47 Beautiful Ruthless Vows Quotes with Page Numbers

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I can’t believe I finally got my hands on Ruthless Vows! This book is one of my most anticipated reads of the year and guess what? I loved it SO MUCH!

I cannot stress enough how beautiful Ruthless Vows is. There were many note-worthy quotes from Ruthless Vows with themes of love, war, grief and more. Most of these quotes were from Roman and Iris’ letters – which readers like me could not get enough of after Divine Rivals.

Here’s are my personal annotations of quotes from Ruthless Vows with page numbers and characters who said them for your easy reference.

ruthless vows quotes

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47 Ruthless Vows Quotes With Page Numbers

“People are allowed to have their own opinions and beliefs on divinity, whether they worship them or not. We can’t control that” -Iris Winnow, Ruthless Vows (Page 13)

“If my words have bewitched your son, then know that his possess the same magic for me,” -Iris Winnow, Ruthless Vows (Page 19)

“Mortal bodies are such fragile things to mend, as are your minds,” -Dacre, Ruthless Vows (Page 41)

I shouldn’t be drawing air-inhale, exhale, inhale and staring at the stars, feeling how cold the world is now that I’ve evaded death, like a house guest who has overstayed their welcome. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 48)

“You should be buried in a grave,” the world says, so loudly it drowns out all other sound. And yet I press my fingers to the scars in my skin soft, tender. warm as the blood beneath-and I hear, “There is someone who has kept you here, breathing, moving, living.” -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 48)

Days Roman had lived, that had once seem dull and insignificant, the same routine over and over – but were now comforting, spellbinding, to rediscover. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 50)

What good are healing and dreams amongst divinity? But it was a much different story when it came to mortal kind. You bleed and break. You crave sleep, even as it makes you vulnerable. You dream to make sense of the world you are in. -Dacre, Ruthless Vows (Page 55)

The magic still gathers, and the past is gilded; I see the beauty in what has been but only because I have tasted both sorrow and joy in equal measures. -Aloutte Stone, Ruthless Vows (Page 63)

How could he mourn something that he couldn’t remember? Roman wondered if there was a word to describe such a feeling, for the way it gathered on his shoulders like snow. Cold and soft and infinite, melting as soon as he touched it. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 67)

The last time I saw you, the world was burning, Iris thought, clenching her eyes shut as an unexpected wave of emotion struck her chest. She hadn’t cried much the past few weeks. Indeed, she thought she had recovered from most of the trauma she had experienced, letting it hollow her out. But perhaps it had only been buried. Perhaps she had shoved it down to dark forgotten places and it had grown roots while she had been sleeping. -Iris Winnow, Ruthless Vows (Page 81)

To earn a cup of tea from her was a sign that one had earned her friendship and respect. -Ruthless Vows (Page 85)

ruthless vows quotes

The Third Alouette just came into my possession, and I don’t know who took care of her before me. For that, I’m sorry, but I will guard her carefully now. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 92)

You may not be a goddess, but nor am I a god. Despite our mundane lives, perhaps we make our own magic with words. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 92)

roman kitt quotes from ruthless vows

But I must remind myself that sometimes we write for ourselves and sometimes we write for others. And sometimes those lines blur when we least expect them to. Whenever such happened in my past… I remember that I have only been strengthened by it. –Iris Winnow, Ruthless Vows (Page 93)

I’ve cracked the window tonight, hoping I might hear something familiar, or even unexpected. A song that will remind me that even when I feel lost, the birds still sing, the moon still waxes and wanes, and the seasons still cycle. –Iris Winnow, Ruthless Vows (Page 101)

“We are born with our appointed magic, yes,” Dare answered. “But that never stopped us from wanting more and finding ways of taking it.” -Dacre, Ruthless Vows (Page 105)

The problem is… I want to hear from you at all hours. I want to read your words. I am greedy for them. I am hungry for them. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 118)

ruthless vows quotes with page numbers

Let me be your secret, then. Tuck my words into your pocket. Let them be your armor. –Iris Winnow, Ruthless Vows (Page 119)

ruthless vows quotes with page numbers

“I’m not a soldier, sir. I’ve never been trained how to shoot a gun, or to handle a grenade, or to move like a shadow. At least, not that I remember. But what I do have are my words.” -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 131)

Iris reveled in the feel of his hand, holding her steady as if she straddled two worlds. That hand had once caressed her in the darkness, the one and only night they had ever shared together. That hand had once worn a ring, a symbol of their vows, and had typed countless letters to her, words that had fed and comforted and strengthened her. That hand was terribly familiar; she would have known it was him touching her, even if her eyes had been closed. –Iris Winnow, Ruthless Vows (Page 163)

“There shouldn’t be any hounds, or eithrals, or bombs. You should get to be children, young people, adults who can dream and love and live your lives without all of this … horrible mess.” –Marisol, Ruthless Vows (Page 181)

Should I be surprised that I was falling in love with you a second time? Should I be surprised that your words found me here, even in the darkness? -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 184)

ruthless vows quotes

I know we are no longer rivals, but if we are keeping tally like the old days, you have far outshined* me with your wit and your courage. Which reminds me of one simple thing: how I love to lose to you. How I love to read your words and hear the thoughts that sharpen your mind. And how I would love to be on my knees before you now, surrendering to you and you alone. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 184)

