37 Enchanting Divine Rivals Quotes With Page Numbers

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I find myself always revisiting some of the quotes in Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross that I just had to compile them in a single blog post.

This book is hands down the best book i’ve read this year. In fact, this poetic enemies-to-lovers historical fiction fantasy is one of the best reads of my lifetime.

If you don’t know already, Divine Rivals follows the story of two writers – Iris Winnow & Roman Kitt. There is magic connecting their typewriters, which makes Iris anonymously send letters to Roman and vice-versa. They are not aware who is on each receiving end and slowly, they fall in love with each other through written word.

There is something so intimate about reading letters. As a reader, it feels like you’re the one on the receiving end. This is probably why there were so many heart-to-heart quotes that I will revisit from time-to-time.

Besides being a romantasy, it is also written by a writer for writers. Aspiring writers like myself will find comfort in Iris and Roman’s exchange about writing. Besides, there were themes of emotional vulnerability, war, family and happiness which gives us many timeless quotes.

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37 Divine Rivals Quotes With Page Numbers

Endings were often found in beginnings.

Divine Rivals (Page 16)

Turn a foe into a friend, and you’ll have one less enemy.

Divine Rivals (Page 17)

I’ve always wanted to write about things that matter. To write things that inspire or inform people.

Iris Winnow, Divine Rivals (Page 31)

But just in case you were wondering … I’ll gladly read whatever you write.

Roman Kitt, Divine Rivals (Page 41)

She needed to write something he would want to publish. This open assignment suddenly felt very narrow indeed.

Divine Rivals (Page 44)

It was a relief to finally voice the words that constantly shadowed her.

Divine Rivals (Page 65)

They see all the times you’ve made mistakes, all the times you’ve failed, all the times you’ve hurt them or disappointed them. As if that is all you will ever be in their eyes. How do you change something like that? How do you make your life your own and not feel guilt over it?

Roman Kitt, Divine Rivals (Page 72)

Perhaps it begins with one person. Someone you trust. You remove a piece of armor for them; you let the light stream in, even if it makes you wince. Perhaps that is how you learn to be soft yet strong, even in fear and uncertainty. One person, one piece of steel.

Iris Winnow, Divine Rivals (Page 73)

I love the words I write until I soon realize how much I hate them, as if I am destined to always be at war within myself.

Iris Winnow, Divine Rivals (Page 73)
divine rivals quotes

She couldn’t bear for him to see how messy things were in her life. For him to see her on her worst day.

Divine Rivals (Page 81)

But I realize that people are just people, and they carry their own set of fears, dreams, desires, pains, and mistakes. I can’t expect someone else to make me feel complete; I must find it on my own.

Iris Winnow, Divine Rivals (Page 84)
divine rivals quotes

Your grief will never fully fade; it will always be with you—a shadow you carry in your soul—but it will become fainter as your life becomes brighter. You will learn to live outside of it again, as impossible as that may sound. Others who share your pain will also help you heal. Because you are not alone. Not in your fear or your grief or your hopes or your dreams. You are not alone.

Iris Winnow, Divine Rivals (Page 87)
divine rivals quotes

His eyes were keen, as if he could see everything that dwelled in her—the light and the shadows. Her threads of ambition and desire and joy and grief. Never had a man looked at her in that way.

Divine Rivals (Page 93)

“I don’t want to wake up when I’m seventy-four only to realize I haven’t lived.”

Divine Rivals (Page 116)

This was familiar to her, even in a different place, surrounded by strangers who were becoming friends. This motion, her fingers striking words onto a blank page, cross-legged on a rug. It grounded her. p128

Divine Rivals (Page 128)

The days to come will only grow darker. And when you find something good? You hold on to it. You don’t waste time worrying about things that won’t even matter in the end. Rather, you take a risk for that light.

Iris Winnow, Divine Rivals (Page 149)

It’s wondering what tomorrow will bring. What the next hour will bring. What the next minute will bring. Time suddenly feels sharper than a knife grazing your skin, capable of cutting you at any moment.

