18 What The River Knows Quotes With Page Numbers

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While reading What The River Knows, I took notes of some of the quotes that stood out to me or I resonated with.

What The River Knows by Isabel Ibanez follows a young girl named Inez who travels solo from Argentina to Egypt to investigate the mysterious death of her parents.

Ever since I found out that this book was set in Egypt and revolved around its history and mythology, I was desperate to get my hands on it as i’ve always loved learning about ancient Egypt and it’s wonders.

What The River Knows Kindle edition has 413 pages. I read the book on my Kindle and therefore the page numbers will align with the Kindle edition of the book.

18 What The River Knows Quotes with Page Numbers

She was everything my mother wanted me to be.

What The River Knows (Page 8)

Traveling alone was an education.

What The River Knows (Page 19)
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It wasn’t a bad life, but it wasn’t the life I wanted.

What The River Knows (Page 27)

Mamá called it stubbornness, my tutors thought it a flaw. But I named it what it was: persistence.

What The River Knows (Page 28)

Everyone deserved a living wage. No human ought to be treated as if their work didn’t matter, or their choices, or their dreams.

What The River Knows (Page 61)

Grief was like a memory keeper. It showed me moments I’d forgotten, and I was grateful, even as my stomach hollowed out. I never wanted to forget them, no matter how painful it was to remember.

What The River Knows (Page 85)

“I have a lot more in common with my parents than you might think. Like them, I like to discover the truth. Hidden things have always fascinated me. And you, Mr. Hayes, have a secret. It’s long since been buried, but I know it’s there. And one day, I will uncover it. Mark my words.”

What The River Knows (Page 98)

He’d stayed by my side as we explored the city, and I had felt safe, but not crowded. Looked after, but not controlled.

What The River Knows (Page 133)

Let her stay. He could never know how much those words meant to me. When everyone always told me no, his defense had felt like a warm welcome.

What The River Knows (Page 158)

Every day, I discovered something else their deaths had taken from me.

What The River Knows (Page 168)

I would fight to keep my name out of the mud. A good name is immeasurably useful.

What The River Knows (Page 195)

“Have I told you how much I live in terror of your ideas?”

What The River Knows (Page 201)

Desperation made people dangerous.

What The River Knows (Page 206)

“Why are we always finding ourselves in dark, enclosed places, Olivera?”

What The River Knows (Page 259)
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The Nile knew everything, had seen the best and worst of Egypt.

What The River Knows (Page 272)

His hands were steady and sure, and I wanted them to explore my body.

What The River Knows (Page 309)

He wore black from head to toe, and it suited him. A dark knight with a heart of gold.

What The River Knows (Page 348)

“You can’t marry him.” He lifted his hand and rubbed his eyes. They were bloodshot, tired, and red-rimmed. But when he focused on me again, his blue gaze seared. “Why not?” “Because,” he said in a husky whisper, “he won’t kiss you the way I will.”

What The River Knows (Page 394)
wtrk quotes

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