What The River Knows Characters (FULL List!)

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What The River Knows is my first five star read of the year and no doubt, the characters were one of the reasons why this fantasy romance was so captivating.

What The River Knows follows a young girl named Inez who travels solo from Argentina to Egypt to investigate the mysterious death of her parents.

what the river knows characters

While Inez goes on a mission to uncover what truly happened to her parents, readers get to follow along an Egyptian-filled adventure like no other!

Get ready to explore ancient Egypt history, mythology and of course, a swoon-worthy romance.

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what the river knows characters

What The River Knows Characters

Inez Olivera

A curious 19-year-old Argentinian girl with curly black hair, She loves sketching and is desperate to visit Egypt with her parents someday.

Whitford Hayes (Whit)

A handsome ex-British military with auburn hair who works as an assistant to Inez’s uncle, Ricardo, an archaeologist. He wants nothing to do with Inez but is tasked with looking after her and getting her back to Argentina.

Elvira Montenegro

Inez’s cousin who looks a lot like Inez. She is an elegant young woman by society’s standards and is everything her Inez’s mother wanted her to be.

Amaranta Montenegro

Inez’s cousin and Elvira’s older sister who dislikes Inez.

Lourdes Olivera

Inez’s mother. She has hazel eyes, freckles, full lips and a pointed chin. She loved Egypt.

Cayo Olivera

Inez’s father. He has wild curly black hair, a tanned complexion, straight nose and brows. He was a wealthy man and he funded Ricardo’s and Abdullah’s excavation.

Tio Ricardo

Inez’s uncle and Lourdes’s brother. He is tall, brawny and has hazel eyes. Always carting around books and adjusting his thin, wire-framed glasses. He is a passionate archaeologist who married an Egyptian woman, Zazi.


Late wife to Ricardo and also sister to Abdullah.

Tia Lorena

Inez’s aunt (Inez’s father’s sister), mother to Elvira and Amaranta.


Ricardo’s partner. He is very knowledgeable on ancient Egypt history and mythology and is always the brains behind their excavations.


Abdullah’s daughter, who is also a photographer and often works alongside her father during excavations.

Mr. Fincastle

A body guard hired by Ricardo to protect their excavation.


Mr. Fincastle’s daughter. A polite and elegant woman by society’s standards. Beneath the surface, she is bold and dangerous like her father.

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I hope this guide will help you recall the characters for your reread or when you plan to read the sequel!

Wrap-Up: What The River Knows Characters

These What The River Knows characters were essential in moving the plot. Besides, I have grown incredibly attached to some of these characters and I cannot wait to meet them again in Book 2 (Where The Library Hides).

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