Iris Winnow, Divine Rivals (Page 155)

I don’t think you realize how strong you are, because sometimes strength isn’t swords and steel and fire, as we are so often made to believe. Sometimes it’s found in quiet, gentle places. The way you hold someone’s hand as they grieve. The way you listen to others. The way you show up, day after day, even when you are weary or afraid or simply uncertain.

Roman Kitt, Divine Rivals (Page 172)
divine rivals quotes with page numbers

Keep writing. You will find the words you need to share. They are already within you, even in the shadows, hiding like jewels.

Roman Kitt, Divine Rivals (Page 172)

Write the things you need to read. Write what you know to be true.

Iris Winnow, Divine Rivals (Page 178)

“Don’t leave,” he whispered, and his hand flailed, reaching for her. “You and I … we need to stay together. We’re better this way.”

Roman Kitt, Divine Rivals (Page 238)
divine rivals quotes

“You have to stay strong for me. Once you’re healed, I need you to write an article about all of this. I need you to steal the front page from me like you normally do, all right?”

Iris Winnow, Divine Rivals (Page 238)

Why did you take the wounds that should have been mine?

Iris Winnow, Divine Rivals (Page 246)

But if there’s anything I can should say in this moment—when my heart is beating wildly in my chest and I would beg you to come and tame it—is this: your letters have been a light for me to follow. Your words? A sublime feast that fed me on days when I was starving.

Roman Kitt, Divine Rivals (Page 250)

He found me on my darkest day. He followed me to war, to the front lines. He came between me and Death, taking wounds that were supposed to be mine.

Iris Winnow, Divine Rivals (Page 260)

“If I tell you anything else today, you’ll grow tired of me.” “Impossible,” he whispered.

Divine Rivals (Page 266)

I broke my engagement, quit my job, and traveled six hundred kilometers into war-torn land to be with you, Iris.

Roman Kitt, Divine Rivals (Page 267)

Because good things never lasted for long in her life. She thought about all the people who had been close to her, the threads of their lives weaving with hers—Nan, Forest, her mother—and how they had all left, either by choice or by fate.

Divine Rivals (Page 270)

She reminded herself that even though she had been left, time and time again, by the people she loved, Roman had come to her. He was choosing her.

Divine Rivals (Page 270)

“I don’t deserve to be this happy. Not when there’s so much pain and terror and loss in the world.”

Iris Winnow, Divine Rivals (Page 284)

“It’s not a crime to feel joy, even when things seem hopeless. Iris, look at me. You deserve all the happiness in the world. And I intend to see that you have it.”

Roman Kitt, Divine Rivals (Page 284)

“Iris,” said Roman, “you are worthy of love. You are worthy to feel joy right now, even in the darkness. And just in case you’re wondering … I’m not going anywhere, unless you tell me to leave, and even then, we might need to negotiate.”

Roman Kitt, Divine Rivals (Page 284)

“I pray that my days will be long at your side. Let me fill and satisfy every longing in your soul. May your hand be in mine, by sun and by night. Let our breaths twine and our blood become one, until our bones return to dust. Even then, may I find your soul still sworn to mine.”

Divine Rivals (Page 306)

“I think we all wear armor. I think those who don’t are fools, risking the pain of being wounded by the sharp edges of the world, over and over again. But if I’ve learned anything from those fools, it is that to be vulnerable is a strength most of us fear. It takes courage to let down your armor, to welcome people to see you as you are. Sometimes I feel the same as you: I can’t risk having people behold me as I truly am. But there’s also a small voice in the back of my mind, a voice that tells me, ‘You will miss so much by being so guarded.’”

Iris Winnow, Divine Rivals (Page 311)

I don’t know who I would be without you, but you have made me in all ways better than I ever was or could have ever hoped to be.

Roman Kitt, Divine Rivals (Page 312)

Her ear was pressed to his chest; she listened to the steady beat of his heart. An endless, faithful song.

Divine Rivals (Page 315)

She soaked in the forlorn truth that she was back where she started. She was “home,” and yet she felt like a stranger here.

Divine Rivals (Page 349)

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Wrap-Up: Divine Rivals by Rebecca Ross Quotes

I hope you loved these quotes from Divine Rivals as much as I did! I read both books from the Letters of Enchantment series on Kindle Unlimited and i’m so glad that this booktok fantasy book lived up to the hype!

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