What The River Knows Spice Level, Spicy Chapters & Romance

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What The River Knows is an enchanting YA fantasy set in historical Egypt. This clean fantasy romance has the enemies to lovers trope, forced proximity with a hint of bad boy romance too.

what the river knows spicy chapters

Despite it being a YA romantasy, there’s a hint of spice to it. In this guide to What The River Knows by Isabel Ibanez, you’ll learn the spice levels, spicy chapters and more about the romance in the book.

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Is There Romance in What The River Knows?

Yes, What The River Knows is a fantasy romance set in 1800s Egypt. There’s a brewing romance between Inez Olivera, the protagonist and Whitford Hayes.

Is What The River Knows Spicy?

No, What The River Knows is not spicy. It has some kissing and light touching but the romance mostly consist of flirting, witty banter and enemies to lovers tension.

What The River Knows Spice Level

What The River Knows has a spice level of 1/5. There were a few kisses being exchanged and a scene with some intimacy. However, the main characters don’t go all the way.

What The River Knows Spicy Chapters

There are no spicy chapters in What The River Knows. However, there is a intimate romance scene between Inez and Whit in chapter 35.

what the river knows spice levels and spicy chapters

What The River Knows Romance Tropes

The romance tropes present in What The River Knows are; enemies to lovers, forced proximity, slow-burn and forbidden romance.

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I hope this guide to What The River Knows will help you recall important details for your reread or when you plan to read the sequel!

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