in Resson (Fourth Wing Ending) and she is now an adolescent (Page 38, Chapter 2).
  • Adolescents don’t bond. They don’t have the patience for humans. Or elders. Or logic (Page 39, Chapter 2).
  • The colour of dragon scales are hereditary (Page 39, Chapter 2) and Andarna is no longer gold. Her scales are black with a purple sheen. Not even she knew what color her scales would mature to. Only the eldest of our dens can sense a hatchling’s pigment (Page 39, Chapter 2).
  • As dragons ferociously guard both their young and any information regarding their development, only four facts are known about the Dreamless Sleep. First, it is a critical time of rapid growth and development. Second, the duration varies from breed to breed. Third, as the name suggests, it is dreamless, and fourth, they wake up hungry (Page 59, Chapter 4)
  • Orange dragons are the most unpredictable. Eyes down. Do not run. They’ll kill you if you run. Try not to show any fear (Page 213, Chapter 14)
  • Dragon eggshells is one of the components of the alloy that makes up the daggers that kill Venin. The eggshells metal and carry magic long after dragons hatch (Page 295, Chapter 20).
  • Once a dragon fires a wardstone, their fire can’t be used on any other (Page 731, Chapter 56).
  • To slay another dragon is a heavy mark upon the soul, even when in defense of yourself or your rider. (Page 732, Chapter 56)
  • Dragons only sense each other mind-to-mind when we allow it. As long as they stay downwind, the others will know they’re here but won’t be able to identify how many or who has come (Page 750, Chapter 57).
  • The Empyrean allowed a juvenile to bond because the dragon in question was Andarna, head of her own den. The seventh breed (Page 861, Chapter 64)

There are quite a bit of information on dragons, hatchlings, its grounds and dragon growth process. I should have saw this coming, that these bits of information thrown in by the author is not just for the sake of world-building but they’re all preparing you for a major event within Iron Flame.

Iron Flame Gryphons List

Gryphon NameFlierGryphon TypeFlier Lesser Magic
KiralairCatriona (Cat)Silver wingsHightens emotions (magic limited by distance)
CibbeLuellaSilver-specked wingsTBC

Gryphons in Iron Flame: Fliers, Drifts & More

  • The wards fall short of the official, mountainous borders of Navarre, and the entire southwestern coastline of Tyrrendor—including Aretia—is exposed. A fact that never quite mattered when we thought gryphons were the only danger out there, since they’re incapable of flying high enough to summit the cliffs (Page 33, Chapter 2)
  • There are Summitwing drifts – gryphons and their fliers who can summit higher altitudes (Page 582, Chapter 43)
  • The highest mountain in Poromiel tops out around eight thousand feet, which explains why only the summitwing drifts would carry out the high-altitude village raids at Navarre (Page 588, Chapter 43).
  • Fliers might not wield signets, but most of their lesser-magic gifts involve mindwork, and it’s the one area where they have the upper hand on riders (Page 541, Chapter 40)
  • Harvest is an even where gryphons bonds with fliers. On Harvest, fliers walk to the edge of Cliffsbane, look out over the river and wait for the drifts to fly by. When they approach, fliers jump and try to land on a gryphon. If they successfully do so and are able to hold on, gryphons bond with them (Page 583, Chapter 43).
  • No one dies during Harvest, it is just like cliff jumping. If they miss, they swim to shore and pick another branch for service. Infantry and artillery are popular (Page 586, Chapter 43)
  • Gryphons have remarkable hearing (Page 589, Chapter 43)
  • Fliers start a year after riders at Cliffsbane Academy (Page 592, Chapter 43).
  • When a gryphon bonds, it does so for life. Guard your life as you would your gryphon’s, for they are forever intertwined (Page 599, Chapter 44)

Dragons & Gryphons: Differences in Iron Flame

RiderBonded ToFlier
The Vale, NavarreLocationPoromiel
Basgiath War CollegeAcademyCliffsbane Academy
Only until the rider diesBondLifetime (Forever intertwined)
ThreshingBonding EventHarvest
>12,000 ftMaximum Flight<8000 ft (unless they’re part of Summitwing drifts)
SignetsPowers ManifestedLesser-Magic

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