I want to know your thoughts. I confess that I am hungry for your words. –Iris Winnow, Ruthless Vows (Page 185)

Perhaps you and I can help shorten this war, or at least dare to change the course of the tides. Or maybe that is too much to hope for. But I find that I am leaning more on the side of impossibility these days. I am leaning toward the edge of magic. –Iris Winnow, Ruthless Vows (Page 185)

Let us dare to change the tides. Write to me and fill my empty spaces. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 186)

I would love to see your words catch fire with mine. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 186)

ruthless vows by rebecca ross quotes

“There is always pain in healing,” the lieutenant interrupted. “To fully avoid it is impossible.” -Lieutenant Shane, Ruthless Vows (Page 193)

What sleeps will wake at some point, brimming with vengeance. -Ruthless Vows (Page 194)

“You must remember that they’ve been through much worse than a little rain, Iris,” she murmured as tents continued to rise from the ground like mushrooms. “A little foul weather won’t hurt us. Perhaps the sun will be shining tomorrow.” -Marisol, Ruthless Vows (Page 199)

“It’s always best to say less, to let others wonder where you’ve been and what you’ve seen and what you think. Let them imagine what could be. There’s great power in a mystery. Don’t spoil yours.” -Dacre, Ruthless Vows (Page 217)

He wondered how many mundane things hid magic, or perhaps it was better to think of it as how much magic liked being married to the ordinary. To simplicity and comfort and overlooked details. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 225)

And yet when their gazes met over the bustle and noise, the entire world faded away. It was only him and her. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 234)

Don’t. Roman nearly panicked, feeling his blood pound hot and fast. Don’t smile at me like that. It made him want to collide with her, his lips on her neck, the curve of her ribs. Tasting her mouth. It made him want to draw out all those words he loved from her, but most of all the way she said his name. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 234)

In all my years, I have discovered that the most precious of things are often taken for granted, and that we tend to let time wheel forward at such a pace that we cannot catch every detail that makes the whole. We miss a multitude of opportunities, and so we ask ourselves, decades later, what could have been. -Dacre, Ruthless Vows (Page 257)

ruthless vows rebecca ross quotes

I will be here for one night only before I must return to my post. One night, and I would like to spend it with you. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 240)

ruthless vows quotes roman kitt

P.S. A final note written by my future self, because I know I will be feeling this as I walk away from you: gods, you looked gorgeous at tea. I would like to take you to all the places you love most in the city, and then beyond. Think about them. Make me a list. We’ll go anywhere you want to. We’ll go together when the war is over. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 240)

“Do I look the same as you remember?” he asked. It was a foolish question; they had only been separated for a span of weeks. Not years. But he wondered if she could sense the changes that had evolved beneath his skin. The cracks and the wounds. He wondered if Iris would embrace those broken pieces or be wary of them. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 251)

They weren’t the same people that they had been when they first gave each other their vows. It only made him ache for her more. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 251)

He sank to his knees before her, his hands touching those tender marks on her skin. They told him she was strong and brave, but also that she was his. Their souls weren’t mirrors but complements, constellations that burned side by side. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 255)

He could wake in the deepest region of Dacre’s realm, as far from the moon and sun as divinity could shackle him. He could wake and not know his name, forgetting every word he had ever written. But he would never forget the scent of Iris’s skin, the sound of her voice. The way she had looked at him. The confidence of her hands. And he thought, There is no magic above or below that will ever steal this from me again. -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 255)

“Write me a story, Kitt,” she whispered, kissing his brow, the hollow of his checks. His lips and his throat, until she felt like love was an axe that had cleaved her chest open. Her very heart beating in the air, “Write me a story where you keep me up late every night with your typing, and I hide messages in your pockets for you to find when you’re at work. Write me a story where we first met on a street corner, and I spilled coffee on your expensive trench coat, or when we crossed paths at our favorite bookshop, and I recommended poetry, and you recommended myths. Or that time when the deli got our sandwich orders wrong, or when we ended up sitting next to each other at the ball game, or I dared to take the train west just to see how far I could go, and you just so happened to be there too.”  -Iris Winnow, Ruthless Vows (Page 335)

“Write me a story where there is no ending, Kitt. Write to me and fill my empty spaces.” -Iris Winnow, Ruthless Vows (Page 335)

ruthless vows quotes iris

“I betrayed you,” Roman began, “because I love her.” -Roman Kitt, Ruthless Vows (Page 345)

“Sometimes,” Iris began, I don’t think we know what we’re made of until the worst moment possible happens. Then we must decide who we truly are and what is most important to us. I think we’re often surprised by what we become.” -Iris Winnow, Ruthless Vows (Page 361)

ruthless vows quotes with page numbers

Some scars might fade in time, but others never would. -Marisol, Ruthless Vows (Page 371)

She was broken by what could have been. By what now would never be. –Ruthless Vows (Page 401)

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Wrap-Up: Ruthless Vows by Rebecca Ross Quotes

I hope you loved these quotes from Ruthless Vows as much as I did! This enchanting duology by Rebecca Ross is definitely my top read of the year.

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