30 Verity Book Club Questions For Colleen Hoover Fans

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30 Verity Book Club Questions For Colleen Hoover Fans

In this guide, you’ll find Verity book club questions, a summary, favorite quotes and my top 3 recommended similar reads that will aid your book club discussion.

Colleen Hoover is an American author who writes many romances, often times tragic with lots of plot twists. 

However, Verity is a thriller and is quite different from the usual books Hoover is known for.

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Verity by Colleen Hoover (Summary)

verity book club questions

The story follows Lowen, a struggling writer who is approached with a life-changing book deal. 

Lowen has published a couple of books, but none of them were as great of a success.

She has a intimate relationship with her literary agent, Corey, which eventually comes to an end because Corey expected Lowen to be just like the character she writes about.

She gets offered a fat deal to finish a thriller book series of nine books written by Verity Crawford. Verity is unable to complete the series (another 3 books are needed to be written) because she got into an accident.

Verity has brain damage, she is paralyzed and cannot speak. She has two daughters who had passed on tragically and left behind a son.

Lowen ends up moving into Verity’s house to stay with her husband, Jeremy, which she gets closer to intimately.

While living there, Lowen comes across a manuscript in Verity’s office that’s an autobiography, that’s where secrets start to unfold.

This book has some very dark, eerie and twisted themes that might not be suitable for some readers.

30 Verity Book Club Questions To Aid Your Discussion

Use the Verity discussion questions below for your next book club session!

  1. If you’re an avid Colleen Hoover reader, what did you expect from this book and did it live up to the expectations you had?
  2. If this is your first Colleen Hoover book, what are your thoughts on the author and would you try reading her other books?
  3. What was your initial impression of Jeremy?
  4. If you were Lowen, would you have taken the opportunity to complete the book series?
  5. What do you think of Lowen as a narrator? Did you trust her?
  6. What was the scariest moment in Verity? 
  7. Verity means truth. How do you think this relates to the story?
  8. In the start of the novel, there’s a sudden death scene. Why do you think the author chose to open the novel in this way? 
  9. What are your thoughts on Verity? On her relationship with Jeremy and her children?
  10. “Most people come to New York to be discovered. The rest of us come to hide.” How did this make you feel? What are your thoughts?
  11. “Find what you love and let it kill you.” Discuss this statement.
  12. Do you think Verity’s relationship with her mother had something to do with how she perceived her daughters?
  13. As a woman or mother, knowing the things Verity did to her daughters, how did that make you feel?
  14. Verity hated how pregnancy with twins would ruin her body. Plus, she believes Jeremy is being stolen away from her. How did Verity’s resentment towards her pregnancy make you feel?
  15. Lowen had a difficult relationship with her mother, do you think this affected her relationship with other people in her life? Or even her career?
  16. Lowen struggles with being confident in her work. She’s not the kind of author to engage with readers online and promote her books via social platforms. As a reader, what would you say to Lowen to help her in this aspect?
  17. What did you think of Verity and Jeremy’s meet cute?
  18. What do you think of Verity and Jeremy’s relationship?
  19. If Lowen did not find the manuscript of Verity’s autobiography, how differently do you think this book would have turned out to be?
  20. Who would you cast to play the main characters if Verity were to become a movie?
  21. Do you trust Lowen’s narration on this story?
  22. Are you team manuscript or team letter?
  23. Do you think it is right for Lowen to hide the letter from Jeremy?
  24. What do you think of Lowen and Jeremy’s relationship?
  25. In your opinion, who is the villain in this story?
  26. What do you think about the antagonist writing exercise? Do you think Verity should have mentioned it to Jeremy to avoid conflict?
  27. Why was Verity’s behaviour different towards Crew compared to her twin daughters?
  28. Do you think it was necessary for the author to include so many steamy scenes?
  29. After reading the book, what was your immediate reaction/thoughts/feelings?
  30. Who would you recommend this book to and who would you not recommend this book to?

5 Best Quotes From Verity

“The kiss was full of both desire and respect—two things a lot of men didn’t seem to know could go hand in hand.”

“My mother used to say that houses have a soul, and if that is true, the soul of Verity Crawford’s house is as dark as they come.”

“When a person finds someone who makes all the negativity in their lives disappear, it’s hard not to feed off that person.”

“I was good at spewing bullshit. It’s why I became a writer.”

“But a woman knows if she wants to keep a man forever, she has to act like she could get over him in a day.”

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3 Top Books Like Verity

The Push by Ashley Audrain

verity book club questions

The Push is a psychological thriller about a mother who has a feeling that her first-born daughter is out to hurt her and her family.

I read this book last year, check out my non-spoiler review. Like Verity, this book leaves you pondering on the ending, trying to make sense of it.

It Ends With Us

it ends with us book club questions

Although it is not a psychological thriller, It Ends With Us is by the same author as Verity and you’ve probably seen it going around booktok a lot.

This book has some similarities to Verity – domestic abuse, romance, heart-wrenching relationships.

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The Silent Patient

books like the silent patient

The Silent Patient is a twisty psychological thriller about a psychotherapist who takes on his most difficult patient yet: a woman found guilty of violently murdering her husband who has refused to speak a single word since.

Nothing is as it seems in this gripping story full of startling plot twists that have you questioning everything.

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FAQ: Verity Book Club Questions

What Are The Trigger Warnings For Verity?

Child abuse, tempted murder/murder, self-harm.

Is Verity Going To Be A Movie?

Yes. Colleen Hoover sold the film rights to Amazon Studios. It is currently under development.

Is The Book Verity disturbing?

It can be disturbing as it is a psychological thriller. However, while it is creepy, it is not a horror book. There is depictions of abuse that may be uncomfortable to some readers.

There you have it, verity book club questions, quotes, similar books like Verity and more to help you with your book club discussion!

Verity by Colleen Hoover age rating

18 and up. There are disturbing scenes such as abuse and murder. There’s also a lot of steamy scenes.

Wrap-Up: Book Club Questions for Verity

I hope these Verity book club questions help you with your next book club session!

Although this book was extremely engaging to read, this dark psychological thriller might not be for everyone because there were some brutal scenes in the book that can be triggering to read.

Be sure to check the trigger warnings for Verity before deciding to pick this book up!

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