It Starts With Us Book Club Questions & Guide

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In this guide, you’ll find Colleen Hoover’s It Starts With Us book club questions, a summary and quotes that will aid your book club discussion.

it starts with us book club questions

The book that took booktok by storm, It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover is arguably the most popular contemporary romance with millions of copies sold at bookstores internationally.

Readers wanted more and the wait is finally over – It Starts With Us has hit bookshelves in October, climbing the best-seller list like never seen before.

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It Starts With Us Summary

it starts with us quotes

It Starts With Us follows the story of Atlas Corrigan and Lily Bloom. Lily deals with her chaotic life as a floral shop owner, single mom and co-parent with her ex-husband who was abusive. But when Atlas, Lily’s first love comes back into her life, we get to explore more about their past relationship.

Besides their relationship, we also get to see more of Atlas’ personality. Readers finally get to know him with great detail.

This book mainly revolves around the possibility or Atlas and Lily getting back together. This second-chance, swoon-worthy romance will keep readers hooked, hoping that Lily will get the treatment and love she deserves.

It Starts With Us Book Club Questions

it starts with us book club questions

1. Lily has come a long way from the person she was when we first met her at the rooftop in It Ends With Us, what do you think about Lily’s character development?

2. Do you think Marshall’s decision to stay with Allysa even though she cheated was reasonable? Discuss.

3. During It Ends With Us we saw Ryle get violent most of the time when he’s drunk, his sister Allysa also cheated while being drunk. Do you think it’s fair to blame situations like this on alcohol?

4. Fans were so excited when they first heard a sequel was coming out. Did It Starts With Us live up to your expectations? Would you recommend it?

5. “You can’t snap your fingers and be done with the person you married and divorced. You’re stuck with them. Forever.” Discuss this statement.

6. Did your opinion of certain characters change after you finished It Starts With Us? 

7. We know from It Ends With Us that Colleen Hoover is not one to shy away from writing open-door romance scenes, but It Starts With Us felt more on the young adult side. Do you think it was intentionally done? 

8. “I know it’s not Ryle’s fault, but I like silently blaming stuff on him that he has no control over. It feels good.” What did this statement make you think of Lily?

9. Do you think the book should’ve focused more on Atlas and Lily’s relationship rather than introducing new characters such as Josh and Theo? 

10. It Starts With Us tried to portray Ryle in a different light, do you think there are chances of his redemption? 

Bonus Question: Do you think later in the future Ryle, Atlas and Lily would make a good team at co-parenting just like Atlas suggested? 

5 Best Quotes From It Starts With Us

“My choice helped me realize that sometimes the hardest decisions a person can make will most likely lead to the best outcomes.”

Colleen Hoover (It Starts With Us)

“Now I actually like my life. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. I have absolutely no desire to allow anyone from my past to come in and threaten that.”

Colleen Hoover (It Starts With Us)

“You could have fifty ex-husbands who try to make our lives hell, but as long as I have you, I will be absolutely unaffected by anyone else’s negativity. That’s a promise.” 

Colleen Hoover (It Starts With Us)

“I’ve spent my life not making bold moves when it comes to her. I wanted to make sure she knew where I stood this time.”

Colleen Hoover (It Starts With Us)

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Wrap Up: It Starts With Us Discussion Questions

I hope these It Starts With Us book club questions are helpful. Have you read the book yet? Let me know what you think below!

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