What The River Knows Book Club Questions & Discussion

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What The River Knows is the perfect YA fantasy book club read because of it’s rich historical background in 1800s Egypt, it’s page-turning mystery and an enchanting enemies to lovers romance.

If you don’t know already, What The River Knows follows a young Argentinian girl named Inez who decides to travels solo to Egypt after learning about her parent’s mysterious death.

With themes of family, friendship, love, preservation of culture and self-discovery, this book acts as an eye-opening book club pick.

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15 What The River Knows Book Club Questions

Caution: What The River Knows spoilers ahead. Please only proceed to read if you’re here to prepare for a book club session or in preparation for Where The Library Hides.

  1. Discuss the title of the book. How does the title play out in the story?
  2. Inez Olivera is an unconventional protagonist for the 1800s because of her independence and determinations. Were there moments in the story where you could relate to Inez although we are living in the 21st century?
  3. “Traveling alone was an education.” That was was Inez thought to herself when she left her home country for the first time. Have you had any solo travel experiences? If so, could you relate to Inez?
  4. Did the author’s vivid descriptions of Egypt do justice to its rich history and culture? Were there any scenes set in historical Egypt that spoke out to you?
  5. In What The River Knows, we see that there is a dilemma among archaeologists in preserving Egypt’s historical treasures while also wanting to understand the world of ancient Egyptians and their civilization. How has the book influenced your thoughts on the field of archaeology?
  6. The theme of family holds significant importance in the book. We notice that almost every character taking part in the excavation are highly reliant on family for making their work a success. Ricardo has obtained help from both his brother in-laws (Abdullah and Cayo). Besides, we also see that similar to Mr. Sterling and his daughter, Abdullah and Farida work closely as well. How does that influence your perspective on family relationships influencing career success? Do you think that this was what the author was trying to portray in the first place?
  7. From enemies, to friends and to forbidden lovers. Did you enjoy the brewing romance between Inez and Whit? What did you like and disliked about their relationship?
  8. The author of What The River Knows, Isabel Ibanez and Rebecca Ross (author of Divine Rivals) are friends. They also critique each other’s work and have dedicated the two books to each other. If you’ve read Divine Rivals and What The River Knows, did you find any similarities between the two books?
  9. How has your opinion of Tio Ricardo changed from the beginning of the book compared to the end?
  10. Which quote from What The River Knows resonated with you the most?
  11. What The River Knows ends at a cliffhanger, what do you think Whit meant in his short note and who do you think was it for? How did the note change your perspective of him?
  12. The first book in the Secrets of Nile duology had some unresolved mysteries. Do you trust Inez’s mother and what do you think happened to her father?
  13. What The River Knows had a dash of spice to it. Were you satisfied with the spicy scenes in What The river Knows?

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I hope this guide to What The River Knows will help you recall important details for your reread or when you plan to read the sequel!

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