Iron Flame Spicy Chapters & Thoughts

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Iron Flame is one of my most anticipated reads of the year, and thankfully, it did not disappoint!

Most readers were excited for some spicy chapters in Iron Flame between their favourite fated-mate couple, Xaden and Violet.

Here’s everything you need to know about the spice in Iron Flame!

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Is Iron Flame Spicy?

Yes, Iron Flame is spicy. There are three steamy open-door romance scenes and lots of tension and flirting between Violet and Xaden.

Iron Flame Spice Level

Iron Flame has a spice level of 4/5. It has three steamy scenes.

Iron Flame Spicy Chapters

If you’d like to read Iron Flame spicy chapters, head to chapters 12, 27, 37 and 48.

iron flame spicy chapters

Here’s what each Iron Flame spicy chapters were about:

  • Chapter 12 – Violet and Xaden share a moment at Xaden’s chambers at the outpost.
  • Chapter 27 – Violet rushes to Samara, there’s a shower scene in this chapter.
  • Chapter 37 – Scene at Xaden’s room in Aretia.
  • Chapter 48 – Throne room scene after Cat messes with Violet’s mind.

Is Iron Flame Spicier than Fourth Wing?

Yes, Iron Flame has more spice. The book is also significantly thicker than Fourth Wing, so readers were glad that it had more steamy scenes to look forward to.

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