20 Divine Rivals Book Club Questions & Discussion Guide (+PDF)

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In this book club guide to Divine Rivals, you’ll find a list of discussion questions and other frequently asked questions about the book.

Divine Rivals is hands down the best book i’ve read this year. In fact, this poetic enemies to lovers historical fantasy romance is one of the best reads of my lifetime.

divine rivals book club questions

If you don’t know already, Divine Rivals follows the story of two rival journalists – Iris Winnow & Roman Kitt. There is magic connecting their typewriters, which makes Iris anonymously send letters to Roman and vice-versa. They are not aware who is on each receiving end and slowly, they fall in love with each other through written word.

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20 Divine Rivals Book Club Questions

Caution: Divine Rivals spoilers ahead. Please only proceed to read if you’re here to recall information about the book for a re-read, or in preparation for Ruthless Vows.

  1. Discuss the title of the book. How does the title play out in the story?
  2. Was there any plot twist in Divine Rivals that you did not see coming?
  3. Which quote from Divine Rivals resonated with you the most?
  4. Many readers on booktok are comparing Divine Rivals to Iron Flame, is this a fair comparison? What are your thoughts?
  5. “Your grief will never fully fade; it will always be with you—a shadow you carry in your soul—but it will become fainter as your life becomes brighter. You will learn to live outside of it again, as impossible as that may sound. Others who share your pain will also help you heal. Because you are not alone. Not in your fear or your grief or your hopes or your dreams. You are not alone.” (Discuss this popular Divine Rivals quote)
  6. Who is your favourite character in Divine Rivals and why?
  7. Are you satisfied with the ending of Divine Rivals?
  8. What are your expectations for book 2 (Ruthless Vows), now that you know how Divine Rivals ended.
  9. Do you think that the title Divine Rivals is more relevant to Dacre and Enva or Roman and Iris?
  10. What was your favourite Roman-Iris moment?
  11. Do you think what Forest did at the end of Divine Rivals was right? How did this shape your opinion of Forest?
  12. Discuss the theme of mental health and how it was portrayed in this book.
  13. The first Aloutte is at the museum. Do you believe this to be true? If not, where do you think it is?
  14. Did you like the enemies to lovers trope in Divine Rivals? Did the author do the trope justice?
  15. Iris and Roman eventually got married. Did you see that coming? What were your thoughts on this?
  16. Do you think this book is inclusive? Discuss.
  17. “I don’t deserve to be this happy. Not when there’s so much pain and terror and loss in the world.” (Discuss this Divine Rivals quote)
  18. Divine Rivals had little to no spice in it and yet it went viral on booktok. Did you wish there were more spicy scenes between Roman and Iris?
  19. Who would you cast as Roman and Iris for an on-screen adaptation of Divine Rivals?
  20. Who do you think is the better writer, Roman or Iris?

Divine Rivals Book Club Question Guide (Free PDF)

Divine Rivals Books in Order:

Who Are the Main Characters in Divine Rivals?

The main characters in Divine Rivals are Iris Winnow and Roman Kitt. They are rival journalists at the Oath Gazette, competing for a columnist position.

How Old is Roman Kitt?

Roman Kitt is 19-years-old and is a journalist at the Oath Gazette.

How Old is Iris Winnow?

Iris Winnow is 18-years-old and is a journalist at the Oath Gazette.

Does Divine Rivals Have Romance?

Yes. Divine Rivals is a true romantasy. It heavily leans on the romance. Tropes included are rivals to lovers/enemies to lovers and forced proximity.

Does Divine Rivals Have a Happy Ending?

Divine Rivals does not end with a happy ending, it ends with a cliffhanger. Readers have to read Ruthless Vows to know the duology ends with a HEA.

Divine Rivals Special Editions

  • Owlcrate
  • Fairyloot (May 2023)

Where can I read the bonus Chapter for Divine Rivals?

You can find the bonus chapter of Divine Rivals in the Fairyloot edition and Owlcrate edition. They are two different chapters.

Is There a Playlist for Divine Rivals?

Yes, the author, Rebecca Ross, curated a playlist for Divine Rivals. Listen to the Divine Rivals playlist while reading the book!

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Wrap-Up: Divine Rivals Discussion Questions & Study Guide

I hope this Divine Rivals book club guide was helpful to you. If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to add the hottest fantasy series at the moment to your TBR!

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